Incredible Journey of 3 Years!
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Incredible Journey of 3 Years!

June 15th marked 3 full years of Collective Evolution.
Incredible Journey of 3 Years!

Starting back in June of 2009, we had no idea where we would be 3 years from now with this! To tell us that we would have 3 documentaries under our belt with another one in the works, a worldwide following and be holding live events, we probably would have said.. “Ya right.” It’ been an awesome journey! Another very exciting piece of news came in on CE’s bday. We received word from the Culture Unplugged: Spirit Enlightened film festival that we had won the festival for our second documentary! It was such an awesome email to receive on the day that marked the 3rd year of this unbelievable journey that we have had and on that note we want to take the time to thank everyone who supported the making of The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience and who helped support the film in the festival. All of our efforts together brought us an unbelievable amount of exposure and a great opportunity to receive future funding for our work! Thank you all so much! As we continue forward in this awesome journey we turn our focus to our third documentary as well as The SHIFT Project. Doing both of the those projects, continuing to grow within our own lives as well as continuing to offer assistance to others will be our focus for 2012. We have some awesome ideas coming up for our next documentary, which is called The Collective Evolution III: The Shift, and we look forward to journeying through this one and keeping you all up to date with how it is going! Maybe this next documentary will have even more out reach than our last two!! Once again we want to thank everyone for all of the support and we appreciate everyone who has been a part of our work! An exciting journey still lies ahead! In many ways.. we have only just begun! .

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