Covid, Ukraine & the real “enemy”: an open letter to Vanessa Beeley
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Covid, Ukraine & the real “enemy”: an open letter to Vanessa Beeley

Covid, Ukraine & the real “enemy”: an open letter to Vanessa Beeley

Journalist Vanessa Beeley wrote this today on her Telegram channel

“When are people going to realise we all face one enemy and that there is no time for “neutrality”? There is no time for division over the concepts created by the enemy to divide and distract. Focus on the enemy”

This is my response…


Dear Vanessa,

You became a dear friend during the two initial years of “covid” insanity, so I think – in fact I know – we completely agree about the need to face the common enemy in unity and not allow ourselves to be distracted.

But the question for me right now is – who is the “enemy”? Where are they? What are they?

Since 9/11 the neocons, the empire and their policies of endless war has been a major thing to be opposed and you have done great and courageous work in opposing them and revealing their crimes, for which you have never received due credit. I know what you have been through and nothing I say is intended to minimise that.

But I think 2020 showed us that denouncing the empire is no longer enough. The “enemy” is changing, evolving and we need to change and evolve as well.

We all know the “pandemic” was meant to be the launch pad for the New Normal. It was intended to be the moment literally everything in our geopolitical landscape changed permanently. They said so, repeatedly.

This wasn’t just a slogan – they meant it. They still mean it.

Yes grassroots resistance over the last two years has slowed that down, thankfully, but it hasn’t stopped. It’s pushing on, relentlessly, easing us into the Brave New World by inches every day.

We already know what that world is – it’s globalism, neo-feudalism, bug-burgers, travel only for the wealthy, eco-tyranny, bio-surveillance, UBI, CBDC, permanent pandemics.

And quite possibly permanent wars.

But not the old imperial wars. Globalism doesn’t seem to need the US or it’s empire any more, and in fact seems to be busy trying to pull the plug and sink it. Sure it might preserve the tattered remains for a while as a handy conduit for justifiable rage, and those remains are still vicious and ugly, but the true power center looks to have already moved elsewhere.

Maybe some time ago. Longer ago than any of us realise.

New globalism’s new schtick is “multipolarity”. The WEF talks about it. A federation of “free” and “independent” states with an economic focus in the East.

But of course all those “independent” states will run the same anti-human policies.

In fact – they already are.

This is the shocking fact that the “pandemic” , perhaps inadvertently, made so clear. That, already, there is a degree of lockstep conformity among world-leaders we had heretofore thought to be impossible.

Was it a new thing, or just newly exposed? It doesn’t really matter – the important thing is – we all saw it.

We saw China initiate the “covid” scam, then the US, Europe, Canada and Australasia pick it up instantly and Russia, Iran soon after.

We saw them, and see them still, working together to promote the same lies, the same fear and the same evil, forcing the same toxic sludge into their respective populations, promoting the same anti-human agenda. Cricket flour in the shops. CBDCs and QR codes.

We can’t un-see this and we mustn’t. Seeing it and being aware is our only hope. We glimpsed behind the curtain before they snatched it closed again. We saw the evolving truth.

The belief we all had that Russia or China were hold-outs against the “enemy” is simply not a reality any more. Either things have changed or it was always an illusion.

Either way – it’s gone.

They are not on the side of humanity any more than any other oligarchy is.  They are not pushing back. They do not stand for a better world. They stand for the NN, or their version of it, which seems to differ very little.

We NEED to see this, accept it, adjust our paradigm and face the enemy in its new “multipolar” guise.

I think what you interpret as “neutrality” in some of your colleagues is that adjustment of focus.

I suggest the war in Syria was/is the last of the true imperial wars and the war in Ukraine is the first of the new kind of war, whatever that turns out to mean.

The first truly Orwellian war perhaps, waged, as he describes in 1984, not by one power block against another, but by the “elites”, united by mutual interest, against the rest of us.

A continuation of “covid” by other means.

After all we can’t deny this war launched at a very opportune moment for the NN didn’t it, and has helped promote a lot of the same agenda, as well as created a MASSIVE distraction from the most important lesson “covid” taught us.

The common purpose of those who think they rule us.

To answer the question I posed at the start –

I think the enemy is the anti-human agenda that the war and “covid” are helping to promote.

I think creating (fake) binaries is a part of the process.

I think this enemy wants us taking sides, often meaningless sides, and swapping outrage narratives because that stops us focusing on it and its agenda.

But, while I might decline to pick which set of Agenda 2030-promoting cynical murderous liars to support — I think I, and Off-Guardian, are anything but neutral.

I’m interested to hear your opinion on this. In fact I hope we can start a wider dialogue involving others too.

Because how we move on from this point may be crucial to how successfully we can resist the nightmare future our beloved leaders have planned for us.

in solidarity


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