Free Energy: Searl Effect Generator

On December 4th, we released an article that began to explore the realness behind Free Energy devices.

For those of you who haven’t yet read the article and the videos associated with it you can do so by clicking HERE. In this article however, we are going to take a closer look at a particular free energy device known as the Searl Effect Generator -which from this point onwards I will refer to as the SEG.

The SEG like all supposed free energy devices carries the capability to run on its own without any external input. Originally discovered in 1946 by John Roy Robert Searl the SEG captures kinetic energy that is generated by natural changes in ambient temperature. Science Lingo Breakdown (just incase you needed it as a reminder like I did) Kinetic Energy – The energy that comes as a result of motion Ambient Temperature – Temperature in a room or surrounding an object The SEG is designed to function along the same principles of a linear induction motor, which is the same motor that was used by Bombardier when designing a light rail fully-automatic transit system in Malaysia (Putra Metro).

The SEG however is instead designed around a circular track. According to the devices main website ( the SEG is constructed of 2124 component parts that make up 3 plates and 66 roller sets.

The parts include, but are not limited to magnets, copper and teflon.

The best way to possibly describe this device to you is to actually see it in action.

The following video shows how the technology both looks and works but is not a video that features it actually in use with any form of machine. The SEG, the technology and its’ creators have all taken an abundance of flack over the years from both skeptics and those who were displeased by the lack of progress it had publicly taken for quite sometime. As of late however, the SEG has gathered quite a bit of steam and public attention particularly through its subsidiary project known as Swallow Command ( John, his team and SEG technology are regularly featured at energy conferences and are seen as a viable potential sustainable technology solution. I would definitely suggest taking the time to even further familiarize yourself with SEG and any other free energy technologies you may hear or come across.

They are without a doubt becoming more and more a part of public information and even everyday conversation in the science community. Feel free to share any other free energy information or insight via the comments below, what better time then now to make free energy an everyday conversation in the CE community and beyond. Sources: Kuala Lumpur .

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