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Hamas is not Palestine, Who is benefitting from the Israel-Hamas War?

Hamas is not Palestine, Who is benefitting from the Israel-Hamas War?

Hamas is not Palestine.  Palestinians are not benefitting from a war with Israel, so who is?

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Hamas is not Palestine. Hamas is a terror group that rules over Gaza.  The last elections in Gaza were held in 2006 – 18 years ago.  If Hamas is so popular, why don’t they hold elections?

An opinion poll conducted in July showed that 62% of Gazans wanted Hamas to uphold the ceasefire, they did not want Hamas to start a war with Israel.  Hamas did the exact opposite.

Further reading: Polls Show Majority of Gazans Were Against Breaking Ceasefire; Hamas and Hezbollah Unpopular Among Key Arab Publics, Washington Institute, 10 October 2023

Who benefits from the Israel-Hamas War? In war, there’s a harsh reality that often remains unspoken: defence stocks and the defence industry reap substantial profits from conflict. It happened during the Ukraine war and it is happening again during the Israel-Hamas war.

The video above only covers some of the potentially many beneficiaries of the Israel-Hamas War.

In March 2006, during a House International Relations Committee hearing Representative Ron Paul said “Not too many years ago, both Israel and the United States helped create and encourage Hamas.”

In January 2009, during a House Session, Rep. Paul reiterated the origins of Hamas.   “Hamas, if you look at the history, you’ll find out that Hamas was encouraged and really started because they wanted Hamas to counteract Yassar Arafat,” he said.

He then explained that America then stepped in to encourage Palestinians to have free elections.  The Palestinians had free elections and elected Hamas.

“So first we [USA] indirectly and directly through Israel help establish Hamas.  Then we have an election that Hamas becomes dominant, then we have to kill them. You know, it just doesn’t make sense,” Rep. Paul said.

Further reading: Hamas was created by Israeli and US intelligence services to counteract Yasser Arafat, Ron Paul explains, Natural News, 12 October 2023

Fast forward to 2023 and according to Dr. Mathew Maavak, the latest Israel-Hamas conflict was either deliberately engineered or it was the result of a remarkable concatenation of security lapses.

Current affairs commentator Efrat Fenigson, a former Israel Defence Force (“IDF”) reservist, was among the first to concisely unpack the sheer improbability of a Hamas sneak attack on an ultra-secure Israeli border complex.

She raised questions and noted in her video published on 7 October: “Something is VERY WRONG HERE, something is very strange, this chain of events is very unusual and not typical for the Israeli defence system.”

When posting her video on Twitter, Fenigson referred followers to her Substack page where you can read a transcript of her video HERE.

Dr. Maavak noted that one of the effects of recent events in the Israel-Hamas war is that dissident Israeli medical experts, who once repeatedly condemned their government for endangering lives via untested covid injections, are now rallying behind the same regime that had supposedly perpetrated the “New Holocaust”.

Among other agendas potentially being quietly rolled behind the fog of war that Dr. Maavak noted is the global financial system.

Off-Guardian’s Kit Knightly agrees. A week ago, Off-Guardian published an article discussing how The Great Reset agenda is still moving forward behind the scenes, while the headlines are full of Israel-Palestine. “In its thirteen days of existence, the war itself has already pushed that agenda forward as well,” Knightly wrote on Friday.

Calls for the suppression of freedom of expression have sprouted up everywhere since the war started. Read more: Israel-Hamas “war” – another excuse to shut down free speech’.

Since that article was published 10 days ago, the campaign to suppress freedom of expression has gained momentum.  Knightly lists moves made by the European Union, China, USA, German and French police to escalate the culture of fear, making people afraid to express themselves or their political opinions.

Another move by agenda pushers has been in the field of facial recognition.

Similar changes in the narrative regarding facial recognition have occurred in Sweden and the UK in recent days.

“Nobody has said a word against it. Suddenly what was ‘Orwellian’ back in April is now – thanks to the latest war – totally fine,” Knightly noted.

Perhaps one of the most tragic things to have happened that Knightly noted is in independent media.

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