Managed Decline

Managed decline is a synonym to the managed deconstruction of the Occidental or Western society, its consumption based economical system and the vanishing of individual freedoms like freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of choice and others.

If the Irish government ratifies WHO’s Pandemic Treaty without holding a referendum, all hell will break loose

In 1987, the Irish Supreme Court ruled that the Irish government, as guardians of the Irish Constitution, could not enter into certain international agreements without a majority approval of Irish citizens through a referendum.  This ruling is famously known as the “Crotty judgement.” The World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”

Award-Winning Polish musician is cancelled for expressing her views on gender ideology

An award-winning Polish electronic and noise musician has found herself “cancelled” after speaking out against gender ideology. Polish musician Ewa Justka has been removed from performances and lost her teaching contract for showing support for JK Rowling and Professor Kathleen Stock.  As well as persecution in her professional career, she

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