How We Can Change The World
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How We Can Change The World

In order to change this world, there are undoubtedly a few layers that we must come to understand.
How We Can Change The World

I would like to talk about one of these layers, one that I feel is undoubtedly the most important, but not commonly talked about. This layer is the programming behind all that we do.

These days it doesn’t seem to be a question of people wanting or not wanting to see the world change.

The consensus is virtually across the board, the world needs changing, and in all honesty, we are running out of time to create it. Many understand and know that the world is not what it seems. By that, I mean that things are not naturally progressing as we discover the best ways to do things on this planet. When we truly look at our world we can see the design in it. We can see the hand behind the curtain creating what it desires for its own benefit. What we have to begin to understand is where things start to go a bit deeper. We have all been greatly deceived on many things, but one thing more so than anything else. This grand deception is that we are all made up of only a mind and a body –that is it. We have our physical form, which we walk around in everyday, and our thoughts to keep us company as we do that.

The truth is, we are the consciousness driving this body and mind, and they are merely here to allow us to experience this planet. This statement is not some head in the clouds philosophical thought here, this is nothing deep or revolutionary. This is the very basis of our entire universe and this is being tangibly discovered more and more everyday. It’s not a question of theory here, we KNOW that there is consciousness behind everything. With this great deception –that we are a body and mind- underlying all that we do, we have been programmed even further by the powers that be -the hand behind the curtain. This is precisely why these powers can do what they do, and get away with it so easily.

They have designed the way we both think and respond, and they reinforce it daily. Why else and how else could they STILL be doing what they are doing? They always know our next move, they understand how we work, and how we think. Truly think about that. Sure many of us may believe we are awake, simply because we are able to see these powers in action. But aren’t we in fact still asleep until we are able to see beyond the way that they have and continue to program us? For example, when we learn about things that these powers do, do we instinctively find ourselves getting mad, angry, or better yet filled with the desire to fight back. Why do we react in this way? Because we have been programmed to do so. We have been programmed to fear our survival. When someone in our neighborhood tells us they don’t believe in the same things that we do, what do we do? We argue. We tell them they are wrong. We sometimes even dislike them as a result. Why is this? Because we have been programmed to respond in this way. To go even one step further, where do you think most of these beliefs we tend to disagree upon originated from in the first place? It was there creation -knowing that it would cause us to react in this way. Let’s take it even one step deeper. We understand that consciousness is behind everything. Which means we understand consciousness is what creates our reality. Well these powers only have the ability to control our body, mind and programming. So when we choose to act out of anger, fear, separation, judgment, etc. we are really only reinforcing the structure they have put in place. Think about it, if these reactions had the power to change the world for the better, then why has it continually gotten worse? Because we are still playing their game. Still responding in the way they programmed us to. Let’s make this very clear here. This is not being written to tell you to stop sharing the truth that you uncover. This is not being written to get you to stand down and watch as nothing changes. This is simply being written so that you can be truly effective in doing what you are doing. So that you can do what these powers truly fear, and that is wake people up, including those that already think they are awake. Awakening them to the realization of who they truly are, and the limitless power they have to assist in changing this planet. No elected official, structural change, protest, fight, policy alteration, or government removal is going to truly change what is playing out here. This goes well beyond government, money, and structural deceptions. This goes back to how we have been made to live. If we were to manage to take down the government then what? We are still programmed to separate, to fear survival, and to fight. Another group would simply step in and take control all over again. We need to remember who we are and start to see the programming that currently drives us now. We need to see that it is not who we truly are. Just as Neo said ‘No’ to the bullets at the end of The Matrix, causing them to fall to ground. We must do the same to the stories in our minds that make us act the way we do. Only then, will we be truly free. Peace You .

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