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Illuminati Exposed: Truth to Light

As you have become aware of the true reality that exists behind the curtain of shadow governments and consumerism, you become abundant.

Illuminati Exposed: Truth to Light

You have knowingly or unknowingly given your spiritual vision of love and truth to all those around you. It is time to speak with authority and take away the vale that has hidden humanity’s unity and connection to each other and planet earth. Take power and walk into the field of battle, it is a battle of ideas, it continues to be played within the 3rd and 4th dimensions of our current reality and density. This battle is being fought with real blood, real sweat, real tears, real gold, and real silver. Power, fear, freedom, facts, lies, activity, delay, light and darkness all play a part.

The next stage is all about economics and the strategy required to save humanity and the planet. Many battles have been lost by humanity to the dark masters of the elite.

They have taken major steps in creating division, hysteria, chaos and bondage over the global civilization.

The dark masters have created a polluted degenerate, unethical, unfair and dying civilization.

The illuminati continue to create a battle ground where none needs to be. Do not expect that the elite will simply give back the planet with all of its resources. Do not think that by being positive and attracting good thoughts and being in the right place at the right time you will avoid the harder tasks. You may if you wish turn and go to a higher dimension and disappear into the ethers. It is your choice, you know your immortality, your strength and your love, your timelessness your intelligence and your inner truth.

The question that causes you to stand still with your eyes open and your heart beating hard is, “am I a way shower?” You promised, chose and decided with the courage to find and lead those in the darkness to light, from slavery to freedom, from pain to joy, and from death to life. Go deep into understanding desire, power, and economics on the planet. Beginning over 5000 years ago this cycle of time began where in humanity founded western civilization. It began at the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The Garden of Eden. Here the village settlement in what became the first city of earth in the land of Mesopotamia was located just south of where Bagdad Iraq is located today. This area now marks the end of western civilization with an international and civil war being waged. 5000 years of progress is the beginning and the ending. Historically no empire has lasted longer than 200 years. America is wearing thin and holding onto Baghdad. Babylon was the first city to exceed 200,000 citizens. Baghdad is the origin, it is the first city to exceed 1 million citizens in 755BC and London was the first city to exceed 5 million in 1825. In 1925 New York became the first city to exceed 10 million. Civilization has moved its roots of Babylon all round the world. Commerce and cities are inter twined between social and communal ideology . Throughout time wars has been fought between cities in which the kings have plundered other lands for their resources of gold, property, and slaves. Times have not changed as the current kings have continued to create wars, and terror, then stand up as nobles before the docile controlled population and send them to fight and die for the cause of the day.

The general excuse for war is religion and race which is often an easy excuse for enslavement of the many by the elite. A sovereign individual has become a meaningless non entity.

The corporate civilization has taken through conquest, jurisdictional legal ownership of all rights and privileges over earths resources, and has enslaved humanity. A planetary invisible prison has been imposed as the dark vision of the elitists utilize religious indoctrination and subconscious economic programming to weaken and defeat the population.

There are two cornerstones of power within the elitists structure, first to separate through struggle with negative debt money, and secondly to confuse with mystical religious lunacy. Separation, arrogance and intolerance are cultivated to instill irreconcilable differences through fictional division between the classes, races, cults, countries, and societies. Through constant war violence and fear based negativity the soulless fictitious corporations elicit profit from the death industries. Those who are not killed for profit, are educated to be domesticated slaves, they are harvested as another product, for the benefit of the “bottom line” Your are here to enlighten the masses with the truth each is ready to hear. Each person on their own path must be treated with kindness and given the right words or seeds which will awaken them from the nightmare that is the negative economic system brought on by the illuminati.

The change is about bringing forth the truth that is, an expanding universe with resources that are abundant. We have a clear and wonderful environment to build our lives.

The disconnected spirits are confused, anxious, excited and very concerned about the condition of the planet and their personal lives. How do we implement this process of change? We can only communicated by whatever means we have available to us.

There will be misunderstandings as you move through the field of chaos.

The system of debt will fail, it has served its purpose, there are worries that we will fall into a totalitarian marshall law police state run by the corporation. This is a possible reality and will be experienced by those who give it power by pushing against it and creating conflict with the declining power. Those in the totalitarian position wish to keep it, and those without power want it. Move toward neither path, navigate toward unity and oneness. You cannot make these changes happen before they are ready , move toward your goals, this journey never ends, be patient. Your feelings are what guides you to your destination, if your feelings are filled with fear frustration and helplessness, then you are far from your destination. If you are filled with joy anticipation and empowerment then you are closer. Others are working with you, if you fear, you are moving away from others.

The dark masters, the illuminati, the elite, the Bilderburg, what ever name one chooses to recognize. Realize that they are being exposed with every step they take for all they have ever done to the face of humanity. Chose to stand up and work to change, by communicating. This battle was not bestowed upon those who are not ready for the truth. Play your part in freeing the planet, your time is now let your light shine. Love Andre H. Paris .

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