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How the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Influences Media all over the World

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation has been investing more than 300M Dollars in media capture to buy positive criticism and promotion.

How the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Influences Media all over the World

It is not alarming anymore to see how any kind of misinformation is spread by the official News and Media Organizations. Misinformation about the Sars-Cov2 origins, about the Covid illness treatments too, misinformation about the Solutions available for Early Treatment, misinformation about the seriousness of vaccine adverse effects, about the actual numbers on these adverse effects, about the actual number of deaths. They lied both about the high number of Deaths caused by Covid19 and (currently they lie) about the low number of Adverse Effects or Deaths caused by the vaccines.

Apart from this kind of misinformation which creates an altered parallel perception, mainly designed to gaslight the natural ability of the mind to identify real facts, there is the deliberated shadowing of actions, that truly reveal the intentions of several actors and power brokers making the decisions for the recent Public Health Policies (initially).

Many Independent Journalists out there, have pointed out, the successful orchestration of fear mongering, using Media manipulation, the capture of Institutional power through the economic intoxication of Policy Making Agencies, the take over Governments, the demonification of all those State/Countries not following the recommendations and through the favoring of all those Private Companies, Public Institutions, Organizations or Governments who join and support them.

The following audio involves a conversation with Ian Davis, a Journalist from United Kingdom, author of the interesting articles Seizing Everything: The Theft of the Global Commons published at Off-Guardian. Davis has been following closely the endeavors of several actors strategically positioning their assets into beneficiaries of their increasingly controlled Policy Making Institutions.

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Or course, we all remember that:

When all the media speaks about the same things, repeatedly, and the discussion seems to be disappeared, when the dialogue converges into a unique argumentative line and everything else is a lay or just non sense, we are clearly being Propagandized.

Mark C. Miller

Some questions that may arise to all of us are - how is it possible - how can this happen - who is pulling the wires. Obviously there are Media tycoons that largely control the narrative even at an international scale of huge pressure in each individual country. Make sure that the motion factor for the current Mass Psychosis, which is increasingly cancelling the ability to reach rationality among people, is not sourced by unique centralized control. There are many power players. It seems several of those power players have joined their efforts on the "takeover" agenda. many interests among the different groups that control the media at a cultural level (cultures are transcontinental as we know).

Another reason for the truth outage taking place on our classy, largely audienced media, is the exchange of informational influence by economic assets (investments, taxing privileges, credit support). In other words, there are Private Actors (we assume the Government and the Security Agencies manage a large stake of the private media) which are able to buy what the media has to say about what the Private Actor wills to say.

James Dore is an  American stand-up comedian and political commentator. He is the host of  The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedy talk show on Social Media (rumble, youtube, rokfin) where he interviews guests of a political, economic, or scientific nature.

The following video, is the Bill Gates Caught Buying Positive News Coverage show from James Dore, aired 22 November 2021. Mentions clear details about what we are talking about.

Keep yourself grounded. Keep up the good work.


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