Deception Comes to Light Through Conscious Awakening: What’s Happening in the Middle East?
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Deception Comes to Light Through Conscious Awakening: What’s Happening in the Middle East?

As tensions rise across the globe we’re seeing much turmoil throughout society.We’re seeing violent and deadly protests/ clashes against military and governments in Asia.
Deception Comes to Light Through Conscious Awakening: What’s Happening in the Middle East?

. Trouble in the financial sector in Europe. Increasing resistance to a coined “New World Order” in North America. Heated debates in the Middle East over nuclear weapons and also abnormal weather patterns everywhere you look. You think maybe something is going on? It’s hardly “normal” occurrences as seen in the past. Sure, we’ve seen chaotic times in recent decades but what’s happening right now is like nothing ever before. We are in the process of a unique transition. We are re-awakening our full consciousness in order to evolve at the soul level into an existence where we are more conscious of ourselves in regards to who and what we are, why we are here on this planet Earth and how it affects all of creation. A part of this process is the fruition of mass government and “shadow” government lies coming to light. Many people across the world are awakening more and more as to what is truly going on in society behind the veils of deception imposed through doctrines and mass media. We are seeing groups surfacing, documentaries, books, websites, etc all aimed at providing truth that mainstream media does not. With the use of some recent articles I would like to shine some light on the truth about the occupation of the Middle East.

The United States, UN and NATO forces claim that they have invaded and occupied Middle Eastern lands in retaliation due to a “War on Terror.” After the staged and completely falsified fake terrorist attack of “9/11,” (if you think otherwise in regards to this event, great, you are entitled to your own opinion but if you actually truly do all the research that you can to disprove these claims it’s completely undeniable), the US and other governments declared war on the Middle East to stop these “terrorists” by means of dismantling their “weapons of mass destruction.” Now, if you take a look at the progress made in regards to these allegations, they have yet to find any of these ever so destructive foreign weapons. So why is it that they are still occupying the Middle East after all these years? If you have been following the situation between the US and Iran in recent months you would understand that there is an argument over nuclear weapon production in Iran and the US wants to put a stop to it. Iran denies these claims. On April 13, Iran president Ahmadinejad publicly urged the UN to launch an investigation into the aims of Western military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why would he do this? “He said that, so far, the invasions had only victimised people in the region, and he declared that US and Nato methods of fighting terrorism had failed.” I don’t blame him for doing this considering the fact that hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have and are still being killed but yet no “weapons of mass destruction” have been found and no alleged “terrorists” have been brought to justice.

The majority of people that they have “captured” and convicted were trained by and working with US operations in order to serve a hidden global agenda. It’s all a smokescreen and distraction. READ ARTICLE HERE In 2003 Iraq was invaded by US military and backed by NATO. Claims were that they wanted to put an end to the tyranny and terrorism of the Suddam Hussein regime, but was there a hidden agenda? Many “conspiracy theorists” have been talking about a hidden agenda of taking over the land for it’s rich oil reserves, as well as Suddam being in possession of alien technology and the US wanting to get their hands on it, but we won’t go there in this post :). Recent actions in 2009 and 2010 have proven this to be true. Check out this quote from a recent article: “For the last several years, violence and internal squabbling over distributing oil revenues has largely kept international oil firms out of the country. That changed last summer, when BP and China’s CNPC won a bid to develop the huge Rumayla oil field near the southern city of Basra.” War on terror? Seems more like oil money to me. READ ARTICLE HERE In recent news, Russian officials have publicly accused the US and NATO of contributing to the protection and increased production of poppy fields in Afghanistan, which by the way is about a 90% increase. Why poppy fields? Poppies are the main ingredient in opium and heroin. Two of the most highly addictive, dangerous and profitable narcotics in the global drug trade. Yes, our governments support, manufacture, supply and sell drugs across world black markets. Surprised? How else would they fund illegal secret operations? Quotes from recent articles in 2010: “Victor Ivanov said at least 30,000 people died in Russia every year from heroin, 90% of it from Afghanistan. He blamed the Obama administration for ending a military drive to destroy opium poppy crops in Afghan fields.” “He said leaving poppy fields guaranteed immunity for drug producers. Mr Ivanov said drug production in Afghanistan was now a global destabilising factor, particularly for Russia.” “Since 2001 opium production in Afghanistan has risen nearly 50 fold and in Russia the result is an epidemic of heroin abuse. Russia now has around 2.5m heroin addicts and at least 30,000 of them will die this year.

The Russian authorities accuse the United States of helping the drug suppliers by refusing to destroy opium crops in Afghanistan.” Why won’t they destroy the fields if it’s clearly known that heroin is produced from opium and also after knowing the situation in Russia and central Asia? I guess profit is more important to them. WMD? Looks like drug money to me. READ ARTICLE 1 READ ARTICLE 2 To sum this up, we’ve seen Iran calling out for an investigation into Western military aims in the Middle East, major corporate oil tycoons investing in and taking over Iraq oil reserves, increased production and protection of Afghan poppy fields and Russian accusations of US and NATO corruption/deception. Clearly the actions, aims and goals of the situations in the Middle East are not what they are being made out to be in the media and by politicians. After coming to this understanding most people say “Now what? What are we supposed to do about it?” Seeing this corruption, deception and dishonesty completely stop and major change taking place is not too far away, it’s just a matter of raising awareness. Once humanity collectively comes to an understanding of this manipulation, the game is over for these current rulers.

They’re playing a game, toying with humanity and trying to keep it under cover. As more people awaken to this truth and understand what’s truly happening, societal reform will happen.

The masses are powering society, not them. It is up to us to change because these “people” are clearly making no signs at stopping their agenda. It will have to come to a point where people stop watching television, people stop consuming and buying things they do not need, people stop getting caught up in trying to get ahead with riches or fame or corporate success and tune-in to important global issues that matter. Issues that will decide the fate of humanity’s existence on this planet. Democracy is a lie and we are not free. We need to take things into our own hands and understand that society does not have to be like this. We cannot continue our way of life as a race on this planet if we wish to exist in the near future.

There are other options, other ways of living and there are souls with higher levels of consciousness that have incarnated on Earth to assist us in this understanding.

Their knowledge and light will surface more and more as time goes on and humanity opens up and raises collective consciousness and awareness. Like the late great John Lennon said “Imagine.” Imagine a beautiful clean environment resulted from the use of non-toxic free energy for everyone, a world of peace with no more war especially regarding the belief of religion and creation, integral leaders of governance and business that have humanity’s best interest at hand, a world where we don’t have to work for money to survive, a world with enough food and water for everyone and a world of oneness, unity and love. No more segregation, no more hate, no more suffering. How far do we go into the darkness before we start to truly care or understand that we are on a path of destructing ourselves and that a better way of life is possible? It’s happening, slowly but surely. Together we create this, together we change it. We are evolving moment by moment. A Collective Evolution. Love, Matthew The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue. In order to stay truly independent, we need your help. We are not going to put up paywalls on this website, as we want to get our info out far and wide. .

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