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EFT: A Powerful Technique That Brings Fast Relief From Emotional & Physical Stress

EFT: A Powerful Technique That Brings Fast Relief From Emotional & Physical Stress

A simple technique you can do on yourself with very little practice has the ability to help you regulate your emotions, tone down stress, fear, and anxiety, and bring you emotional and physical freedom. Do you know what holds you back from experiencing peace and freedom in your life? Are you currently doing anything to help move beyond those things? It was March 2014 and I was days away from having to get on a plane to fly to New York City to give my TEDx talk. I was nervous because I wasn’t used to public speaking on that sort of stage and to be downright honest, I didn’t want to f*ck it up. I sought out the help of a friend who introduced me to EFT or ‘tapping,’ a self help technique that can help you immediately reduce the charge of an emotion, pain or feeling that’s draining your energy or making you feel stressed. I went into the session with her pretty damn nervous and with a pit in my stomach about what I had to do in a few days.

Then came the tapping. Within 20 minutes of going through the technique, I was chilled out and no longer nervous. “How could it have worked so fast?” I thought. Prior to learning this technique, nothing had worked that well to ease my nerves about public speaking, and I have to say I was very happy about it. But was it going to last? Would it all come back when I went on that stage in a couple days? Leading up to the hours before doing the talk I got nervous again, but not anywhere as bad as I had in the past. I knew I was prepared to give my talk, but I couldn’t help but feel nervous when I saw the stage, the people, the cameras, and knew that shit was about the get REAL. Back stage I was brought to the final staging room to prepare for my talk. I could hear the man before me who was having his turn addressing the audience. It seemed to make me more nervous, my head was running, filling up with stories of what I feared most. I needed to do something, so I tapped it out. I stood in front of the mirror in the small staging room and stared at myself. “Do what you just learned, if it worked before it can work now.” I told myself. So I started tapping, running through the simple and specific technique I had just learned days prior. After about 5 minutes and a few rounds through the technique, I was 90% calmer and much more clear headed. I felt ready to go take on something that I’ve been fearful of for years. By the time I stepped out onto the stage my nerves were at a very manageable point and all went well with the talk. The reality is, we are typically a product of the experiences and belief systems that have shaped us over our lifetime. Whether we had one experience that threw us into a story and belief that we can’t speak well publicly or whether we were told by someone when we were young that we shouldn’t do it, these sorts of belief systems are rehearsed in our minds over and over, and we create powerful neural pathways and biochemical patterns in our bodies based on those beliefs.

Then what happens is, we allow these strengthened subconscious patterns become energy drains that stress us out, limit our choices and ultimately lessen our capacity to cope with the events of life. Tools like EFT or ‘tapping,’ can help us break those patterns. As stated by Nick Ortner of ‘The Tapping Solution:’ “When you think about your life, what events, limiting beliefs, or deep-seated emotions do you have that are holding you back? Are you aware of what they are and of how they’re limiting you today? If you do know what they are, are you doing anything to release the grip that they have over your life?” As we’ve discussed many times in our work, we are extraordinary beings with extraordinary capabilities, only, we have forgotten how to access all of our faculties. We are not stuck or limited to the current belief systems we currently hold, and I believe The Tapping Solution is one of many effective tools I’ve seen to help people step out of these belief systems and into our full potential. To learn this simple technique, check out Nick Ortner as he shares how and why tapping works, and guides you through how to do it yourself. You can find his powerful video in the references at the bottom of this article.

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