God Was Banned By Facebook For Asking For Healthcare & Education

Popular satire page ‘God’ has garnered more than three million followers for its unique and cheeky approach to Christianity.

Its controversial viewpoints include support of homosexuality and criticism of Donald Trump, and fans of God often praise it for its viral, funny, and progressive posts. God made a post, both on its verified Facebook page and on Twitter, during congressional Republicans’ move to repeal Obamacare, asking Americans to “stop making your military so damn huge and [instead] give people medicine.” Two days after suggesting that the United States fix parts of its healthcare and education, God was dealt a harsh and unexpected hand from Facebook with a 30-day ban. God, as Facebook surely knows, is a controversial page whose platform often incites, along with conversation, rage from those who believe its very existence is disrespectful to their religion. After news of the ban, the astonished creator of God decided to post about what happened, but Facebook stepped in again, banning the creator not only from posting on the God page for 30 days, but also from posting anywhere else on Facebook, too.

They weren’t allowed to comment or post anywhere on their personal page, or any friends’ pages. “I posted this opinion on the day it was announced that Obamacare will be defunded and 24 million people will lose their healthcare,” the site’s creator said. “The opinion goes viral, gaining over 100,000 likes and 15,000 shares. A few hundred people disagree with the opinion. Rather than move on, or even use the ‘angry’ reaction face, what do they do? They report the opinion as being offensive.” The creator noted that, though they are shocked that the ban is occurring, it isn’t the first time they’ve incited such fury. “This is not the first 30-day ban I’ve ever gotten so unjustly,” God said. “Obviously, it’s a machine algorithm. Obviously, my opinions are not for everyone. But I have just a much a right to speak My Mind as Orange Hitler does.” The creator also pointed out the irony of the situation, noting that the “same people who love that Trump speaks his mind on Twitter are the same people who freaked out about the Tweet I posted and reported it as offensive. Humans are sick and stupid and they make God go crazy.” The power Facebook has over free speech has undoubtedly created a controversial ethical grey area. Tech companies are no longer merely novelties in the world of news and politics; they have become one of the biggest sources of news for many Americans. Businesses depend on these social media platforms in many ways, and we have learned to view these companies as primary sources for connecting, learning, sharing, and generating revenue. And yet, the more power platforms like Facebook accumulate, the more corruption can slip between the cracks. We are dealing with a whole new level of censorship that is, in and of itself, creating controversy. It is crowd-sourced as opposed to being overseen by a small group. Opinions, such as those of God, are suffering at the hands of the offended masses, which goes against the grain of what Facebook, and similar sites, were founded on in the first place: free speech. .

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