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European citizens and MEPs launch an initiative to bring down WHO

European citizens and MEPs launch an initiative to bring down WHO

To the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) globalist misanthropists: Millions of people around the world are the people you now have to reckon with and we will bring you down, Christine Andersen MEP (Germany) said.

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Last Tuesday, at the European Parliament, a group of seven European citizens together with MEPs launched an initiative to challenge WHO’s power grab through the proposed Pandemic Treaty.

“These seven citizens are so incredibly brave because they stand up against these despicable attempts by the globalitarian misanthropists to strip us of freedom, democracy and the rule of law,” Christine Andersen, Member of the European Parliament (“MEP”), said.

“An unelected body like WHO, controlled and run by multi-billionaires, should never be allowed to act in place of a democratically elected government … In democracies … it is government of the people, by the people, for the people.  And any government, anywhere in the world, that disregards this fundamental principle of democracy by supporting this unprecedented power grab by WHO is an anti-democrat demonstrating nothing but its utter contempt for the people.

“We are here today to tell you, WHO globalitarian misanthropists, we are here today to tell you: You picked this fight, you wanted this fight, well, guess what, you’ve got it! Let’s fight. Because these brave citizens, my colleagues and I – we will not tire to fight you every step of the way.

“These brave seven citizens, and millions and millions more around the world, these are the people you will have to reckon with from now on … Take it from the millions and millions of people around the world: we will bring you down and we will not tire until we have done just that.”

We have embedded the video below to begin at Ms. Andersen’s 5-minute speech. The full 3-hour recording of the conference includes speeches from representatives of 7 European countries plus international speakers.

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