Disney’s Ducktales Exposed: “Ask About Illuminati”
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Disney’s Ducktales Exposed: “Ask About Illuminati”

Disney Ducktails – Illuminati symbolism.I’m not trying to prove the existence of the Illuminati with this article.I just wanted to point out a few interesting observations.
Disney’s Ducktales Exposed: “Ask About Illuminati”

s. This episode of Disney’s “Ducktales” was aired in the 1980’s. Although some of Earths population was aware of the illuminati back then, the masses were still unaware. Today is a different story, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the same group of people and the corporations they run are in control of our media, energy, health and financial industries. As to whether they are involved in occultism is where many people seem to draw the line. In this case, we are dealing with Walt Disney.

The Walt Disney Corporation is controlled by Fidelity Investments, they are the largest shareholder. (1) You can view the episode clip below and can see the poster on the wall at the beginning, 0:14, 0:29 and 1:03. I thought this one connection, of many other connections, might make people scratch their heads and keep an open mind. Fidelity Investment logo. Largest Disney shareholder. Illuminati symbolism found in several Disney programs Disney cartoons, movies and children television programming all contain a lot of symbolism. Symbolism has always been used in occultism, as well as mysticism. Communicating and evoking “negative” or “dark” entities and beings might be part of a world we are not familiar with.

The masses are truly beginning to awaken to the existence of such societies, who runs them and what they do. We can also see clearly that the ones who call the shots do not really have our best interests at hand. It is also evident that the Illuminati are aware of the mass awakening occurring on the planet . They are well aware that their ‘secret’ isn’t a secret anymore and they continue to push forward with their desired agenda. Disney does not use as much blatant symbolism in scenes as they did in the past. Possibly because back then, many people were still unaware of their existence were not sure what to look for in terms of symbolism. Both clips from this article are from the 1980’s, not many children would easily recognize what is going on in those cartoons. Who is really in control? We are! This is the first time on a mass scale that the human race is waking up to the large scale manipulation that has taken place. More people are also starting to feel what it is like to be in tune with their most natural state. Nobody is born with hatred, we are taught it. Our most natural state is one of love, peace, understanding and cooperation.

The Illuminati thrive off of hate, violence, separation, obedience and different belief systems.

They’ve also created many belief systems for people to follow which helps divide the masses. We have the means to thrive on this planet, and in the end, it is us who are in complete control. At this time, we have the opportunity to change the planet and create something completely new. For the first time we will tap into our infinite unlimited potential, take off our training wheels and fly. Maybe we have some assistance from the “light” side, as some do from the “dark” side, but in the end all is one. Sources: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/mh?s=dis+Major+Holders http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~schwrtz/Rockefeller.html http://finance.yahoo.com/q/mh?s=MON+Major+Holders http://pr.statestreet.com/us/en/20070129_1.html .

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