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Freedom and Sagittarius Season Horoscopes

After a heavy long and intense Scorpio season, we now enter the fiery freedom-loving energy of Sagittarius season.Lasting from November 21st December 22nd.

Freedom and Sagittarius Season Horoscopes

. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter; the luckiest planet in the zodiac. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, generosity, and wisdom. With Sagittarius ruling the skies we have greater access to the 9th house also known as the God house in astrology. We have the choice and guidance to realign with faith instead of doubt. This is because Sagittarius rules joy and optimism. Sagittarius is the sign of prophecy, higher learning, philosophy teaching, travel, and our inner guru. This season is about the bigger picture- aiming our arrows high towards the sky. Hitting our target, with focus and precision. We are being asked to think big and focus on what is possible. Our intuition and higher wisdom are leading us to our next adventure. Remaining open and allowing ourselves to let go of what has been weighing us down, will activate the natural Sagittarius vibration of joyful freedom. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius. This month is full of powerful transformations.

The solar new moon eclipse on December 4th has set in motion new beginnings in your self-development. You are no longer the same person, let people catch up to this new version of yourself. Your 12th house of spirituality, solitude, dreams, and rest is now activated. You are preparing for your birthday month, unplug, reset and listen to the messages that live in the silence. Your 11th house of dreams, wishes, collaborations, and friends is expanding. Networking potential is lucky for you right now, aim high and go for the prize. Your 10th house of career, profession, and recognition is being lit up. Your viewpoint in this area of your chart is expanding, you are awakening to the big picture of your true potential. Your 9th house of expansion, higher learning, travel, and spirituality is activated this month. Adventure and prophetic experiences are your messengers. Aim your arrow high, there is no room for limitations. Your 8th house of transformation, intimacy, other people’s money, and psychological healing are lit up. Time to dive deep and make friends with the shadow aspects of yourself. Be open to receiving. This month lights up your 7th house of romantic relationships, business partnerships, co-workers, and friends. Expansion in this area and a new mindset of how you show up with others is underway.

The Sun lights up your 6th house of work, health, and routine.

There is expansion and excitement in the possibility of new work ventures. Your health and routine must support your physical and mental well-being. It is time to expand your focus on this area.

The Sun expands your 5th house of fun, romance, creativity, and children. More excitement is activated in this area. Follow your heart and allow yourself to invite vitality into your life again. This month your 4th house of home, family, and emotional life is kissed by the Sun. Family healing and emotional uplifting experiences are activated for you. Spending time in your home can be just what the doctor ordered.

The Sun lights up your 3rd house of learning, communicating, and socializing. Your mindset on many topics is expanding, and your curiosity is at an all-time high. Follow the stirring in your soul.

The Sun lights up your 2nd house of money, self-worth, and security. Your mindset should focus on the big picture of your earning potential. You have financial opportunities increasing, let yourself be open to receiving. Yarusha Jimenez began her journey into tarot, astrology, and the occult at a very young age. A truth seeking Sagittarius with her sun in the 8th house , she possesses the deep transformative waters of scorpio, Yarusha has always been guided by her fiery instincts, deep emotion, and psychic abilities. Yarusha studied tarot with Lindsay Mack and completed her wild soul education. Yarusha works from her intuition, and creates a space for her clients where they can experience the gift of letting go. Yarusha studied tarot with Lindsay Mack and completed her wild soul education. Yarusha works from her intuition, and creates a space for her clients where they can experience the gift of letting go. She is self-taught in astrology and believes it to be the blueprint of your soul. As she has honored the wisdom of her natal chart and stepped into her charts vibration, she has become a channel who can communicate with guides. To book an astrology or tarot reading with Yarusha visit her at: You can find her instagram at @sistersofeastwick or @yarusha1111.

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