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Bath time for babies

Well it is possible to be optimistic about the future really.

Bath time for babies

I know that’s a ridiculous statement but truly, if we look at the span of time one day, oh maybe 100 years from now, maybe less, we, the mooing herds, will be getting reparation monies and recognition. We will be loved and cared for again by governments around the world for the hardships and nonsense that we endured.

The First Nations of all the countries colonized around the world know what I’m talking about. They were taken by weakness of disease brought to them by the invaders; had their land seized and were driven onto reservations; had their way of life taken away; their children taken and schooled in new ways, their histories and languages nearly eradicated.

The utter hubris and judgment and criminal treatment and exploitation by the colonists and their ideal vision of the colonies was simply devastating. And didn’t the ones in charge of it all hail it as improvement and weren’t they the heroes and organizers and leaders of the brave New World? Or so they believed of themselves.

But mostly, oh the money to be made in utopia! Hence our notion of compensation now.

So isn’t it entirely possible that in a hundred years all those in countries affected by WEF policies will be compensated for pretty much the EXACT same things for pretty much the EXACT same notions of utopia?

The elite and their crews, left in their decadence and privilege to do little else but sit and think and heaven forbid—feel, will begin to feel guilty that they were the only ones to benefit from what they did to the actual middle class and blue collar people and will start to discuss things like equity and inclusion and classism and all that jazz. And they’ll start thinking they need to celebrate the lost heritage of all these peoples who had it stolen from them in the name of worldwide uniformity. Oh the parades I foresee…

But never mind all that. Now the dark part I’m afraid. The question remains why is it that human beings, as educated, as experienced as clever as they are keep on doing the same things and expecting different results? Why oh why? We haven’t figured it out yet have we?

Oh well, who really knows the ins and outs of anything ultimately? I can say at least that the suffering mooing herds see the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer and some can even see the hijacking of the environmental agenda—the clever ones.

Sometimes it feels like you are walking down a grey street in any city in any of the first world nations and there underfoot is a rivulet of greyish water streaming and in the background a baby screaming.

And you run to the sound of a child in pain and find a child naked on the pavement and standing over the child is a person who looks like any leader of the so-called free world, a Schwab, a Macron, a Trudeau, a Biden, a Sunak, a Zelensky and they are holding an empty basin.

And you ask why? Why did you do this? The water, they say, is dirty. But what of the child, you want to know? And they explain that the child was just their excuse to fill the basin. They didn’t need the child anymore.

And the child is Democracy and Freedom. They threw it out with the bathwater because the bathwater was capitalism for everyone and the baby an impediment to their plans for a worldwide utopia. Ostensibly.

Once upon a time Democracy was not entirely corrupted. Once upon a time Freedom was guaranteed. Once upon a time. Once upon a time you could say what you believed. Once upon a time.

Now we can’t even remember why we’re standing there with a dying child.

Sometimes we remember that we were countries many in the world wanted to immigrate to for a new life. We stood for something. It wasn’t all bad. Have we really forgotten that already? It wasn’t so long ago either. We believed in the individual’s right to freedom, opinion, religion, gender, healthcare and the right at the end of the day to be part of an election process that heard our collective voice.

We were tolerant and hard-working. We were free to become whatever we worked to become. We believed in peace. We were utopia to the broken, persecuted, poor and those who believed in what we stood for. In the time before the psychopaths. In the time when Democracy and Capitalism were not all mixed up together.

Truthfully, it might not have been utopia for everyone but we realized this and began the process of reparations in many different ways. We promised that to those who came here. We were the land of the free. Mostly we thrived—we, the nations of immigrants. In the time before the psychopaths.

The best of times are gone now. New immigrants are leaving before finally settling. And the generations coming up, if they even stay, will spend a long long time recreating, if they can even do it, what they lost. They just haven’t figured out they’re losing it. And there is no way to tell them because intolerance is being sold as tolerance and war is being sold as peace and censorship is sold as good for everyone and the complete dismantling of any pretence of democracy and freedom is for the sake of the whole planet.

That is what we’re told even as corporations amass billions and war profiteering runs rampant and politicians make more money than can be reasonably expected for their efforts and the banksters… well the banksters do what they always have and make mockery of us all.

They weaponized the good will of many until the will of many became an obscenity. Dividing and distracting us all until we forgot who we used to be. What we stood for.

And we can only hold on to the goodness we remember. For it was there. Growing. It could grow again. Maybe even sooner than we think. That’s the part they never appreciate—all those who would be empire-builders.

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