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Electromagnetic radiation emitted from Starlink dishes sickens and kills pets and wildlife

Electromagnetic radiation emitted from Starlink dishes sickens and kills pets and wildlife

In a letter to Arthur Firstenberg, custodian of an animal sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains described how animals in the sanctuary are falling sick and dying after most people in the area installed a Starlink satellite dish.

This is not the first time the health impacts of electromagnetic frequencies (“EMFs”) on animals and humans have been noted.

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Claire Edwards, former United Nations editor and trainer in Intercultural Writing who warned the UN Secretary-General about the dangers of 5G in 2018, said that everyone who hears the truth about 5G shuns it and for good reason. What corporate media fails to tell the public is that thousands of scientists and physicians have expressed their concerns about the rollout of 5G in at least 60 appeals.

Excessive exposure to cell phones and Wi-Fi networks has been linked to chronic diseases such as cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s and infertility. 

Last month, a case study published in the Journal of Community Medicine & Public Health reported that within a week of a 5G cell tower being activated 20 metres from his apartment, a 49-year-old Swedish man developed severe heart symptoms.  This case is the fifth scientific report by Dr. Lennart Hardell, a world-leading scientist on cancer risks from radiation, and Mona Nilsson on the human health effects of real-life 5G radiofrequency (“RF”) radiation.

It’s not only fifth-generation technology (“5G”) that poses risks.  For many years, published peer-reviewed studies have already indicated that the current wireless technologies of 2G, 3G and 4G – in use today with our cell or mobile phones, computers and wearable tech – create RF exposures which pose a serious health risk to humans, animals and the environment.

Earlier this year, president of Cellular Phone Task Force Arthur Firstenberg wrote that it wasn’t “bird flu” that killed wild birds in Europe last spring, it was radiation sickness.  We previously published an article which listed 94 incidences in 2022 when vast numbers of animals died suddenly.  Although no link to EMFs has been made, perhaps we should, at least, ask the question.

The Cellular Phone Task Force’s newsletter at the end of last month discussed the possibility that very high frequency (“VHF”) transmitters attached to kiwikiu by the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project killed all but three of the 10 birds released in just over two weeks.  Kiwikiu, or Maui parrotbill, are critically endangered birds only found in Maui, Hawaii, with fewer than 150 remaining.  The three birds that survived managed to disable or remove their radio transmitter shortly after their release into the forest.

In response to the 28 November newsletter, ‘Don’t irradiate the birds!’, readers sent Firstenberg accounts from far and wide of what has been happening not only to the insects, birds, plants etc., but also to their pets from being irradiated.  He published these accounts in Cellular Phone Task Force’s latest newsletter.  Below is one of those accounts.  You can read the latest newsletter HERE.

The Effects of Starlink Dishes

Mary from Guffey, Colorado, who has an animal sanctuary at 9,000 feet in the Rockies, tells a story very similar to the one Mark Broomhall told UNESCO (see previous newsletter ‘Don’t irradiate the birds!’) – a deterioration in the health of all the animals has accompanied each advance in wireless communication.

A cell tower provided the first cell phone service in that remote location 10 years ago. The tower was upgraded about 2 years ago. And most people in Guffey got a Starlink satellite dish this past summer. “Just about everyone in Guffey has one,” says Mary. 

Mary wrote the following on 6 November 2023:

Starlink is a 5G phased array technology from the sky. When a Starlink dish is online, that means a satellite is aiming a narrow beam at it. But by the time the beam reaches Earth from a few hundred miles up in space, the beam can be 8 miles in diameter or more. The dish also aims a beam of radiation directly at the satellite and scatters radiation around it. If there are a lot of dishes in a 10-mile radius, as there are in Guffey, radiation from Earth and space is scattered far and wide.

The above was taken from Cellular Phone Task Force’s newsletter dated 5 December 2023.  You can read the full newsletter HERE.

Featured image: SpaceX Reveals Next-Gen Starlink Dish for Residential Users, PCMag, 17 November 2023

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