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Gen Z: the ‘No Nic’ generation

Gen Z: the ‘No Nic’ generation

The JAMA Network shows that between 1999 and 2017, Nicotine usage amongst high-school-aged youths decreased rapidly, as our knowledge of the long-term impacts of smoking grew, and fewer and fewer young people decided to take it up. And then, suddenly, between 2017 and 2019, nicotine use was on the rise amongst this group again after eighteen years.

But why?

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By Elise Leadbeater

The use of disposable vapes became popular in 2018, with their low prices and exciting colour schemes, and drew in young people quickly. Reusable vapes, which came about to aid smokers with quitting their habits, now make up less than 17% of vape sales in the UK, with disposable vapes making up 83% of these. With 16,392 vape outlets in the UK, the accessibility of these also appealed to young people.

With smoking dying out, jobs were to be lost and government revenue was to decrease. Now, however, the Conservative’s vape tax will earn the Government £40,000,000, which they allege will go towards the NHS.

The Government is using the addictions of the people to benefit themselves.

Sound familiar?

The long-term effects of smoking allegedly include lung cancer, heart disease, strokes and bronchitis.

The long-term effects of alcohol include liver failure, high blood pressure, and heart disease, not to mention a plethora of mental health problems.

Yet they’re still legal, and alcohol is even encouraged in Television adverts and magazines.

The Government’s revenue may explain this oversight. From cigarette sales, the Government made over £10,000,000 between 2022 and 2023, even while vape usage was on the rise. From alcohol sales, the Government typically makes over £10 billion annually.

And so, with movements like ‘Sober October’ and ‘SmokeFreeUK’, among others, how was the Government to make up for this financial loss? Disposable vapes.

Despite their many promises that disposable vapes will be banned, you don’t have to look far to see teenagers vaping outside shops, or spot packaging in the gutter, each box reading 600 puffs.

The fact is, the Government can’t afford to allow nicotine usage to become abolished, especially with Sunak’s new proposal to heighten the age restriction on purchasing cigarettes each year. Their greed is killing the public, and not for the first time.

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