Evidence Subjectivity Reigns
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Evidence Subjectivity Reigns

In my unremitting search for the keys to instantly manifesting reality, once and a while I like to look at what science has to offer, usually within quantum physics.
Evidence Subjectivity Reigns

I stumbled upon a man named Jonah Lehrer who has written for The New Yorker the Boston Globe and a host of other papers and magazines. I was flicking through the radio stations the other day and came across Jonah being interviewed and plugging his new book.

The discussion was fascinating, they were talking about scientific evidence that we are in fact the creator of our world via our senses. We have all heard of pharma companies doing controlled experiments or clincal trials on people. Giving half of the group a real drug and the other half a placebo. Within these types of tests there are always a percentage of people who took the placebo and report some drug induced effects. When dealing with the power of thought we know this is possible, I have never seen a study however involving the senses...until the other day.

The study Mr. Lehrer was talking about in the radio interview was about the subjectivity of wine. “In 2001, Frederic Brochet, of the University of Bordeaux, conducted two separate and very mischievous experiments. In the first test, Brochet invited 57 wine experts and asked them to give their impressions of what looked like two glasses of red and white wine.

The wines were actually the same white wine, one of which had been tinted red with food coloring. But that didn’t stop the experts from describing the “red” wine in language typically used to describe red wines. One expert praised its “jamminess,” while another enjoyed its “crushed red fruit.” Not a single one noticed it was actually a white wine.” “The second test Brochet conducted was even more damning. He took a middling Bordeaux and served it in two different bottles. One bottle was a fancy grand-cru.

The other bottle was an ordinary vin du table. Despite the fact that they were actually being served the exact same wine, the experts gave the differently labeled bottles nearly opposite ratings.

The grand cru was “agreeable, woody, complex, balanced and rounded,” while the vin du table was “weak, short, light, flat and faulty”. Forty experts said the wine with the fancy label was worth drinking, while only 12 said the cheap wine was.” It is wonderfully reassuring to me to know that the answers we seek will always be provided. After reading Jonahs blog I came to realize that science proves we do indeed see what we want to see, taste what we want to taste, hear what we want to hear and disregard the rest. I am the center of my universe as you are the center of your universe. Our whole experience is subjective, the limits we place on ourselves are based solely on an objective view of our world. When we free our minds we free our bodies from the “limits” of this 3rd dimensional reality. None other than controlled science has provided the world with evidence that we manifest what we please. Science is finally catching up to “spirituality”, providing tangible answers to ancient knowledge. Full Subjectivity of Wine Blog The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue. In order to stay truly independent, we need your help. We are not going to put up paywalls on this website, as we want to get our info out far and wide. .

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