Hang In There
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Hang In There

There are some of us who see, clear as day, the manipulation and control in every way going on here on our planet..
Hang In There

There are some who are just beginning to awaken to this fact and some who are still locked in the version of reality the Dark Forces have created to blanket out power as a collective. No experience here is “better” or “worse,” it simply is. For those who are awake, and see this process unfolding as it is, know that it is going at the rate the collective chooses and it can change at any time. At times we may feel we are losing hope in our awakening and at other times we may see the speed at which it is happening. Either way, hang in through the tough times and just remember to be in the moment where we have full potential to create our future. For those of us who are just beginning to see, you are on an expansive journey and remember to stay open and allow information to present and unfold by following your intuition as opposed to your mind which has been heavily diluted and corrupted. Finally, for those who are still asleep to what is occurring, it is my hope that you can begin to look at information from a neutral standpoint. A standpoint that does not allow offence to be taken when something challenges belief systems that may be in place. Remember that belief systems are heavily limiting and there is nothing we should “believe” in. When you are asked to “believe” in something, this something is usually not truth and we should use our intuition, not our minds to follow the information. For all, soon enough we will be faced with a point of critical mass where we, as a collective, will make a choice as to what our future will be.

The choice is ou.

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