Is a World of Peace and Harmony Really Possible?
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Is a World of Peace and Harmony Really Possible?

Is a World of Peace and Harmony Really Possible?

I title this not to create the possibility of creating a negative look as to whether this type of world is possible but more so to get us to ask the question to ourselves “what is telling us it is not possible?” I know, and can see that when we look at the world today it is sometimes discouraging to think this can be possible. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t always as clear and sure this type of world could come about but that doesn’t mean I didn’t always have that spark inside of me. When I look back at myself growing up I can still see the feelings I had towards this world thinking “we made all of this up so we can change it.” Also having the feeling inside of me that no matter what path I chose in life I would “be ok” once I got older. At the time I may not have known fully what that meant nor did it change all of the decisions I made but it was always there and I always felt it would come into play one day. As I got older and into my 20’s that feeling really expanded. Here I am almost 25 and I can tell you both from what I clearly see as the future as well as what I have experienced over the past 4 years that a world of Peace and Harmony is not only completely 100% possible but it has existed here and is our natural state. I don’t intend this article to be one that will look back at the past and show how we can go back there but instead it will look at the now, what I have experienced and what is possible if we simply begin to think outside our current programming. By that I mean, how we have come to define ourselves and what it means to be a human on the planet. For over 3 years myself and some friends have been doing a project called Collective Evolution. You may have heard of it.. if you haven’t look at the address bar on your browser cause you are currently experiencing it! Collective Evolution came about as we realized we wanted to do something that was not for us as self but for us as all of humanity. We wanted to offer a support mechanism and resource for others to shift their own consciousness just as we shifted ours. CE is and was never about US. It’s always about the message and assisting humanity. Why do I share this? Because we did not always think and see the world exactly the way we do now. To be more clear, and I will now speak for myself, I did not always do everything as it related to the betterment of all.

There were times when I would make decisions, do things in this world, and plan things as they were for my own personal development and not something that was beneficial to all. This is not to say I acted overly selfish or even that now I am only doing things from a point of view where its only good for everyone else, but how I live my life now and what I am seeing others doing is very different that how I was in the past and how many others were in the past. Before the mind begins to say “Yes but Joe, things change and people change, big whoop!” You are right, things do change, and people do change, but for a moment feel how different this is right now. We are not looking at the industrial revolution or the bringing in of a new president. We are looking at the removal of separation, greed, power, fighting, control, survival mode etc etc. And we are beginning to see this! Not only can I speak from my own consciousness shifting as I have journeyed the past 4 years of my life looking at how my ego responds, how I have been programmed and letting it all go to open myself up to a world that is completely different. But I have also seen it happen is so many other people. With the work we do we have had and come in contact with countless individuals who are all willing to offer their assistance and service not because they have the same beliefs as us because really there are no beliefs involved, but instead because they have and feel this new consciousness coming in.

They feel, just as we do, that we are moving into a time of peace and harmony. One where we do not see each other as separate entities that all need to build for their own indivdual life but instead to expand as a whole and enlighten ourselves as a whole. 27 people all met up in a room last night to discuss this shift, this new consciousness and how we are all feeling this together. It was clear and discussed during that gathering that we are all feeling the same thing through this journey and that is that we are embracing and moving towards a world of peace and harmony because we are deprogramming ourselves and simply returning to our natural state. This is who we truly are. So if this world seems hard to picture, hard to believe that it’s possible, take a look around and ask yourself why not? Talk to others and see how they feel. Don’t be afraid of people and talking about these subjects as many more are feeling this than you may think. Finally, if you think its not possible or that “human nature” says otherwise, ask yourself “What does it mean to be a human on the planet? Have I defined myself by this? Have i defined myself by my gender and do I play a certain role because of it? Does any of this truly hold truth?” Do this with and open mind and you will quickly see that we have made all of this up and we can change it the moment we become aware of it all. .

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