Have You Seen This College Humor Video? There’s A Profound Truth We Can Take From It
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Have You Seen This College Humor Video? There’s A Profound Truth We Can Take From It

Have You Seen This College Humor Video? There’s A Profound Truth We Can Take From It

“You are a full on basic bro.” “You love bacon so much that you ruin it for everyone else.” “You probably rip on vegetarians?” These are lines from a funny and cleverly observant video by College Humor.

The short video is a piece of cultural satire responding to another video about the “basic bitch,” which outlined the “basic” personality many younger women strive to create for themselves. In this new video, CH draws attention to the fact that many males do the same thing. Wearing Ugg boots and “slutty” Halloween costumes, tweeting about Starbucks, and using typical catch phrases... these are just some of what College Humor outlined in their previous video about the basic female personality. In their new one, wearing backwards fitted caps, obsessing over bacon, having a crush on Emma Watson, and recalling how much you drank the night before are all typical characteristics of the average young male. Very true, but also very telling. Why do so many of us end up this way? In this context I’m referring to personality as being the basic traits we tend to pull together that then become our language, style, hobbies, social activity choices, and so forth. It’s what we choose to use to define ourselves at a physical level. Where does all of this come from and is it truly unique? You hear it all the time: “I’m doing this to express myself and my uniqueness.” But where did we get the idea to express ourselves in the manner we choose? Is it genuine, from what we connect with on a deep level? Or is it more of a surface level (ego) type choice where we are simply replicating what we are seeing out there? Are we just mimicking what we think is ‘cool’ or ‘in’ or ‘hip’ at the time? The reality is, most of what makes up pop culture and even many of the things we think are unique to our personality have simply been sold to us. Of course I don’t want to generalize and put this on everyone, but if we were to look at much of pop culture and how it affects many of us, we begin notice the emergence of certain trends. We begin to realize that most of the choices we are making are almost all coming from a form of mind control or suggestion. “I need to wear leggings with Ugg boots.” I need these new Hunter boots.” “I love bacon!” “I need to wear my hat backwards, wear flip-flops and cargo shorts,” and so on.

The reason why we are able to make these jokes and all recognize them is because we know it’s true. We know that droves of people are all doing the exact same thing because... it’s what they are told to do. To be clear this isn’t about judgment, it’s about observing the true profound message behind what these College Humor videos can offer us. If we choose, we can see this as an opportunity to reflect on certain questions, such as, “Where does my personality come from?” “Am I really expressing me uniqueness if I’m simply doing what everyone else is?” “Why am I even doing this in the first place? Am I trying to simply fit in? Is this who I really am or want to be?” “Is this even MY personality? My ideas? Or am I just following along with something?” The answers to those questions are yours and up to each of us individually to answer.

The only thing needed for this exercise to be effective is for us to observe ourselves with honesty and without judgement. I believe this is important because it will help us get in touch with our true selves just a little more – to understand who we really are, where our beliefs come from, how often we are programmed, and how we can step into being who we truly are. Getting to that place within ourselves is important because that’s where our passion comes from, that’s how we find out what we want to contribute to the world, and that’s where we find true sustainable peace and joy in our lives. Anyway, check out the video and have a laugh, but also see the profound truth behind what this video is really saying. .

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