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Exposing the Sinister Goal of the Shadow Government of the World

Exposing the Sinister Goal of the Shadow Government of the World

By a concerned reader

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Mission Impossible 9

By a concerned reader

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break into the most secure facility in the world. It is to break through every form of obfuscation that has prevented you from finding said facility thus far. Then you must break through every wall of deception within the facility itself, that prevents you from reaching the inner sanctuary, the citadel, the central tower of the castle. This is not a James Bond movie. The mission is not to blow up the sanctuary. It is more of an Indiana Jones movie. The mission is to see what the owners of the castle have been hiding from you for your entire life. It is to see who they are, who you are and what the real power game presently being played for your life is all about.

Your mission is to find the courage and the confidence and a sufficient love for the truth to take the red pill, knowing that doing so may damage your progress as measured by all the false metrics that the owners of the castle use to reward the peasants whom they rule over. Your financial social professional or political status may be compromised, and you will certainly lose your social media status if you speak about what you are about to see! Mind you that is better than being forced to drink Hemlock or sentenced to death as has been the case in times past for those who dared speak truth to power and as still occurs today from time to time in too many countries..

Readers of the Expose and indeed anyone who sees through status, understands that the true powers in this world are hidden. If you ask a group of well informed, well educated, people: Who is running this planet? They will all have different views. But one thing they will all agree on is that whoever that group is, it does not want to be discovered. So we are given the illusion of people power and have representative politicians who are the face of authority. But it is becoming more and more apparent that these faces do not act in our interest and act instead in their own interest and in the interests of their paymasters whoever those paymasters might be. The Expose has been at the forefront of exposing their many deceptions.

So what are the main policies of this global government we seek to discover, expose and illuminate?

1. Vaccinate everybody with multiple repeat doses of the same gene altering 2019 spike protein which causes immunological, neurological and cardiovascular damage which far outweighs any benefit after a few weeks
2. Fan the flames of war.
3. Protect and promote Alphabet sexuality especially to minors
4. Stop policing crime and start policing anti globalist political dissent. Encourage and exonerate lawlessness with corrupt Attorneys General
5. Pretend to support minorities with diversity and inclusivity regulations as a justification for attacking and subjugating majorities – which is the real objective.
6. Break down national borders and national identity. family identity, community identity, individual identity, gender identity and replace it with social credit score identity
7. Enslave mankind with social credit score linked and vaccination status linked digital smart currencies and passports
8. Control people through engineered deprivation, through manufactured shortages of food, fuel, transport, electricity, gas, water etc.
9. Destroy small and medium sized businesses (hospitality, property, farming etc.) with draconian lockdowns and mountains of bureaucratic regulation.
10. Rewrite history to recast all our ancestors as imperialist slave owners in order to establish a new global empire which enslaves all mankind. 

It is a charming manifesto. No wonder these people want to remain hidden.

Most of the policies outlined above are just classic control freak behaviour. The ultimate control freak wishes no man to have any type of personal identity other than the brand mark of being a personal slave (the mark of the beast). But the genetic vaccination, warmongering, alphabet sexuality and lawlessness policies can only really be understood by taking the red pill of Matrix 1 and going on Mission Impossible 9 to breach the impregnable citadel of the hidden city of demonic globalist power.

Credibility and Anticredibility

The first step in this journey is to debunk credibility and to see anticredibility as a more accurate measure of truth. Because credibility is largely controlled by the mainstream media, which is largely controlled by the intelligence services (hence Jack Dorsey of Twitter joked that Mark Zuckerberg should call his new Meta Company the Central Intelligence Corporation). Credibility is given to those who push the false narrative of the globalist castle. Whereas anticredibility (ridicule, ghosting, cancelling, censorship and even criminalisation) is given to those who argue against that demonstrably false narrative.

But we are in a Mission Impossible 9 combined with Matrix 1 movie so we can suspend our disbelief and accept for the purposes of enjoying the story, that certain negative credibility statements are true. Here they are.

1. Adam and Eve were real people (they do not stand symbolically for all men and all women)

2. Cain was the son of Satan (in human form) and pre fall Eve  Abel was the son of post fall Adam and post fall Eve. 

3. Cain killed Abel after inviting him into a field – the original battlefield in fact.

4. Adam was a human angelic hybrid as was Eve. He was not the first man. He was the first next generation man (Homo Sapiens Sapiens rather than his predecessors, Homo Sapiens, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus etc. etc.)

5. Adam was a direct first generation angelic and human son of God just like Satan. They were direct brothers. Adam was actually Satan’s first direct brother. For Satan was the firstborn angel and he had no direct angelic brothers until Adam. All of angelic creation was through Satan until Eden. Hence the jealousy. It is just that Adam had not yet been conscious in his angelic body whereas Satan had been for thousands of years. The subconscious connects humans to their angelic coprocessors, their cloud servers. Jesus (who was possessed by the angel Michael when the dove landed upon Immanuel, the human son of Mary and Joseph and God), was a later born angel. Actually a 42nd generation angel from the paternal genealogy of Mathew1 with God as Abraham. He became the firstborn angel of all creation, by purchasing those rights from Satan in return for a 6,000 year lease as Caesar to mankind (the greater bowl of soup deal between Jacob and Esau). Jesus was able to grant Satan a 6,000 year lease as Caesar to mankind because he purchased Adam from death for 6,000 years by agreeing to ransom him after he sinned in Eden so as to incur death.  `

6. All men and all woman, every reader of this article, will within the next 50,000 years (a Pentecost taking a day for 1,000 years) ascend into the heavens as an angel and then ascend further above the heavens as a God. For like begets like and we are all sons and daughters of God. And God will fail with none of us and love will fail in none of us and God is love.

7. All men today on this planet outside of a non adamic church are genetically either Adamic or Cainian. These are the two biblical seeds of fallen man (sentenced to death through ageing) . Adam fell in Eden. Cain fell in the battlefield on which he killed his brother Abel.

8. There is a secondary reason for WW3 and a reason for the theory that globalists want to depopulate the planet to save it ecologically all for themselves. This is where things gets really Sci-Fi. There is a greater ark of Noah referred to in Peter’s letters. It does not exist in spacetime as we know it because Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world in an instant of time having taken him up an unusually high mountain. That is symbolism for taking him to a very large spy satellite in which Satan’s administration was based. For mountains oversee lands. The key phrase here is: In an instant of time. The literal Greek of Luke 4:5 says: In [a] PUNCTURE of time. 

One cannot see more than 200 Kingdoms in an instant of time as a human. But one can see them in a 24 hour day giving them 7 minutes each. Now in Joshua 10, time stood still for a day. This depicts what earth time does for people in the ark. Earth time stands still whilst one is in the ark for a day. Then, for 50 days, the width of the ark in cubits, one can return to the earth arriving back at the precisely time that one left from an earthly standpoint, but having spent 24 hours of ark time in the ark. That is how Jesus saw all the Kingdoms of the earth in an instant of time. 

If you think that special relativity is a bit rich for the Holy Bible written between 3500 and 1900 years ago then you have not grasped the science behind Jesus’ statement: Who of you by worrying can add one cubit (a measure of length) to your lifespan (a measure of time). Time and space were thought to be independent before Lorentz and Einstein. Jesus equated them in Matthew 6:27 and Luke 12:25

The Hebrew calendar months of Adar and VeAdar (once every 2 or 3 years) depict this live one day get another day free scenario. For VeAdar is not the 13th month of the Hebrew year. It is a rerun of the 12th month. So you live each day in Adar once and then you live it again in VeAdar. Because you only live twice Mr Bond. This weird (to us) aspect of any true lunar calendar is symbolising the relativistic conundrum of ark time.

This ark can house ALL of mankind. It is a planet sized spaceship outside of normal space time. It has to be outside space time or the demons would inspire the Russians or the Americans to nuke it. 

If you think that such a plan is too Sci-fi or too fanciful for God or for the bible then please permit me to introduce you to Mr Elon Musk. He is attempting, within the technological confines of this generation, to do precisely the same thing with a space ship shuttle and the planet Mars. God bless him. He has the same desire to save mankind as God has. That makes him into a true son of God by his actions. Not by wearing a fish shaped hat. And he has put all of his not inconsiderable talent and resources into achieving that goal. Whereas actually God has built a stealthy, planet sized spaceship, which is outside spacetime. I am sure that he will be very happy to have Elon as a passenger in it. It is hard to see how anyone could be more deserving for with the measure which you measure it out, it will be measured back to you.


Since we are in suspended disbelief mode for the basic plot of Mission Impossible9 combined with Matrix1 now with Elon Musk as a special guest star – Here is how the ark that will save us was really built. 

All of our ancestors who were chosen to be saints by God and born again angelically (by which is meant that you take ownership of your angelic backup body, rather than borrowing it, and by which is meant you are given the right to have conscious access to it whilst awake rather than subconscious access whilst asleep) could not actually become angelic before Jesus ransomed Adam angelically on 33Nisan16 AD. So after they died as humans, they were resurrected as humans. But obviously not to this planet.

They were resurrected to a different planet. And they have lived there since 2605 BC when Jared (who became Melchizedek in the post flood system) died. Melchizedek, the 2nd Adam, who is the King of Salem, the first Jerusalem, founded the human colony on that planet (which we call Eden2). It is they who are doing the school run in their planet sized 4×4 to pick up their grand children. They built the ark. They are massively more technologically advanced than us because they do not try to kill and corrupt and dominate each other. They try instead to heal and straighten out and empower each other. The purpose of their health service is health not politics and service not profit for big pharma. The aim of every citizen on Eden2 and more particularly of every administrator, is to enable, to empower proactively and actually to ensure, that every person on the planet realises their dreams. So long as those dreams do not have the potential to become nightmares  

All the saints will be raptured into the ark before WW3 begins. All those with faith in God (not just in Jesus) will be raptured into the ark before the nuclear part of WW3 (the ride of the 4th horseman of the apocalypse, the one with the long sword of WMDs) begins. All those without faith but with love for their fellowman (the sheep of Matthew25) will be protected throughout WW3 because the Kingdom of God is fully installed under Jesus Christ BEFORE WW3 begins. So the war itself will kill nobody whom God was not going to kill anyway with his lava flood. It is all theatre from the Demons to disguise and upstage the rapture. That is the secondary purpose of WW3.

Yes, on the last day of Adam 90% of mankind will have gone. But they will not all be dead. 50% of us will have been raptured before nuclear war begins and a further 25% will be actually executed and then resurrected out of the world due to love. At most 25% of us will be dead. And that figure excludes the last chance saloon for the really really slow learners in the last week of unauthorised but permitted Satanic rulership of mankind. 

I am not going to prove any of this here because this is not supposed to be a religious piece. It is supposed to be a political exposition, a documentary movie without the video.. But I will say this… 

Our Judgment is Divine

We all have the judgement of a God. That is how we are made in God’s image. We do not look like God. We judge like God. OK we all make mistakes – loads of them. But the process we go through when we make a flawed imperfect human judgement is the same process that God goes through when he makes a flawless perfect divine judgement. And that is what we are training towards.

That is why governments make every effort they can to deny you the opportunity properly to exercise your judgement (via informed vaccine consent for example). Your judgement, your unique individual judgement that only you yourself can and will make, IS your divinity. It does not matter (spiritually) if you are wrong in the conclusion you reach. What matters is that you made the judgement to the best of your ability given the best of your knowledge and experience in the unique way that you make judgements.

Look at modern man. So busy is he, endeavouring to become a biological electronic hybrid in order to gain a faster intelligence and a longer life. Why does he not know that he is already a biological angelic hybrid with an angelic brain that’s 2^30 (1 billion) times faster than his human brain (30 steps up or down Jacob’s ladder doubling in speed every step) and that angels do not age biologically. They have indefinite life. We are all so busy trying to achieve what God has already achieved. 

Every night when you dream, the dream is shot, the movie is produced and edited, in your angelic brain. It is screened in your human brain. The two are connected by your subconscious. Your angelic brain is Dreamworks. Your human brain is IMAX. That is why, if you go to bed with a problem you often wake up with the solution. The human brain is nowhere near fast enough to shoot a movie in real time. It is just fast about enough to screen one. Only an angelic brain can shoot produce and edit a movie in real time.

The reason that the reader will find many (or all) of items 1-8 hard to believe, or absurd or silly or deluded or naive or fanciful or lacking in credibility or abounding with anticredibility, is that a lot of work has gone into making them such, by the owners of the castle. Here we stand as a race using the CRISPR-Cas9 toolkit of God to soup up viruses which then kill us, whilst refusing to accept that this toolkit, which we did NOT make, but happened across, had a toolmaker, who used it in precisely the same way we are using it, to make the very viruses we are souping up. DOH!  We all know full well that every computer virus is a man made hack of a man made operating system. How can we not also know that every human virus is a demonically made hack of an angelically made immune system?  How many computer viruses evolved by random mutation of software code? What toolkit did dumb and random chance ever use?

A genetics professor at Queen Mary University once said on TV that we know every word in the genetic code of man but we do not understand the grammar and so cannot construct a sentence. And Prof Angel Lopez-Garcia of the University of Valencia wrote a book on the subject called: The Grammar of Genes: How the Genetic Code Resembles the Linguistic Code (2005 Peter Lang). A grammar is used by an intelligence to make a sentence out of words. So both professors are saying that we were made by an intelligence greater than ours (or at least better at genetic grammar than ours). 

Cain wants more seed

So now that we have used our limitless imaginations to bound over the walls of the citadel, in the same way that we understand by our spiritual nature the symbolism of the Matrix movies and the non existent imaginary technology of Star Trek, Star Wars and the entire Sci-fi movie genre, we are at last in a position to ask the right question, which is: What is the common factor between all the policies of the global government other than naked control freakery? What is the common goal that all of these policies are aiming for? What is the grand unifying theory of end times politics?

Unbeknown to mankind there have been since Cain and Abel, two types of seed. Two genetic lines of mankind. These are the descendants of Adam such as Abel, as described in Genesis5 and the descendants of Satan through Cain as described in Genesis4. They are different and competing genealogies. All mankind is genetically Adamic or genetically Cainian, unless they have become non adamic already and begun the process of being restored to what Adam lost when he sinned – non ageing human life. These are presently non adamic Abraham and non adamic Isaaic. The former will become Melchizedaic when they stop ageing altogether and reverse age back to the genetic perfection which every cosmetic company seeks to sell us. The latter will become Methuselaiain when they do likewise. For those two non adamic patriarchs died for us as well as Jesus did. In fact they are the unsung heroes of our genetic restoration. They are the answer to every human’s dreams  For there is no life without sacrifice. And there is no indefinite ageless life without indefinite ageless sacrifice. Incidentally Cainian (male) seed was reintroduced after the flood through the Anakim of Numbers13 (not Anakin of Star Wars).

And unbeknown further even to the deepest of churches, are the 3 salvation covenants for mankind. The covenant of Jacob to be a saint (an administrator), the covenant of Isaac to be a priest and the covenant of Abraham to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

And unbeknown to the writer until a month ago are the 3 mirror image demonic condemnation covenants for mankind. The covenant to be possessed by a demon (to be a viper), the covenant to be a demonic priest, a corruptor of mankind (a serpent) and the covenant of Cain to be his seed by actions rather than by genetics, the covenant for those who are corrupted by defiling their consciences and not repenting. They shall go to Hell (a temporary sin bin with a minimum sentence of 33½ years, the length of the life of Jesus before he ransomed Adam, who himself sinned aged 33½, and a maximum sentence of 1,000 years, the length of the Kingdom of God) unless they wake up and smell the coffee.

So that is the battle we all face. Do we obey our consciences? Do we hold on to faith or hold on to love of our fellowman and become sons of Abraham by covenant OR do we defile our consciences, abandon faith, eschew love, pursue power, hatred, corruption and become sons of Cain by covenant, the covenant seed of Cain, the seed of the serpent, the original corruptor of mankind?

Here is how the demons fight the battle for their seed

1. The therapeutic power of the vaccines is greatest in the first shot. All further doses make things progressively worse therapeutically. But they make the genetic alteration more permanent. Yes, the vaccines are a genetic hack that turns your genes from Adamic to Cainian. For Cain means spike/spear in Hebrew. And the vaccines reprogram your vaccinated cells to make spikes. And the serpent of Genesis 3:15 is prophesied to bite the opposing seed in the heel in the battle of the seeds. A serpent bite is a double injection of snake venom from two fangs. Two vaccine shots, double vaccination. The battle of the seeds of Genesis 3:15 is not merely a battle between the two seeds. It is the battle FOR the two seeds. It is the battle to determine which of the two seeds each one of us becomes. If you permit your genes to become Cainian, you will not be saved unless your actions make you Abrahamic. This is true for the sons of Adam too. But being Cainian gives the demons behind the globalist government more power over your body and over your life. 

2. The scripture in Genesis 4:8 which describes Cain assaulting Abel and killing him, clearly implies that Cain invited him into ‘the field’ where the battle took place. But it does not explicitly say how the invitation was worded. This is because invading armies do not generally invite the countries they are going to invade to join them in their own land which is about to be invaded. They just invade and start killing people on the battle field, following after Cain, the father of such activity. ‘The field’ referred to in Genesis 8:4, is the archetypical battle field between two brothers. Whether these brothers are Europe verses Europe, The US verses the US, Japan and China, Iraq and Iran, Afghanistan and the Bush Blair Coalition, Russia and Ukraine. It is all the same activity. The aggressor is Cainian and what is worse, wars tend to breed war crimes so that unjustified killing of prisoners and civilians occurs by both sides. They become a murder fest. And a murder fest is a very fast way to create Cainian seed and kill Adamic seed

So now we can see the real reason why Russia invaded Ukraine and why the West will only give Ukraine enough arms to continue the war but not give them enough arms to win the war and why the nations of the world will only enforce enough sanctions to hurt Russia, but not enough sanctions to stop Russia and end the battle that will turn into WW3. Khordokovsky makes it quite plain that the only way to stop Putin is to stop the war in Ukraine preferably by 100% sanctions. Not the 70% we presently have.

The owners of the castle want more seed. They want everyone in the entire world to start killing his brother. It is the fastest way for them to deny salvation and win the battle for seed. Russia will conscript its entire fighting age population. That is the goal. It is not to deNazify Ukraine. It is to Cainify both Russia and Ukraine. It is to get every Russian possible to start killing his brother and to spread that cancer into as many other countries as is possible. So that we all spend a large amount of our time thinking about how to kill our brother. The Russian Ukraine war will become a world war. That is its purpose. The globalists are managing it right now to absolutely ensure that their goal of worldwide murder is reached. The more people they can get to shoot at each other (without justification), the more seed they can make. One of course has the right to self defence and to national self defence. Neither of these activities causes one to become Cainian. But Cain invited Abel into the field. So starting wars is Cainian and war crimes are of course Cainian.

So there it is. The purpose of the war is to recruit people into a covenant that nobody knows exists, mediated by a guy who most people do not believe ever existed, and who nobody believes is actually alive today and is possessing somebody who is directing Cainian operations in some capacity in the present war during which the Russian bear presently has 3 Ukrainian ribs (provinces – Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk) in its mouth (spouting its narrative whilst being devoured) between its teeth (dividing the Russian military 50% of whom are against the war, the invitation to the battlefield from the bear) in further fulfilment of Daniel 7:5.

3. The way to guarantee that you are saved and therefore actually non adamic Abrahamic or non adamic Isaaic seed (citizens and priests respectively of the Kingdom of God) is to join a true church and stay joined to it unless the church falls. The law of that true church permits anyone to join whatever their past. But one cannot have homosexual sex as a member of a true church (by which is meant two people each of whom have Y chromosomes having sex with one another). So a homosexual would have to abstain for the period after joining the church until he is raptured. This will not be a long period of time. So it is not such a big burden. But it is big enough to prevent many alphabet people being saved by that route. Furthermore any outfit that needs to have a parade to declare how proud it is of itself, is quite obviously still suffering from some kind of shame. It is easy to underestimate the importance of the Alphabet movement to the globalist’s demonic plan. Here is why.

The acceptance and the practice of alphabet sexuality, particularly of their sexual grooming of minors and genital mutilation thereof is the legal basis for both WW3 and the coming lava flood according to Leviticus18 and Genesis19. Simply put. God stands up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. If a society tolerates or worse protects by legislation the mutilation of the genitals and the genetic corruption of the immune systems of its children, that society is taking a direct stand against God.

Here is what Leviticus 18 prescribes in that situation: Paraphrasing: If a society indulges in incest, child sacrifice, homosexuality, adultery or bestiality, the land will vomit it out. 
Here is what Genesis19 describes: The majority of the men in Sodom were homosexual rapists and God destroyed their city with a lava flood.

Historically Israel was vomited out of its land by being conquered by the Assyrians and the Babylonians and taken into exile in those countries for periods. But the precise wording of any scripture has to be fulfilled. And land is said to vomit out sexually depraved peoples. Land vomits through volcanoes. The vomit of the planet, planetary vomit, is lava. Basically God is casting the planet as a sexual policeman. It literally gags if we behave in a sexually depraved manner. Because we make it sick. Yes. We make our planet physically sick. It is not that God is against sexual fulfilment. He invented sexual fulfilment. But the demons use every powerful force for their agenda. And they seek to corrupt sexual desire to make it unsustainably damaging to society and where better to start than by corrupting our children?

This subject is so important that I cannot just leave it there. There will be no sexual frustration in the Kingdom of God, the next administration of humans on this earth after WW3. NONE AT ALL (I am not saying that I know how to achieve that. But I do know that God is satisfying the desire of every living thing in his kingdom). God wants us all to be sexually fulfilled. But not at the expense of failing to provide a male and a female genetic parent for children wherever possible until they are grown up. For ideally every child should have a loving template from both a male and a female parent to give them emotional security and to provide a yardstick with which to measure friendships and lovers.

Gender is a truly wonderful thing. The biggest test there is for a woman is to hold down a permanent relationship with a man whom she loves. The biggest test for a man is to hold down a permanent relationship with a woman whom he loves. We are all here to learn how to love. Heterosexuality is a mandatory subject in that degree course. Women are the biggest wind up men can ever face and men are the biggest wind up women can ever face and that is deliberate on the part of God. He designed men to wind up women and women to wind up men. We are a totally explosive mixture. And life is about learning how not to explode emotionally at each other. Indeed that is why God designed us to explode sexually in each other instead. It is our release from the emotional wind up of our complimentary genetic natures.

So in God’s justice two things inevitably follow sexual depravity. The first is being conquered by an external power (WW3). The second is being wiped out by a lava flood (earth vomit). It is not a coincidence that Putin and the present Russian administration frame themselves as enemies of degenerate Western governments. In that regard they are right.

Dimitry Medvedev, the former Russian president and present deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council (which is doing a great job for Russian security) said on 2022June3

“One can have different attitudes to it, one can believe that the horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way and all hope is in Almighty God. However, one can still try to tone down this international situation”

I would absolutely have to agree with every word of that. But with politicians, their words are a mirror image of their actions. The way to tone down the international situation is for Russia to cancel its Cainian invitation to Ukraine go onto the battlefield.

The 2nd horseman of the apocalypse is War (WW3). The 4th horseman is death who is Satan2 actually, who is Cain. Satan1, his father, has actually repented as prophesied by Jesus. For Jesus said to Satan in Matthew 4:10 bring yourself under Satan, for it is written it is the Lord your God you must worship, having said to Peter in Mark 8:33: Get thee behind me Satan. And that is an interpretation which will get you thrown out of pretty much every church there is. But when you are behind Jesus, you are his follower. And if Satan himself has repented then what are you waiting for? Do you think you have more sin holding you back than he had? However there is no shortage of demons eager to take up his mantle. And Satan2 is his firstborn human son – Cain.

So here is a way to prevent WW3 and to prevent the coming lava flood. Protect children from alphabet grooming and from child genital mutilation. This will not happen at a government level because the demonic globalists control governments not the people. The people themselves are absolutely against alphabet grooming and child genital mutilation. But the people are kept in the dark by the demonic globalists. Hence the Expose and hence this article.

However this turns out at government level, we should do all we can to protect the children and actually women and gender itself and heterosexuality from assault by alphabet sexual imperialism. It is more than ironic that the rainbow was a symbol that God used for his covenant not to bring all flesh to ruin by a deluge of waters in Genesis9. But the rainbow people are a major cause of the deluge of lava, which brings not all flesh but all faithless and unloving flesh to ruin, when the earth vomits at the spectre of our sexual depravity. Their flag is actually prophesying their demise in the greater meaning of Genesis9.

4. The Soros backed Attorneys General and government policies in the US and the UK to stop policing crime and instead police anti globalist political views causes an increase in lawlessness in large cities, which causes an increase in conscience defiling, which causes an increase in Cainain seed. Satanic priests are corruptors, pictured as serpents by Jesus and by Genesis. The Gates backed big Pharma take over of healthcare worldwide has the same effect on the consciences of healthcare workers who are forced by profit driven protocols to choose between their salaries and the good health of their patients. If they choose the wrong way, they defile their conscience and it is one more goat to the slaughter. It is especially difficult for doctors who have to train for 7 years and have little chance of equivalent employment elsewhere because they are so specialised. God bless the 100,000 or so UK healthcare workers and the large percentage of US healthcare workers who refused the vaccines on the basis of their medical training. I would just say this. Fight however you can for the truth. God will care and provide for you if you care for his people.


I hope you enjoyed this exposition. It really is a great pleasure to attempt to reveal what the demons have hidden for so long. Every single step in the journey requires a suspending of disbelief. Hence the only way to tell the story was as if it were a movie. You will find the scriptural proof such as we have on which is ranked about as low as google can possibly rank any website, being vehemently anti vaccine. But we are ranked number 2 on Duckduckgo if you search for ‘bible code’. Someone needs to apply for an injunction forcing google to produce a vanilla search free of political medical scientific commercial religious philosophical or other bias.

People say that the difference between a conspiracy theory and scientifically accepted fact is around 6 months. I calculate that the difference between anticredible biblical interpretation and modern day fulfilment is not dissimilar being about the time it will take Monkeypox to infect 1 million people and thereby become a biblical plague. For Monkeypox must be the 6th plague of Egypt – Boils. This fascinating plague did not affect God’s people. It only affected Egyptians. So if an active member of your church gets monkey pox then you may not be in a true church (depending upon how or if your church throws people out who lose interest).

A full blown biblical plague of Egypt cannot occur until the modern day Moses has the right to lead God’s people off the planet. That cannot occur until the final 42 month lease of the Dragon of Revelation13 ends. So when Monkeypox becomes a biblical plague, or when any of the 10 plagues are seen to be fulfilled, the world has ended judicially, and Jesus has been given authority to take his people out and into the ark, which means the Dragon’s authority (Satan’s administration) has ended. His response to his loss of authority is WW3. For the plagues were given to Pharaoh after he refused to let God’s people go. And Moses would not have asked at God’s request, if Pharaoh still had divine authority to rule over them.

So here is the Grand unifying theory of 21st Century Politics: The globalist demons have more control over Cainian seed than they have over Adamic seed. So they do everything possible to turn people to the dark side. So that their unconscionable actions or their vaccine corrupted genes make them Cainian. Their chief weapons are control of credibility, vaccination, war, alphabet sexuality, lawlessness, exclusion, deprivation. Everything that they do is to make themselves more Cainian seed to enslave and control that seed. The reason they have been ramping up their seed production activities during the last 2 years is that the end of their final 42 month lease of Revelation13 over mankind, over both Adam and Cain (by which I mean Adamic and Cainian seed), occurs this year (when the 10 plagues of Egypt begin/become biblical in proportion). At that time, the only power they will have left over mankind is patriarchal power over their seed, their children, Cain. They will have absolutely no power over Adam. So by making you into their seed, they give themselves the authority to continue to trap you in this mad world and prevent you from becoming a citizen of the next, which is the Kingdom of God. This has not been so important to them in times past when they had years of divinely granted secular authority as Caesar over mankind ahead of them. Whereas they now only have a few months (3 we presently calculate). That is why they want to appropriate all of us, even 6 month old babies. Who would be a fetus these days? Either you get aborted or if you make it to delivery then you get gene edited.

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