December 21st 2012 One Week Away: Expecting Something?
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December 21st 2012 One Week Away: Expecting Something?

It’s already December 14th and the world famous date of December 21st 2012 approaches us in one weeks time.
December 21st 2012 One Week Away: Expecting Something?

This is another great opportunity for us to step back and observe how mainstream media can manipulate the consciousness of human beings so easily. If you bring up December 21st 2012 with anybody they will instantly be aware of an end of the world prophecy. Whether or not they believe it is irrelevant. It is a shame how a couple of movies and news broadcasts can attach this meaning to this date. December 21st 2012 has nothing to do with fear and the end of the world but rather love, transparency, and our realization that we have infinite potential to create any type of human experience we desire. It’s more like a beginning rather than an end. Apocalypse is defined as transparency, and that is one aspect of this time that the ancient world was aware of. A global elite and the multinational corporations they run have been creating events on our planet and controlling our perception of those events. Today we are seeing a tremendous amount of transparency on the planet. What I mean by this is that events are unfolding at a rapid pace that serve as triggers for a number of individuals that end up waking up as a result. September 11th, 2001 for example, the reasons and agenda behind the World Trade Center bombings have become so evidently clear that it served us. It served us in the sense that more and more people were able to see behind the veil that blinds the masses and began asking critical questions. Everything that is happening in the middle East right now is also forcing more people to wake up. Free energy technology, unhealthy medical practices, our food, energy, and financial industries are all becoming more transparent. This transparency has allowed many individuals on the planet the opportunity to see what type of world we have created for ourselves, and make some connections we were never making before. It is not not an easy process seeing the world through a different set of eyes. This can create an entire world paradigm shift for an individual that the mind fears. Awakening to new possibilities and concepts of reality will force one to have a very open mind, and let go of belief systems that have been held onto since youth. After waking up to what’s really been taking place on planet Earth, the result for some is a deep desire for change. Having the deep desire to change the world leads everyone with that same desire to the same conclusion, that 2012 is about the transformation within each and everyone of us. It is easy to see and imagine a world operating from a place of love, peace, acceptance and cooperation, an ego less existence. Operating from this place allows us to work with the necessary energy required to raise the planets vibrational frequency and shift her to where she desires to go.

The ones who are responsible for pushing the current planetary system by manipulating our consciousness are having a hard time. We no longer desire what they want us to desire, we no longer let them define how we should be. Quantum physics is now beginning to understand how consciousness creates reality, and with our consciousness given over to our television screens and authority figures we haven’t been able to create an experience that is conducive to our natural state. We are having an easier time seeing how lies and justification are used behind the lines of red tape. We are shifting into a time where we discover ourselves and what we desire, not what we have been programmed to desire. Peace and Love