New CE3 Documentary Update! Hitting The Road!
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New CE3 Documentary Update! Hitting The Road!

New CE3 Documentary Update! Hitting The Road!

Filming for our newest documentary The Collective Evolution III: The Shift is set to begin very soon! We have scheduled some very exciting interviews with some great speakers and there are many more to come. Given the nature of this documentary and the subject matter we want to cover, it is very important that we get these interviews to help tell the story of what is happening on our planet and ultimately what we can begin to implement to get some solutions going.

The Collective Evolution III: The Shift is a documentary that will explore a shift that appears to be taking place within society. Many people are beginning to wake up to new ideas and new ways of living and are realizing that what we are currently doing doesn’t feel right anymore.

They are calling for a transformation of our societal structures and are looking for new ways of living.

The question is does humanity understand itself and it’s natural state enough to begin making these changes effectively? It is clear our consciousness and way of thinking must change before we can begin tackling change in our external world.

The documentary will explore this change and reveal not only practical energy, societal, technological and conscious solutions that we can begin doing internally and externally, but it will also set out a plan to bridge the gap from our world today to one of freedom and expansion. We will be hitting the road from about late July to late August or early September to get the interviews we need for this documentary. Our current route starts us off from Toronto, Ontario and heads west to BC gathering interviews along the way. From BC we will then head south to California where we have more to get. From Cali we continue south to Arizona and New Mexico for a couple more. From New Mexico we begin making our way back east to New York to grab our last of US interviews and then from NYC we head back towards Toronto where we will be getting a couple more.

The key costs of this trip are basically the cost of travel and staying out on the road for this period of time. We have estimated and calculated the cost of gas to be around $1800 for the trip with further costs in food, car maintenance and some misc equipment like hard drives and memory cards. Because we will be sleeping in the back of our vehicle, we save pretty big on lodging costs to help make this possible