Earth Day: Another Trick On The Human Race
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Earth Day: Another Trick On The Human Race

Earth day, a day created by the United Nations to show support for environmental protection.
Earth Day: Another Trick On The Human Race

An organization that has proven to wear a mask, and hide behind their mission statement of world peace in order to create war, poverty, environmental degradation, perception manipulation and more. You can read more about that by clicking here.

The truth is, we do not need to show support for environmental protection on one day, we must always respect our environment, and we must wake up and realize that the way we operate here on Earth needs to change.

The human race is in a critical time right now, and we must make the choice to change our ways. Do we need more false flag “terrorist” events, or natural disasters to wake the human race up? 9/11 proved to provide millions, if not billions of people an opportunity to see through the lies and manipulation. Today, we are seeing a better response, we are no longer so easily programmable.

The control structure thrives off of our ignorance, they thrive off of painting a picture that isn’t really true. What does this have to do with Earth day? Big oil and energy corporations have been covering up alternative energy initiatives for decades.

These same corporations, many of them stemming from the first big oil corp, the Rockefeller owned Standard oil were also responsible for creating the United Nations, you can read more about that by clicking here. It’s not hard to see why these people would create an Earth day, it gives people the perception that something is being done, and that environmental protection and the importance of it is being implemented. If we really cared about the Earth, we would protect it and not destroy it, not have a day to pretend like we care, or pretend that we are aware. If we really cared, we would research and investigate the ones we give our power away to, the ones that say they are handling the problem and doing everything they can. Nothing is really hidden anymore. It’s not to say that focusing on environmental protection isn’t important, it’s that EVERYDAY should be earth day. Nothing is being done to properly heal this planet, and the type of healing it needs. Clean energy technologies are fully suppressed, these could completely ELIMINATE the energy industry, and ALL fossil fuels. Below is an example of one of MANY alternative energy techniques. You can read more about that free energy devices here. Scientists have even discovered that they can extract hydrogen gas from plants, make fuel from sunlight and even use ocean currents to power the entire planet! We already have multiple alternatives to an energy industry, so why aren’t they implemented? It has nothing to do with economics, it’s simply because the “powers that were” or “be” use a tremendous amount of resources to keep their oil based economy. What I mean is that they actively participate in concealing and suppressing alternative, clean energy initiatives. This is no surprise, the big oil companies profit trillions of dollars from this. But it’s not really for profit, it’s for world domination and control.

The same families created our entire monetary system, money is nothing to them. I hope the planet and its people can continue waking up. It’s not hard to see our tremendous capability and potential to move forward. All of us desire peace, prosperity and cooperation down at the core of our being. We desire a world where ALL beings can live in peace and harmony, and from that place create what ever it is they desire. .

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