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Fight for Freedom – In 1941 it was their turn. In 2021 it is ours.

Our job today is to be as articulate, as skilled, as masterful in the court of public opinion as the ATP world number 1 is on the court of lawn tennis.

Fight for Freedom – In 1941 it was their turn. In 2021 it is ours.

For the events unfolding in Australia before the eyes of the whole world are a seminal moment for the sport of tennis, for every professional tennis player on the tour and for a once great and free nation which is fighting valiantly to free itself from the grip of a tyranny every bit as dangerous as that which faced Europe before the start of WW2.

Australia was under no threat from Nazi Germany in 1939. But our loyal brothers down under gave their lives to buy us the freedom we now enjoy and have enjoyed for 76 years since their sacrifice was completed. A freedom to choose for ourselves, based upon our own individual sovereign judgement, what happens to our bodies.

By a concerned reader

Novak has not disclosed his vaccination status. But the New York Post reports that his father has stated that the world number 1 will not give in to ‘Vaccine blackmail‘, because he himself would not do that and Novak is his father’s son.

Now we see some of the class of the family which produced the 9 times Australian open champion.

So the Expose today calls upon every player on the ATP tour, and upon every tennis fan thinking of attending the Australian Open, and upon the ATP itself to take a stand either with Novak, with the Nuremberg Code and against vaccine apartheid or for the Neo Nazi Australian government – your papers pleeeze!

Novak has had Covid and recovered. So he has natural immunity, which is longer lasting more broad based, more effective and more reliable than vaccine immunity – for a full explanation of the difference between the two see here

The Australian Open is in fact Closed to unvaccinated players and spectators. Craig Tilley, the CEO of Tennis Australia is reported by the New York Post to have said…

“It’s been made very clear when the Premier announced several weeks ago that in order to participate at the Australian Open, to come into Victoria, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated. Immediately, we communicated that to the playing group. It is the one direction that you take, that you can ensure everyone’s safety. All the playing group understands it. Our patrons will need to be vaccinated, all the staff working the Australian Open need to be vaccinated.”

His statement is medically false. If the Australian government wanted to ensure everyone’s safety, they would require natural immunity from all parties, not vaccine immunity. Let us be quite clear. People with natural immunity do not get re-infected in significant numbers. Whereas people who are doubly vaccinated do. Indeed most people with Covid in the UK at present are doubly vaccinated, almost none will have natural immunity. The UKHSA does not provide the number of cases amongst those with natural immunity because such numbers would destroy what remains of their bogus case for vaccination.

There is no question that Novak, having natural immunity, is safer to Australian Open tennis players and spectators, and staff, than every single doubly vaccinated person in Australia, including Craig Tilley and the Australian Premier (who must both be vaccinated). The Cleveland study showed this over a year ago.

The pretext being used to discriminate against Novak is medically false. The true reason for the discrimination is political not medical.

Ironically, it is Novak’s dedication to getting the best performance possible out of his body that rightly prevents him from taking the vaccine along with many other top athletes, you know, the ones who do not collapse in the middle of a football game. Although medically nobody who has beaten the infection should take the vaccine. Because once your immune system has seen 100 billion copies of the entire virus it learns nothing new by being subjected to 14 (Pfizer) or 48 (Moderna) trillion copies of a computer generated approximation to a spike protein made from only 1/8 of the proteins in the virus.

So the questions we would ask every player on the ATP tour and every fan considering buying a ticket, and every member of staff working for the tournament and the ATP itself are these:

How many top ranking players do you need to see discriminated against in an Open tennis tournament before you refuse to participate in it?

If you only put one Jew in a concentration camp is that OK?
If you only segregate one black person on a bus is that OK?
If you permit Hitler to invade only one country is that OK?
If you deny one homosexual the same job opportunity as his heterosexual brother is that OK?
If you refuse to promote one woman due to her gender when she is every bit as good as her male competitor is that OK?

Do you think if you permit the new Nazis to discriminate against Novak, upon the fake pretext of vaccine immunity, they will not discriminate against you in some other regard upon some other fake pretext when it suits their agenda?

We say to all, to the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike: Abuse needs a pretext to get started. But once it has started,  it never remains confined to that pretext.

Before these errant vaccine mad governments are finished they will discriminate against absolutely everybody who takes any position at all on any matter which they do not approve of. Their abuse will NOT merely be limited to vaccination status. Abuse is a monster which if not tamed will kill indiscriminately. Vaccine Apartheid is the door to that monster.

How is it that two lions kill one buffalo from a huge herd which could easily kill both lions? Every predator relies upon the herd not standing together and not defending each other. Do we humans know less than buffaloes?

Where is the gratitude from Tennis Australia for Novak winning 9 Australian opens and entertaining millions of Australians for more than a decade?
What value to you think the Australian Open Trophy has if they treat a 9 times winner the way they are presently treating Novak?
Do you really want a testament to your collaboration with the abuse of Novak in your trophy cabinet?
Would you accept a medal from Adolf? Or a pay check from the Covid camp commandant?

27.000 Australians gave their lives fighting a tyranny which was not primarily directed against them in WW2. 

We ask you to join them not in risking your life, but in refusing your patronage and boycotting the Australian Open. We ask this not merely because it is closed to the greatest tennis Champion Australia has ever seen (and she has seen some seriously great Champions). But because we all know where this is leading. Indeed if we do not stop this soon, we may well have to risk our own lives to stop it in the very near future. And because they did it for us. So we owe them nothing less. In 1941 it was their turn. In 2021 it is ours.

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