Is Our Government Truly Serving Our Best Interests?
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Is Our Government Truly Serving Our Best Interests?

Hello readers! A few months ago this article was given to me by my girlfriend’s mother, as she had seen it in our local health food store.
Is Our Government Truly Serving Our Best Interests?

Now, I have heard of the Codex Alimentarius plan to shut down sources of natural foods and vitamins as well as stories that this was happening but it was much more eye-opening to me to see it happening in my own backyard so to speak. Many think that Canada is a humble country and very serving to it’s citizens, but we have to pose the question...Is our government truly serving our best interests? Check out this article and see what surfaces for you. Clearly after reading the article it’s obvious that the Canadian government is conducting unlawful raids, but why? Why would Health Canada want to suppress natural forms of medicine? It’s not because of profit as many may think. It’s also not because it’s dangerous to public health. It’s simply about control. Health Canada is an organization that regulates what types of medicines and procedures are being taken for public health measures.

They have an agenda to keep people dumbed down and sick. Why? Because unhealthy people are easy to control and manipulate. Health care is another example of how backwards everything is on Earth.

Their agenda is the exact opposite of what we are led to believe.

There are loads of various natural cures and remedies that humanity could be using to treat illness and raise public health but they are kept secret by our governments so that we don’t wake up to the truth of the corruption and manipulation at hand and the power that we truly have. For people who may be skeptical of the natural remedies being effective, think about this question...If these products were truly harmful and didn’t effectively help people, why haven’t they made it public knowledge and sent out mass warnings? Why is it that these raids are being conducted in secrecy and in unlawful ways? It’s because their claims can’t be backed.

They are false claims and they really have no proof of natural remedies being dangerous to public health. If you really do your research, you’ll realize that regulated medicines and medical procedures that we endure and accept are the true dangers to our health. All I can say is that desperate times call for desperate measures...The control system is collapsing and they are becoming quite desperate in keeping their control alive. But of course, the governments of the world have never abided by the laws they put in place for the masses anyway. This is nothing new, it’s just now becoming more publicly profound as we are awakening and taking the steps to move forward in the global consciousness shift.

The important thing to understand is that this isn’t something we need to judge. It’s simply something we need to be aware of and it’s awesome that this stuff is all coming to the surface as it is giving us an opportunity to move forward greatly within the human experience. As we become aware of what is truly playing out on the planet we can come to the understanding that we have the power to change things as we wish and that the current structures and government that are in place don’t have to be there. If it’s not truly serving the whole of humanity is it really worth playing with anymore? We could eliminate all poverty, disease, war, etc. just by changing our belief systems in how we believe we need to function as human beings on the planet. We’ve been going about our daily lives not really questioning many things like “why are things the way they are?” But with articles like this, more and more people are sharing their truth, things are shifting beautifully! Feel free to share this article if you wish