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How and When Doctors Learned to Kill

How and When Doctors Learned to Kill

I suspect that there are still many people who not aware that what is happening now has been tried before – though, admittedly, on a smaller scale.

To understand how and when doctors learned to kill, we need to go back to World War II.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

The following essay is taken from Vernon Coleman’s brand-new book `Truth Teller: The Price’.

I suspect that there are still many people who, although aware that the so-called pandemic was a fake, and who are aware that the whole covid-19 fraud was part of something much larger (a complex and long-standing plot which I described in my book Their Terrifying Plan) are not aware that what is happening now has been tried before – though, admittedly, on a smaller scale.

To understand how, when and why we need to go back to the Second World War.

It is generally, and wrongly, assumed that Adolf Hitler devised the murderous ideology for which he is now most remembered: the relentless killing of millions of men, women and children who were considered to be too imperfect (in some judgemental way) to be allowed to live.

But the idea of mass sterilisation, which morphed into genocide, did not originate with Hitler or any of the leading members of the National Socialist Party.

The idea of turning eugenic theory into a practical mission to purify the German race originated with the medical profession.

It was, I’m afraid, medical doctors who came up with the idea of removing the weak from society – whether they be physically or mentally disabled or of the “wrong” religion. The “cleansing” of the German people was not originally or primarily a Nazi programme and it was not simple anti-Semitism. (The removal of Jews and gypsies was just one part of the purification process.)

It was doctors who encouraged the Nazis to regard disease as a purely social problem rather than a result of external influences such as infections, and it was German doctors who promoted an early and particularly toxic version of social credit. Those who were promoting the German eugenics programme didn’t simply kill people for not marching the correct way, giving the right salutes and singing the proper songs (all attributes which would, they seemed to suggest, imply a long and healthy life) but they also chose to kill anyone who didn’t look acceptable to them. Anyone whom they thought looked “odd” or “ugly” would be killed since if they got into the wrong beds they might endanger the purity of the species.

(There is no little irony in the fact that the German doctors responsible for this very particular form of genocide did not exactly look handsome or endearing. Most of them looked like ugly, scary versions of over-the-top baddies in a World War II film. You can see photos of some of the doctors in the excellent but chilling documentary entitled ‘Action T4: A Doctor under Nazism’.)

And what is frightening is that what happened in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s is now happening throughout the world.

The globalists, aided and abetted by the medical profession, are determined to rid the world of the elderly, the disabled, the weak and the mentally ill. And they are doing it more efficiently, more ruthlessly and more effectively than the German doctors who led Hitler and the Nazis into their programme of genocide.

In 1933, in Germany, the Nazis introduced a Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring. The law ruled that any person would be considered as hereditarily diseased if they were suffering from any one of the following diseases: congenital mental deficiency, schizophrenia, manic-depressive insanity, hereditary epilepsy, hereditary chorea (Huntington’s), hereditary blindness, hereditary deafness and any severe hereditary deformity. It was also decided that any person suffering from severe alcoholism may also be rendered incapable of procreation.

Deciding to kill lots of people was one thing, of course. Putting the killing into practice was something else and in Germany, before the Second World War, doctors who had been deeply influenced by the principles of eugenics spent much time trying to work out the best way to get rid of the disabled, the elderly and the weak, and they worked hard to try to find a solution which they could “sell” to Hitler, the rest of the medical profession, the nation as a whole and, most of all, themselves.

The doctors behind the mass slaughter wanted a self-righteous, medical answer to what they regarded as a huge threat – the existence of people whom they regarded as a drag on society; people who took rather than gave; people who were dependent on others and who cost a good deal to keep alive.

Many people (particularly the elderly and infirm) were killed by being starved to death. (This simple procedure has remained popular around the world for some decades. Visit any modern hospital and you will see elderly patients being starved to death.) In the end, they settled on using carbon monoxide gas to kill their “patients,” but in order to keep up appearances, hide what they were doing and, perhaps, to appease what was left of their consciences, they pretended that the gas chambers were part of a treatment process.

(This self-serving philosophy was followed when the deadly covid-19 vaccination programme was introduced. Doctors pretended that the vaccine was designed to provide protection against a deadly disease, although the evidence shows that the product appears to have been designed not to protect or to cure but to kill.)

The gas chambers were originally designed not as the infamous showers but as “inhalation rooms” where patients could inhale what they were told was a “medicinal” gas for their health. Special treatment rooms were set up where “patients” could be brought in by train and bus to be “treated.”

Immediately after their “treatment,” the bodies of the murdered patients would be incinerated and their ashes dumped in a nearby river.

Naturally, the Germans wanted to cover the costs of their enterprise and so they removed gold teeth and sent the gold off to the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland (“BIS”). The BIS then handed the money over to the Nazis. The doctors also removed the brains from the corpses and handed them to a neurologist to play with. I use the words “play with” deliberately since the “research” which was done produced no useful results.

Finally, the ruthless Germans had another money-making trick. They pretended that their “patients” were still alive so that they could claim from the State or from relatives for the cost of their medical care. The doctors and bureaucrats in charge of the killing proudly worked out how much money they were saving Germany by killing people who consumed rather than produced.

It is worth noting that the doctors working in this unusual field of medicine were very well paid and a few decades later, when the covid-19 vaccine was introduced, the doctors who agreed to inject their patients with the unproven, experimental product were also extremely well paid for the efforts – being paid far more per vaccination than they were being paid for other vaccines.

This ruthless search for racial purity led the doctors into looking for ways to eradicate all those – such as Jews and gypsies – whom they regarded as a danger to the purity of the Aryan race. This was, almost certainly, the first time in history when doctors had cold-bloodedly plotted to kill their patients, and it seems that even the Nazi high command must have been shocked for at one point, Hitler deliberately distanced himself from the programme (originally called T4 and later known by the code name 14F15). Even he was presumably alarmed by what the doctors were doing (or maybe he was merely alarmed by the public relations consequences of what he was doing).

Why have I bought this up? Why am I writing about this now?

The answer is that doctors around the world are now doing exactly what German doctors were doing in Nazi Germany. The only difference is that they are doing it more efficiently, more cold-bloodedly and on a much larger scale. The plan this time is not to kill off a few million people, killing them with gas, but to use a wide variety of methods to kill several billion in bulk. The German doctors who shocked even Hitler with their ruthlessness would be thrilled and delighted by the activities of the world’s medical profession today.

It is worth noting that at the Nuremberg trials, doctors were judged to be guilty of war crimes if they experimented on patients without asking and obtaining their permission. Since the covid-19 vaccine was and is experimental, all the doctors who gave the vaccine without telling their patients that the vaccine was experimental, and then duly obtaining their permission, were and are guilty of war crimes.

The above is taken from ‘Truth Teller: The Price’, now available as a paperback. Click HERE to purchase a copy.

Tomorrow, Vernon Coleman lists the ten ways doctors are emulating the Nazis and killing the innocent.

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