How To Get Past The Feeling That Something Is Missing In Your Life
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How To Get Past The Feeling That Something Is Missing In Your Life

How To Get Past The Feeling That Something Is Missing In Your Life

There is a lot that goes on in life and through the mix of it all it can be easy to feel like sometimes something might be “missing.” This was a little difficult for me to learn in the beginning and I would like to share what I have come to understand about this. Maybe it will help you realize the same thing. Do you ever find yourself looking for something to make your life better? Do you ever imagine that if you had something or something was changed, it would make everything perfect? Maybe like getting a car, a boyfriend, a new friend, girlfriend, money, a job, play on a sports team, or a nice house? I can tell you right now, the only place the feeling of “something is missing” is coming from is within yourself.

There is nothing material or circumstantial that can ever be missing.

The truth is, whatever our experience is in each moment, is exactly what we need and what is perfect for us. Nothing is ever missing, nothing is ever wrong or needs to change. No change in physical circumstance will ever take away that internal search for more. This can be a cliche statement that gets thrown around quite often and so I thought why not bring some substance to it.

The simplest way to explain it is; have you ever thought to yourself: “Why is this happening to me? I don’t get it!” Only to realize a few months later that you had grown immensely from it as a result? There’s no doubting that we live life to experience. As we humans living on this planet, we are inherently here to grow as people and as consciousness. Without going too deep into what consciousness is, think of the idea of a soul; we are all souls here to experience and grow in order to learn more about who we truly are. You aren’t put onto an expansive playground for the sake of living and dying, there is a greater purpose to it all and deep down I feel we all know this. To put this all into perspective, ‘everything is perfect’ simply means that in our quest to learn more about who we are, we have experiences that teach us various things. Whether we experience what the mind perceives as a tough situation or one that is full of happiness, it’s all part of the spectrum of life. From the basic level of the mind it can be tough to see it this way, but as we step back and view the bigger picture, we can see the roles and “perfection” in everything that plays out in our lives. It’s always the perfect scenario for us to grow out of. Instead of feeling like a victim to circumstance, ask, why has this been created for me? The next time you feel like something is missing or you are not at peace with something in your life, just remember, it is exactly what you need in the moment, and nothing is missing. If it helps, take a moment and breathe to bring yourself back to a quieter state. Ask yourself, why is this being presented for me? What is being triggered in me? Why might I be mad or sad or looking for something to fulfill me? Be HONEST with yourself about it all. Being honest is a crucial step as it can be easy to push aside our feelings as something else when deep down it’s a feeling we need to address. Personal reflection is key here and don’t be afraid to do it! When you embrace the fact that everything is happening as an opportunity to grow, you can change your circumstances much quicker as you are embracing that growth. I have found that writing things out at times can be a great exercise to find out more about why I might be feeling lack or feeling like something is missing also. Shifting your perception to view life in this manner is a powerful consciousness shift that will not only expand your life but influence others as well. .

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