How to Be In The Moment Consciously vs. Mentally
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How to Be In The Moment Consciously vs. Mentally

How to Be In The Moment Consciously vs. Mentally

We hear a lot about ‘being in the moment’ and enjoying the NOW, but what does this actually mean? It seems as though there is a difference between understanding any given concept at the mind level versus truly putting it into practice at the level of being. So I thought why not simplify it all and run through some tips on how to achieve this? When it comes to “being in the moment.” Often times, when we claim or attempt to be in the moment, we can more so be focused on one thing mentally which we mistake for being truly HERE. Being in the moment allows you to be aware of everything that is happening around you. You are not dreading a future time or regretting the past, you are not lost in your mind or judging anything or anyone, you are simply aware. Unfortunately, this often comes with the connotation of being very spiritual and in essence lost in space. This cannot be further from the truth and I would like to clear this up right now.

The moment is where we are most natural. By this I mean, it is where we are void of destructive thoughts, judgments and instead open to all that is going on including allowing ourselves to utilize the full potential of the mind.

The moment can be an extremely powerful state of being as there you can find bliss, but is it also a place we can be in our every day lives while we are in school, at work or with friends? Yes. Misconceptions How to Find the Moment To provide an incredibly simple image of the moment, imagine a space with no noise, I don’t mean environmental noise, but noise that comes from the incessant voice we hear in our minds that has made you a slave to its thoughts. Here are some simple techniques to find the moment more easily in life and make it something you can keep doing easily. Understand that it does take work at first as we have become so used to thinking we are our thoughts. It wil take time to not allow our minds to continue using us all the time. One last thing, we all have different ideas of what it means or feels like to be in the moment, don’t get caught up on one idea of it, be open and try out various things to find the quite, peaceful state. .

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