City Public Health Unable to Supply Important Information About Water Fluoridation
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City Public Health Unable to Supply Important Information About Water Fluoridation

City Public Health Unable to Supply Important Information About Water Fluoridation

Water fluoridation is becoming more and more popular over recent years as more people are starting to understand that the “fluoride” used in water fluoridation practices is considered class 1 hazardous waste, as stated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The dumping of this chemical into the environment in Canada and the United States is illegal.

The kicker to the whole story is that there isn’t any solid scientific evidence that suggests water fluoridation helps to prevent tooth decay. On May 1st 2011, we released a documentary called Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth for free on YouTube. You can check it out HERE. I remember in all of my research while making this documentary, there wasn’t sufficient evidence showing water fluoridation helps to prevent tooth decay. Not only did water fluoridation not work, but the practice of fluoridation in general has very little scientific or medical to suggest it is a sound practice. In fact, my research led me to countless cases, studies and scientific findings that suggest fluoride is actually doing human health much more harm than good. I can’t say I was surprised given the fact that the chemicals used in fluoridation are class 1 hazardous waste products. Now I know what you are thinking, it’s only in “safe” and “small” doses. Unfortunately for that argument, the dosage really doesn’t matter as fluoride effects are often accumulated and seen over time when it comes to health. Furthermore, Dental Fluorosis is a very fast growing problem in North America and there is only one thing that can cause it, Fluoride. I decided that I wanted to band together with others here in Toronto to make a solid move towards having fluoride removed from the water.

The journey began today as I called the city of Toronto, the Toronto water quality line, the Toronto Public Health line and the province of Ontario’s Dental Academy. All city of Toronto calls were unable to supply me with any information about water fluoridation that I was looking for. I was specifically trying to get information and science that suggests hydrofluorisilicic acid specifically has any benefits for preventing tooth decay. Most of the people I spoke to seemed to answer as if the protocol they are taught is to simply send people from phone number to phone number in hopes they give up. What I finally got from one dental clinic associated with the Toronto Public Health board was: “Oh how it works is a long story! We would need a whole lecture series to describe it.” There was also a boat load of questions in attempt to figure out why I was asking these types of questions. When I asked how I could get information from the City of Toronto that could describe their findings about water fluoridation, I was told: “I am not finding or seeing anything that shows where you can get this information, you would have to contact the Ontario Dental Acadamy for more information as we don’t seem to have anything here for Toronto citizens.” This is troubling because as a citizen I am unable to go to my cities public health board and get information about it’s water practices. All I was able to find on all official city related water websites was: “Fluoride is added to treated water to reduce the risk of dental cavities. Toronto Public Health advises the City about setting the fluoride target level for treated water. And in keeping with Health Canada Guidelines, our fluoride level maximizes dental health benefits and minimizes concerns about over exposure. Chlorine and fluoride are key ingredients to water quality and public health and safety.” A very vague statement. My research has told me that not only is fluoride a dangerous chemical, but chlorine is nothing short of a toxin creator when it comes in contact with anything that is organic material. But we shall leave chlorine aside for now. What is interesting is the fact that Toronto Public Health was unable to give me any information what so ever that proved their claims. Health Canada Guidelines also does not say anything about hydrofluorisilicic acid but instead simply states: “Canada has one of the best systems in the world to ensure water quality. Health Canada supports water fluoridation as a public health measure to prevent dental decay. Dental disease is the number one chronic disease among children and adolescents in North America; fluoridation can therefore be an important public health measure.” Remember, we have no scientific evidence to date that suggests water fluoridation is in fact effective. Studies actually show that in areas where water is not fluoridated, dental records are better. But more on that at a later date.

The process shall continue by generating information and then eventually setting up a petition and taking action to remove fluoride. While not all here, my research over the past 2 years has made it incredibly clear and undeniable that the practice of water fluoridation poses absolutely no health or dental benefit and instead is simply a cheap way for companies to illegally dump a class 1 hazardous waste product into the environment under the guise of health. Anyone in Toronto wishing to be part of this process, including collecting signatures, research etc. Feel free to contact us at Let’s make change! SOURCES: .

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