Coconut Oil – An Affordable Alternative Packed With Benefits
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Coconut Oil – An Affordable Alternative Packed With Benefits

Y’a man! Reggae sensation Ziggy Marley has continued to lead the way for collective awakening through his latest business venture: Ziggy Marley Organics.
Coconut Oil – An Affordable Alternative Packed With Benefits

The most effective way to help shift humanity from survive mode to THRIVE mode is through conscious capitalism. I have been talking about this simple solution since I started building my platform, and now I found a product that is the epitome of this solution. Not only does Ziggy Marley contribute positive, truthful, uplifting musical content to the world, he is now putting out a stunning quality coconut oil product that I have to say, exceeds the quality of ANY coconut oil product that I have tried on the market so far today. It is also the lowest priced coconut oil that I have ever purchased in my local organic food market. And no, I am not an affiliate (although I would be if they had an affiliate program) or vendor of this product. I personally consume 2 tablespoons of coconut oil on a daily basis. And take note: I am talking about cold-pressed USDA Organic certified GMO Free certified coconut oil. Why do I swallow this oil daily? Because I know what the natural benefits of this oil are for my overall health in this toxic world, and it’s too beneficial to ignore. Coconut is a healing super-food with no side-effect list like pharmaceutical medicine. The benefits of coconut oil include, but are not limited to: improved digestion and metabolism, fights infections, regulates body weight, organ support, healthy heart support, enhanced immune system function, and the list goes on! Read more about the amazing benefits of coconut oil HERE. Besides ingesting the oil, my girlfriend Amy turned me onto using coconut oil in my hair. My hair takes a beating with my current job (having to style it everyday), so once a month I now put coconut oil in my damp hair before going to sleep (I put a towel on my pillow), loosely braid it, and I rinse it out in the morning and shampoo, condition and style as usual. This works better than any conventional and overly priced ‘hair masks’ that I’ve tried over the years. It helps seal the dry ends, and my hair is softer and I’ve been able to extend the time between hair trims. I also apply coconut oil to my dog’s paws in the winter here in Canada. The roads are heavily salted and the cushions on her paws break and bother her because of the salt. This has made a tremendous difference and I also don’t worry about her licking it off after I apply it. Why? Because #1 it’s fast-absorbing, and #2 it’s good for her anyway! Another personal anecdote that I would like to share is for females that like myself are well-endowed in the chest area. Particularly in hot weather the sweat I would experience would on occasion cause some fungal surface skin infections under my breasts, which didn’t bother me but looked like light brown spots. My doctor used to prescribe to me a pharmaceutical cream to treat the issue. It would work after a couple of weeks, as the spots would fade and go away, but it would always eventually come back. Not to mention its unending list of side effects (including liver failure), the chemical smell it always featured, and its $20+ price point. Knowing that coconut oil is a natural antibiotic, I decided to try it instead of the prescription, just to see what would happen. I applied it at night before going to bed, and in the morning before going to work. Within 2 days, the spots were 50% gone, within 5 days, gone completely! I have not had to use the pharmaceutical in over 3 years!!! I apply coconut oil topically as a moisturizer maybe once a week all over my body, and not only am I told how soft my skin is, but I have also not had any spots since! That is just my personal experience with coconut oil that I am sharing with you, I am not a doctor, I am just sharing the results I have had with coconut oil. If you would like to be aware of an actual doctor’s miraculous experience with coconut oil, I suggest you read this article HERE. She reversed her husbands Alzheimers condition by simply adding coconut oil to his diet. Enough said! This knowledge is on its way to becoming mainstream! Ziggy Marley Organics is doing well by doing good for the people by exchanging the gifts of the earth in a kind, loving, and respectful way. The streets thank you Mr. Marley