Free Your Mind… It’s Time To Let Go…
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Free Your Mind… It’s Time To Let Go…

From my heart to yours.It’s been an amazing journey for me thus far, in my current lifetime, and I feel great love and compassion towards a need to share my thoughts and observations with others.
Free Your Mind… It’s Time To Let Go…

. I understand that we are all here to experience, learn and grow and we are all teachers and students in our own right. We are all here to serve one another to reach our grander experience in the evolution of consciousness. When you take a look across the globe right now and the conditions of humanity and our experience, it may seem as though there is a lot of tension and an unsettling feeling in many areas. We are going through an intense transformation in energy right now. You may be feeling as though you’re experiencing a lot more mind chatter than usual. You may be more sensitive than normal which seems like a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. You may be starting to question and observe things in your life that you hadn’t before. You may also be experiencing physical changes. It’s all apart of the shift. We are evolving as a species quite rapidly right now. Some choose to deny it but many of us can feel the changes happening, which in turn leaves nothing to deny. I want you to know that you are definitely not alone, I’m right there with you and we all are in this together as a collective. Walk with me. I’d like to talk about letting go of our sufferings. In religion we call it “forgiving our sins”. But the thing with religion is that we tend to look up to an external entity, asking them for forgiveness in order to cleanse us of our pain that we hold on to. This has been a great tool and served in the past, but I see more and more people suffering everyday so I’d like to share with you my experiences with “cleansing” or “clearing” my pain. I am not a part of any religion, practice, group or belief system, nor have I taken any energy healing courses or any external medicines other than the gifts of raw vegetables and fruits that our Mother Earth so kindly grows. We are all self healers and do not need anything external.

There is nothing wrong with getting assistance but I find that we have been so conditioned to look externally for healing that our dependency is killing us. True healing comes from within. I want you to stop and think for a minute. Why is it that we suffer emotionally as humans? Life here is a journey in which we experience, learn and then move on to the next. You don’t have to live with pain and suffering. Just let go. When we focus energy towards these sufferings and resist letting them go, we empower them. It seems almost as though we enjoy these sufferings by holding on to them! We are definitely meant to experience suffering and sometimes it is meant for us to hold on to in order to grow and evolve even more at the soul level, but in these times right now, with the energies that are rolling in, the majority of us want to let go and be free and experience the love and bliss that is amongst us. In detachment we are free. It’s not always easy because sometimes our experiences are quite intense. We attach our emotions to memories and trigger them when that memory pops up or when we are reminded of a certain occurrence.

The hard part is that it’s all done sub-consciously. We must look within, deep deep within our sub-conscious minds to find the root of the problem in order to clear and heal ourselves of it. I’ve found for me that meditation is the best way to heal. When we meditate, we quiet our mind and get in touch with our soul. Our souls right now are screaming for attention and love energy. When the mind is still it allows for us to embrace the energy of the cosmos which is an undeniable feeling of ecstasy and love. While in a meditative state you can ask your higher-self this, “Present to me the pain that I hold”. Say it calmly and clearly. Memories may pop up in the form of pictures or movies.

These pictures and movies are the memories that you have attached emotional chords or dark energy to. Seeing them in this state may even trigger you to feel the actual emotion. If this happens it’s great.

Then you will know exactly what you need to clear. From this point, all you do is surrender this feeling to the feeling of love. Thank this pain for all that it has served you thus far and tell it to “go to the light/sun, to be re-polarized and never return for the betterment of mankind.” Stay strong in your stillness with grace and allow any distractions or outside thoughts to simply dissolve by paying them no attention and no resistance. Only when we face our problems, and I mean TRULY ACTUALLY LOOKING AT THEM and seeing them in our minds, can they be fully cleared. Our brains are computers and it records our entire experience of each lifetime. It stores memories in files in which we can access at any time.

The time may not be right yet for you to let go of something, you still may have more to experience with it so do not become frustrated if this does not work. Understand that everything is perfect at all times. It definitely also takes practice to be able to do this with clarity and understanding. I’m trying my best to help you out. Play with this method and see what comes of it. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. Never give up. To end this post I’ll leave you with this. From my perspective, there is so much beauty and love in the world for us to experience. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We tend to victimize ourselves which in turn leads us down a path of suffering and we fall into a spiral of darkness. We are creators in essence. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Only when you become at peace within, will you see peace on the outside. If you see a problem with the world through your eyes, that problem is actually within you, the place where the thought is coming from. We can change our world when we choose to change our minds about the world. When we conquer our pain and fears it open us up to experience so much more love. Fear is where all pain stems from and fear is the absence of love. To free your mind is to surrender your sufferings. Surrender them to the feeling of love. Love yourself. You’re worth it. We are all worthy of love because love is who we are. One Love. One Light. Together we are evolving. A Collective Evolution.

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