Is The Honey You Eat Actually Honey? Study Shows it May Not ‘Bee’
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Is The Honey You Eat Actually Honey? Study Shows it May Not ‘Bee’

Food Safety News(FSN) has compiled an investigation that shows the majority of honey found in grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants and big box stores do not contain any pollen.
Is The Honey You Eat Actually Honey? Study Shows it May Not ‘Bee’

Without pollen, it is not real honey! When we go into the store looking to find honey we often see these bottles shaped into cute bears that are so willing to share their honey on your favorite food or in your favorite drink. But is it because they know its not real honey that they are so willing to share? FSN used Vaughn Bryant, one of the leading melissopalynologists, otherwise known as experts in identifying pollen in honey, and director of the Palynology Research Laboratory at Texas AM University, studies over 60 products labeled as “honey” that had been purchased by FSN from ten states and the District of Columbia. Of all products labelled as “honey, Bryant found that 76 percent purchased from major grocery store chains, and 77 percent of samples purchased from big box chains did not contain any pollen. If that wasn’t crazy enough, “honey” samples taken from drug stores and fast food restaurants revealed that 100% of them contained no pollen! This means none of the products tested labelled “honey” found in fast food restaurants and drug stores are honey! Full report can be found here According to FSN, the lack of pollen in most conventional “honey” products is due to a process these products go through called ultra-filtering. This means the products have been intensely heated, forced through extremely tiny filters, and potentially watered down or adulterated in some way before they are packaged and sold to stores.

The process of ultra filtering also removes all medical benefits honey can have for the human body.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) holds the position that any so-called honey products that have been ultra-filtered are not actually honey. But the FDA agency refuses to do anything to stop illegitimate “honey” from reaching stores across North America.

The FDA also continues to stonewall all actions, like petitioning, from establishing a national regulatory standard for verifying the integrity of honey. .

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