“If You’re Losing Hope, You’re Not Doing Enough.” Wise Words From Actor Mark Ruffalo

Something I see on a daily basis while moderating comments for our Facebook page is people who have either completely given up hope, or people who never had any in the first place..

The sense seems to be that the issues we currently face are just ‘the way things are,’ and there’s nothing to we can do to change them. It is much easier to place the blame on others for society’s ills than it is to look inside and see what we can do to actually make a difference. Most people are quick to blame, but unwilling to look at themselves and accept responsibility for their own actions and recognize that we are all ‘part of the problem.’ But in the video below, actor and longtime activist Mark Ruffalo shares with us a powerful message: “If you’re losing hope, then you aren’t doing enough.” This is so true! In my line of work, I see change happening all around me, at all times. Because I’m immersed in positive and hopeful news, learning about various life-changing things that are happening around the world every day, I am hopeful for the future of our planet, but I could just as easily feel despair if I chose to focus only on the negative. Consciously choose to give your attention to stories that matter, to stories that uplift and motivate you, and you will act accordingly. Some people might think, Sure, it’s easy to have hope if you only ever focus on the positive, which is understandable, but the point here isn’t to ignore the negative issues that we have at hand, but rather to look at them and determine what purpose they serve and how we can help improve the situation or at least learn and grow from it. It may be cliché at this point, but as Gandhi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” This is no less true today as it was when he first spoke it, and it’s an important lesson to remember. If you walk around feeling hopeless, you are perpetuating a feeling of despair on the planet. What can you do right now to be the change? What small thing can you contribute to, what choices can you make, and how can you help someone in need? These are all important questions to ask yourself. As Ruffalo says in the video, “Set your intention on the way you see you want the world to be, and then keep living your life in a meaningful way for yourself.” Don’t underestimate your own power, and the influence your attitude and actions can have on those around you. See the world the way you want it to be and keep moving forward, always. As he says, “don’t feel despair, they want you to feel despair.” It can be really easy to get sucked into this feeling, but this place of inaction is exactly where the elite wants to keep you. Even though it may be difficult, focus on what is changing in the world, and the things we have accomplished. We have come a long way and a lot of really important issues have been brought to the surface in recent years. Giving up means they have won, and it’s exactly what they want. Don’t give up your power so easily. And in the words of Mark Ruffalo, “Just keep on keepin’ up!” Ask yourself, are you part of the solution, or are you part of the problem? Related CE Articles: 5 Ways You Can Actually Change The World Instead Of Just Talking About It 25 Simple Ways You Can Actually Change The World Much Love .

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