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Illusory Guilt

You are not destroying the planet.

Illusory Guilt

You are not a cancer to the earth that must be wiped out. You are not killing your neighbour, or your neighbour’s children, by not wearing a mask. You are not responsible for the death of untold millions because you didn’t get the vaccine.

Yeah, you are a heathen if you throw garbage out the window of your car. Yes, maybe you could do better as a steward of this planet and as a participant in the enjoyment of nature and the life sustaining resources it offers.

Yes, you (and all these “you’s” certainly includes me, folks) are overtaken by evil at times and run amok with your selfish bullshit and a few of you end up hurting, or helping to hurt, a lot of good folks as well as mucking up the planet.

But get over yourself. You are not going to destroy the planet. That is all propaganda. What you will end up destroying is yourself! There is no question about that.

But you are not big enough, powerful enough, ugly enough, or evil enough to destroy much of anything but yourself and maybe your children. You won’t even destroy humanity. Some of you may help destroy the human race, and a lot of innocent creatures to boot, but humanity will survive. Or, more accurately, humanity will survive if God wills it to. I would not blame Him, however, if He just gave up on us after this current fiasco.

So, let’s get back to the planet. Yes, much of the damage we are doing is real, but we are far from destroying this magnificent blue ball (oops, I mean “magnificent blue disk”—take your pick, I am an equal opportunity Earther).

The earth’s time perception is in millions of years—one million years is equivalent in earth’s perception as one day is to us (if that). The earth will most definitely survive—as mentioned before, it is WE who will not. Yet again we have been brainwashed to believe that we must “change our ways”—all for the wrong reasons—i.e., because we are destroying the world. We wear masks because if we don’t, we are destroying our fellow human beings.

(Another example I will focus on in a minute.) Strange that this odd, twisted sense of altruism has been made into a weapon. But it is deeper than that—it isn’t because we care about the planet, or care about our fellow humans, it is because we feel guilty, and we have been brainwashed to feel that way.

So, do you think I am saying we just shouldn’t give a rat’s ass about the planet, and continue to trash it like there is no tomorrow? No, I am not saying that, what I am saying is that we should be more responsible for the right reasons, not for some crap that is crammed down our throats as being the scourge of the planet and that we don’t deserve to be alive.

What are the right reasons? Love, Character, Responsibility, Stewardship, Decency, Respect, God, Belief in Ourselves, Empathy, Compassion—need I list more?

There are more reasons to cite. You, I am sure, can think of them. However, Guilt is not on the list.

Guilt is a self-serving emotion (or whatever you want to call it). Guilt happens when you feel badly about yourself, and the guilt persuades you to do something in order to no longer feel badly about yourself. We should do things because we know they are the right things to do, not in order for us to “feel better.” But isn’t that the mantra of our current culture? “Feel better”? “Be happy”? “Be safe”? On and on.

Remember, in a galaxy far, far, away, words like “character,” “morals,” “bravery,” and “virtue,”? Probably not.

So, it is easy to think that people who hang themselves with guilt from the tree they feel they have forsaken, are virtuous people. These are the people who really care, they are the ones who will do anything to save our planet.

Nope. I don’t think so.

They feel guilty.

And they were coerced into feeling guilty by the government, by the WEF, UN, and WHO, by the likes of Greta Thunberg and a scad of others operating within the agenda. Guilt, guilt, guilt. Again, I am not saying we should ignore these problems, and some of them are indeed very real, but we must tackle them for the right reasons, not because we have been guilted into it.

The frenzy over climate change is probably the most obvious example of what I am talking about here. There certainly is a problem with human pollution. But are humans really responsible for what we are told are radical changes in temperatures and global sea levels?

I am not going to go into this issue here, as most of you I am sure are quite familiar with the hype being shoveled out regarding climate. But who’s to blame for all of this mayhem if it were as the agenda claims it to be? Us, of course.

It is that plastic bag we didn’t recycle, or the gas guzzling car we drive to our measly job every day, or the farting cows we like to eat.

Interesting how so little attention is paid to the millions of tons of industrial waste dumped into our rivers and oceans by the mega corporations out there, or the radioactive sludge dumped into the Pacific by you know who, or the jet setter’s jets flying to meetings here and there to discuss what other guilt that can be dumped on the billions of useless eaters who are all, surely, responsible for this mess.

And then, of course, we have the guilt over potentially killing grandma (and everyone else) with our nasty Covid germs. So, let’s mask up because we feel so guilty. Since we are guilty of killing the planet with our humanness, we are certainly guilty of spreading a nasty contagion from our filthy, guilty, bodies.

Even if we are certain we have no disease, or even certain that the masks do nothing to block the muck spewing forth from our open orifices, we will still respond to our guilt for being so disgusting. Wear that mask, you pariah, it is the least you can do in response to your hideous guilty self.

And when the jabs came out? Same story. Rid yourself of your reprehensible repugnance through vaccine purification. Pay your debt to your fellow human beings and to the world by sterilizing your humanness and turning into a nano-bot, synthetic DNA, transhuman.

That really is the only way you can dispel yourself of the horrible, mind-numbing guilt you have for being alive. You maggot. You despicable, deplorable, useless eater.

So, if you believe that, go back to square one and start realizing again who you really are—a human being made in God’s image—the embodiment of love.


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