Have You Ever Dreamt Of Walking Into A Pop Quiz At School? Here’s What It Could Symbolize

Have you ever walked in on a pop quiz in your dream? Regardless of your age, you may still dream of walking into a classroom and realizing there’s about to be a test you didn’t know about.

Naturally, you are unprepared and most likely feeling panicked. Life is a never ending pop quiz. We are always being tested in a multitude of arenas of our lives. Whether it is work, social settings, family, or relationships, we are always learning and processing, but sometimes we just don’t have the answers. Taking a test in a dream means that you are evaluating your capacity to deal with some issue. Writing in dreams is very important because it denotes a program that is being written or rewritten, or is being queried about your hard wiring. Programs that are signified by writing in dreams are considered to be part of the main frame of your unconscious mind, so you might want to pay special attention to them. Any type of communication — phone calls, messages (written or oral), TV programs, texts, or even radio broadcasts all signify programs that are being either emphasized or rewritten, usually for the better. If you sit down to a pop quiz and aren’t even given the question, that means that you are completely puzzled and have no clue how to proceed with something in your life. You are at a loss as to what is expected of you, so how could you possibly figure out how to answer the unknown questions? In other words, you are clueless. Do you have the mechanics to answer the question in your dream? Are there pencil/pen and paper? If so, are you able to answer the question? If not, this means you are unsure of what is being asked of you in life. If you have a question, pen, and paper, but have no answer, it’s time for you to do your homework about some issue, because you need the information to proceed correctly. You need to research some area in your life so that you are better prepared to handle a situation. When writing in a dream you are basically either writing a new program or changing an old one, and your unconscious mind is trying to determine how able you are to proceed with that significant adjustment. Look about you: are there other people in the room taking the test? Are they relaxed? Or are they just as surprised by the unexpected test? If you are the only one surprised then this is an issue you are aware of only in your conscious mind. All the other test takers are just reflections of yourself presented to you by your unconscious mind. If everyone is alarmed then there is definitely some issue in your life that you need to take control of by being more informed. When you are handed the test are you surprised but not unduly disturbed by the pop quiz? This may mean something new has come into your life and you aren’t sure of how informed you are about it but are confident that you can wing it. You like to fly by the seat of your pants. Do you grab the test as if it were a challenge, sitting down and writing furiously and with satisfaction? Then you are in a state of your life where you are in a tenuous or new situation, a job, relationship, etc., where you are being called to task and yet you are sure of yourself and your ability to rise to the occasion. Most likely you are aghast. How could this be? No one said there was going to be a test?! Why am I even in a classroom? I graduated years ago! This is not only unfair but nerve wracking, how could you possibly know the answers? Where do you start? You are sweating bullets and that makes the paper damp and tear when you try to write on it with a nub of a pencil. This is wrong! And this is what your brain is communicate with you; you are out of your element. You are unprepared for life at whatever stage of life is being presented to you. If you are taking the test as if it were recent then you feel unprepared in your life right now. If you find yourself back in high school, grade school, or even back to child care, that is where this feeling of being clueless is being processed by your unconscious mind. Just a reminder, you are not being judged by your unconscious mind, it is simply letting your conscious mind know what it is processing right now so you can choose how to deal with it consciously. It may play out like this: You’re in high school, a pop quiz is being handed out in algebra, and everyone is puzzled and miffed. In this instance, your brain is gently reminding you that you might be going through a similar situation in life or it is just time to let that crap go and not carry it around anymore, even in your unconscious mind. Release and be free. Understanding your dreams is a very intimate type of self-therapy. Your unconscious mind is trying to say to you: “Hey you! You awake one! I just want you to know that we (the unconscious mind) are dealing with this issue. We’ve got it covered, but we thought you should know so we could work on processing this program on out of here together. It’s a floppy disc, an old program that doesn’t work for us anymore; we’re done with it and you should be too. I’ll update you later tonight!” I also recently wrote about what flying means in your dreams, what dreaming of sex means, and why you might be naked in your dream too! You can be more aware of the great unknown of your unconscious mind by reading my book Dream Analysis Handbook which helps you decipher that crazy dream you had last night or a dream you had ten years ago, so you too can let the processing begin. Aloha Oi .

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