Bottom Line Is: Vibration
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Bottom Line Is: Vibration

When we speak of a “higher perspective” to this collective challenge we are facing, we speak of creating what we want, instead of giving them what they want.
Bottom Line Is: Vibration

As Einstein said, we cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it, therefore we cannot free ourselves by emanating the same low vibration that enslaved us. An angry fighter mode is susceptible to trigger dense, reactive emotions and actions in ourselves and others because vibration wise, that is what it emanates.

There is a way of sharing information about the system’s corruption by presenting the facts as they are, without them being tampered by unsober emotions that distract from the main point of it all : Love, being peace, oneness, self-accountability... basically all that represents nonparticipation of what slows the process of the peaceful reality we wish to create.

The media’s fear mongering, dumbing-down and distractions from fundamental human values, society’s materialistic propaganda and over-emphasis on money and looks, the chemicals in our food, water and air are actually orchestrated to maintain the mass consciousness grid in a low vibratory level. Being an angry and reactive “truther” actually attracts and emanates the same dense vibrations that keep humanity boxed in this control mechanism although the information is accurate and has the intention of raising awareness. Of course, I say it is up to us to filter the information we process and take in what benefits and leave what doesn’t, but if more of the information being spread out there could come from a place of peace and neutrality, or even better showing the higher perspective; the direct relation between this collective challenge and the fundamental construct of reality which is consciousness/vibration, how more relevant and constructive would that be to assist in a shift of consciousness! I believe there is a difference in drawing the lines with what does not serve us any longer and embarking on an endless fight against it. Drawing the line represents standing firm in rememberance of the strong beings of light we truly are and shifting our awareness towards what we wish to create instead of depleting our infinite creative potential towards anger and fear. Fighting against dense vibes by throwing out dense vibes is fortunately not the definition of being “awake”. Nature’s wisdom will tell you that being at peace is the one miracle that will have a ripple effect on your surroundings. Yelling and screaming also has a ripple effect on your surroundings. That right there is a good introduction to self-accountability