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German Government Documents Obtained Under Court Order Reveal Covid Crisis Political Manipulation.

German Government Documents Obtained Under Court Order Reveal Covid Crisis Political Manipulation.

The release of heavily redacted German government documents obtained under court order by the German alternative media magazine “Multipolar” are shaking up German politics on the eve of the critical 2024 European Parliament election in Germany, scheduled to be held on 9 June 2024. The documents reveal COVID crisis policy interactions and deference by Robert Koch Institute (RKI) public health scientists to unnamed politicians. The RKI, which is the German equivalent to the US HHS Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have “blacked out” over 200 pages considerably and Multipolar are currently taking legal action against the redactions.

The over 1,000 pages of these German language redacted documents can currently be downloaded from this website.

The following article with the story was originally published by Dr Malone

Despite extensive redactions (ergo censorship) in the currently released documents, one key fact which has been revealed is that politician(s) overrode RKI scientists and physicians to enact mandated but counterproductive COVID public health policies. The identity of these politicians were redacted, but they may reside within the German government, or may be from the superior European Union (which can and often does overrule the semi-autonomous German Bundestag).

Separate disclosures have revealed what appears to be insider dealing with mRNA vaccine manufacturer Pfizer (“Pfizergate”) by Ursula von der Leyen, who has served as President of the European Commission since 1 December 2019, following nomination by the European Council and election by the European Parliament. A lawsuit to force disclosure of the hidden negotiations and communications between Ursula von der Leyen and Pfizer is currently pending in Belgium.

Neither the European Parliament, the European Council nor the President of the European Commission are directly elected by the general European populace.

A major political shift in the composition of the European Parliament may occur consequent to the 2024 European Parliament election, with the increasing electoral strength of populist parties throughout Europe posing a threat to the continued dominance of the left wing coalitions (increasingly far-left socialists) which have controlled that chamber for decades. Such an outcome could result in more widespread disclosure of collusion between pharma, corporatist and globalist financial longer range planning and interests with the various EU political structures.

There is evidence indicating collusion to implement totalitarian policies such as the lockdowns, vaccine passport/green card system, and legal restrictions which were mandated for most Europeans during the COVIDcrisis. All cause mortality data indicate that EU Nations which did not fully comply with these arbitrary and capricious policies (such as Sweden and Romania) had the best COVIDcrisis outcomes, raising questions of political consequences for those governments that aggressively complied with EU and WHO-promoted totalitarian policies.

Electoral ascendency of multiple European populist political movements and parties is seen as a threat to the stability of the European Union experiment, a variety of globalist organizations, and by extension is seen as a threat to the North American Treaty Organization (NATO). In other words, in some European and domestic US circles, the public release of the RKI document trove- particularly in un-redacted form- is seen as an existential threat to both EU and NATO.

Not surprisingly, the topic of the new court-ordered RKI disclosures and the information already revealed is not being covered in American legacy media, and to date has also been largely ignored by North American alternative media. The situation is eerily reminiscent of the silence of US legacy media in response to the US Federal court ordered release of Pfizer documents relating to the COVID mRNA “vaccine” product marketed by that company.

The Robert Koch Institute or RKI is essentially the German government equivalent to the US HHS Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For further context, the German Paul Erlich Institute is structured and functions much like the US HHS Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and both are often relied upon by the European Union/Parliament political structure to provided CDC and FDA-like functions for the EU. In this context, RKI interacts closely with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). RKI and ECDC also cooperate closely with the US HHS CDC and WHO, as does the Chinese CDC. All of these institutions exchange information concerning infectious disease threat assessment and public policy recommendations, and during the COVIDcrisis ignored previously established public health norms to implement policies aligned with those advocated by the CCP and Chinese CDC. Unresolved is how this happened. The RKI disclosures support the hypothesis that these abrupt policy revisions were driven by a political influence campaign rather than by carefully deliberated scientific and medical considerations.

According to a German government website, the Robert Koch Institute (founded in 1891) is dedicated to the investigation and prevention of infectious diseases. Today, the institute is also responsible for nationwide health monitoring – the collected data is included in the health reporting of the federal government. Furthermore, the RKI collects and interprets epidemiological data communicated to the institute as a result of the Protection against Infection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz, IfSG). Its scientists conduct research in infectious disease epidemiology as well as sentinel surveillance projects. They support the federal states in outbreak investigations and pandemic preparedness and reaction. In addition, it assesses the health implications for the general public and works on preparedness and response for such incidents. Around 1,500 people including 700 scientists are working at the RKI in seven departments and more than 50 units, project and junior groups.

In addition to its work in forcing disclosure of RKI communications with unnamed government officials regarding arbitrary, capricious and unscientific COVIDcrisis policies concerning mask use, lockdowns, and mandated genetic “vaccination”, RKI has also focused on the propaganda and PsyOps campaign which was deployed to convince and functionally hypnotize the German population to accept these counterproductive policies. This was well covered in a March 24 article titled “Corona measures: Government advisor admits questionable methods. Sociology professor Heinz Bude: Obedience achieved through a “science-like model” / prediction about future “coercion” against people “who have different information”, in which the journal published the following summary, which mirrors propaganda and PsyOps campaign “logic” observed across western governments including the US Federal government during the COVIDcrisis:

The Kassel sociologist and former advisor to the federal government Heinz Bude explained in a debate that at the beginning of the Corona crisis he used questionable communication methods to bring the population into line with the government. “We had to find a model to create willingness to follow that is a bit like science,” said the sociologist on January 24th during a panel discussion at the University of Graz. Together with other social scientists, Bude advised the federal government during the Corona crisis. One of the tasks of the group in the Ministry of the Interior was to prepare government decisions and justify them scientifically.

The model in question was based on the slogan “Flatten the Curve,” explained Bude. This is not a scientific model, it just looks like it. The advisory group “didn’t invent it themselves” but “stole it” from a journalist. This model convinced people to take part in the Corona measures by telling them: “If you are well disciplined, you can change the curve,” explained the sociologist from the University of Kassel. Bude was also known as a co-author of the so-called “panic paper” – a Corona strategic plan from the Ministry of the Interior. The group of authors, led by State Secretary Markus Kerber, recommended, among other things, shocking children with communication of guilt and fear.

In the future, Bude expects further “singular crises” such as wars or pandemics, in which governments would have to “take action on individual behavior” again. You will then have to exert “coercion” on people who say they have different information. This coercion is legitimate. Bude gave the example of evacuations during extreme weather events. The crucial question is whether this change in individual behavior towards collective compliance is even possible in a liberal-democratic society. Bude raised the question of whether “fear communication” could be used for this purpose.

As early as 2022, Bude explained in a sociological journal why he recommends fear communication in crises, the daily newspaper “Die Welt” reported . (March 22) “Coercive measures such as curfews, school closures and social distancing” could only be introduced in democratic societies if governments “imagine some images that exploit people’s trust in science and scientific models, so that people themselves a kind of insight into the scientifically justified need for action,” the Welt article summarizes Bude’s position.

The Kassel professor is not alone among his colleagues in this thinking, the article continues. However, it is surprising that a sociologist like Heinz Bude with such a view of humanity made it onto an advisory committee of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Welt editor-in-chief Ulf Poschardt expressed his disbelief in a comment that “this fall from grace in science is still not really being dealt with.”

On March 20, “Multipolar” published an editorial summarizing the current situation. Suffice to say, if this alternative media outlet succeeds in forcing more complete, unredacted publication of the RKI document trove, the consequences for the upcoming EU Parliament election and EU political stability are unpredictable.

Not surprisingly, German corporate media is currently attempting to smear “Multipolar” by linking the publication and founders to a putative but undocumented Russian influence campaign. The “Multipolar” editorial published below for the first time in machine translated English provides a succinct summary of relevant events to date.

It will behoove voters from throughout Europe, the United States, and the Five Eyes Alliance Nations (US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand) to closely monitor what happens next. Those concerned with personal and national sovereignty, and with the creeping techno-totalitarianism which characterizes current times can learn much from what happened in Germany as well as the reaction of the German people to learning the details of how these arbitrary and capricious actions were imposed on them.

More than a thousand passages blacked out: Multipolar publishes the original RKI minutes that have been sued

The protocols of the crisis team of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which our magazine released, are now being made accessible to everyone. The more than 200 documents have been blacked out to a considerable extent by the RKI. We are currently taking legal action against the redactions. We invite all interested journalists to take part in the research.

EDITORIAL, March 20, 2024

As Multipolar has already reported based on the previously kept secret papers , the tightening of the risk assessment from “moderate” to “high” announced by the RKI in March 2020 – based on all lockdown measures and court rulings on them – was, contrary to what has previously been claimed, not based on a professional assessment of the institute, but on the political instructions of an external actor – whose name is blacked out in the minutes.

For a further thorough evaluation of the more than 200 protocols with a total volume of over 1,000 pages, the cooperation of additional journalists and researchers is now required. The logs cover the period from January 2020 to April 2021, as our Freedom of Information Act request on which the subsequent lawsuit was based was made in May 2021. The request was:

“In accordance with § 1 IFG, Art. 10 ECHR, we hereby request, by name and in the attached power of attorney (…), access to all information in the form of copies, regardless of its embodiment,

– All minutes, agendas, lists of participants and other notes of the RKI Corona Crisis Team since its founding – according to the RKI on January 6th, 2020 – until April 30th, 2021;

– All documents, notes and correspondence (except drafts) from the authority that deal with the planning and convening of the crisis team in advance of the first meeting;

– In particular, all documents and notes (except drafts) that deal with the change in the risk assessment on March 17, 2020 from “moderate” to “high”, including correspondence within the RKI and between the RKI and the Federal Ministry of Health and, if applicable, other authorities the federal government.”

After no response and the filing of a lawsuit, a long tug-of-war ensued between our lawyers from the Partsch and Partner law firm and the RKI lawyers from the Raue law firm . After numerous written submissions from both sides were exchanged with the Berlin Administrative Court, in February 2023 the Administrative Court warned the opposing side to bring the processing to an end and announced that it would probably fully uphold the lawsuit because the reasons for exclusion had not yet been explained in detail.

The RKI then presented the protocols heavily redacted in April 2023 – apparently also to avoid a court ruling. It is estimated that more than a thousand passages were blacked out. The Raue law firm sent a more than 1,000-page PDF document in which each of these redactions is justified – mostly in formulas.

The redactions go so far that even the simple participation of Health Minister Jens Spahn in a crisis team meeting is sometimes concealed (minutes from February 3, 2020, redaction of the first name on the list of participants), although even the ministry itself recorded his participation at the time (with a photo). Twitter made public .

In July 2023 we filed a lawsuit against the redactions. The RKI’s lawyers insisted to the court in September that it was appropriate, to which our lawyers responded in November. The other side objected again in December. In January 2024, the court finally announced a date for the oral hearing and taking of evidence. This is scheduled for Monday, May 6, 2024 at 9:30 a.m. in the office building of the Berlin Administrative Court, Kirchstraße 7. (file number VG 2 K 278/21)

Our editorial team had originally planned to wait until the court had made a ruling before publishing the minutes. However, after the court date was announced earlier this year, we decided to bring forward publication. We hope that the court will decide in the interests of the greatest possible transparency, so that, at best, the less or no longer redacted minutes will be available in May – which would be seen as an essential step towards further, long-overdue processing of the corona crisis.

Until then, we invite all interested journalists and researchers to review the material thoroughly and share their findings.

Source: Dr Malone

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