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Is The Writing on the Wall for Netanyahu?

Is The Writing on the Wall for Netanyahu?

Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to apologise on Sunday for accusing his intelligence chiefs of failing to warn him about the threat of a large-scale attack by Hamas. In a statement posted on Twitter in the early hours of Sunday and now deleted, Netanyahu said: “At no time and no stage was a warning given to Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding war intentions of Hamas.

His comment has caused a political uproar and a rift within the war cabinet of Netanyahu, who has drawn public ire for not taking responsibility for intelligence and operational failures relating to the “surprise attack” on southern Israel on the 7th of October.

Netanyahu deleted the tweet posted at 2am that held the security services responsible for the security failure in predicting the attack, however, the Israeli Prime minister surely knows that the internet keeps receipts. The now-deleted tweet.

Netanyahu Crossed a Red Line

While top officials – from the heads of the military and the Shin Bet domestic spy service to his finance minister – have all acknowledged their failures, Netanyahu has not, but merely said that there would be time to ask tough questions, including of himself, after the war (source).

Benny Gantz, a former defence minister who is part of Netanyahu’s cabinet, urged him to retract his comments. “When we are at war, leadership must show responsibility, decide to do the right things, and bolster the forces in a way that they can carry out what we demand of them,” he said.

Netanyahu’s initial comments were promptly rebuked by current and past allies, including Benny Gantz, a former defense minister who is now in Netanyahu’s war cabinet who said on X that Netanyahu should retract what he said and let the matter go. “When we are at war, leadership must show responsibility, decide to do the right things, and bolster the forces in a way that they can carry out what we demand of them,” added Gantz.

The tweet also irked opposition leader Yair Lapid, who was formerly prime minister, said Netanyahu “crossed a red line” with the overnight post. “The attempts to evade responsibility and place the blame on the security establishment weakens the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) while it’s fighting Israel’s enemies,” he said.

Yossi Cohen, who headed the Mossad spy agency under previous Netanyahu governments, told Israel Radio: “You take responsibility from the beginning of your job, not from the middle.”

“I Was Wrong,” says Netanyahu

Netanyahu realising what he had done the night before, deleted the tweet that had been visible for ten hours on the X platform, and posted again this time apologising: “I give full backing to all the heads of the security branches.”

He Got All The Warnings

POLITICO Magazine conducted an interview via Zoom over two days last week, with Amos Yadlin, a former Israeli intelligence chief which was published on the 24th of October, therefore not in response to Netanyahu’s late-night tweet.

Yadlin who has emerged as a key voice on the crisis and briefs members of Israel’s war cabinet according to Politico, is now also offered a useful window into official Israeli thinking on the escalating war and attributed much of the blame for the current catastrophe to the national distraction of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s push to overhaul the country’s judiciary.

“There were nine months that Netanyahu pushed Israel into a domestic crisis that took all the energy of everybody. The attention of Israel was inside and not outside” he explains and claims that in fact, “Netanyahu got all the warnings — from his defense minister, from the chief of staff, from the head of intelligence, from the head of Shin Bet and from independent writers like me, like others — that this is weakening Israel’s deterrence and endangering Israeli national security” (source).

“He got all the warnings” of course, may not mean, that Netanyahu was warned of the 7th of October attack, but simply means that he was more concerned with other, self-serving domestic issues.

Power Grab

After Netanyahu, formed a right-wing coalition government with his own conservative Likud Party, in December 2022, he announced he would return to his role as Israel’s prime minister also that his government, which is said to be the most right-wing government in the country’s history, would introduce a measure countering what it saw as the growing influence of the judicial system. In July, after seven months of debate, the government managed to scrap the “reasonableness” clause allowing Israel’s unelected supreme court to overrule government decisions, in a major part of the proposals for changes to the judiciary.

Protests in March brought the country to a standstill and forced the government to abandon plans to push through the overhaul in one big package. Instead, it is being presented as a number of smaller bills, reported the Guardian. The new measures could technically help Netanyahu evade prosecution in his corruption trial accused of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. Opponents of the plan said it amounts to a power grab by Netanyahu who is the first Israeli prime minister criminally charged while in office.

As a result of continual legal debates, it seems that top officials and security forces could mean they were worried that Netanyahu was taking his eye off the ball.

“That ball, however, was surely not an impenetrable, Israeli security barrier. it makes no sense at all to imagine that due to Netanyahu’s distraction over the previous months, security would be in danger of being breached, he had the army chief of staff, the head of military intelligence, and the head of the Shin Bet intelligence service, to look after that side of things.

However, have all admitted their services failed to prevent the attack along with Netanyahu’s coalition partner, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, who said the government leadership and security leadership had failed to protect the country. but the premier himself had yet to make a clear statement of responsibility as of the 20th of October (source).

Something Does Not Add Up

Nevertheless, according to a former commander of a section of fence from the Kerem Shalom Battalion (Rafih), there are more than enough people who should have been responsible for security. (source).

The commander said he was in charge of the Kissuf sector, and purported to know the area in detail, and was quick to say “Something here doesn’t add up to me!!! This is a mystery that I can’t find an answer to.

The Commander happened to know how things work in Gaza and on the border, he said, he knew the perimeter fence very well. “I know how the army works there. I was in the Shatti refugee camp in Gaza, I was in charge of the Jibaliya refugee camp, I would make ambushes on the fence and deep in the area. I met Gazans, ate and breathed Gaza. The obstacle is built so that even a fox cannot pass it.”

Set alerts according to 3 levels of pressure. She must alert when she is cut. Observations scattered along the border cover every inch of it. The female observers are champions in identification. They don’t miss. They detect movement even before it even approaches the obstacle – day and night.” 

The commander spoke of “several other layers of security that he, of course, kept to secret, but, said, “In short, we are talking about an obstacle that proves itself for years and years.” (Source)

The commander asks some questions, click on the picture below for the video, where David Icke asks, the questions that need to be asked.

As the commander said, There are forces arriving 24/7 each subdivision has a standby squad whose role is to increase the force in an emergency situation, why were so many people not aware of the attack?

  • Where did an entire division go?
  • Where did 3 brigades go?
  • Who swallowed 9 battalions?
  • What happened to 36 companies?
  • Where did an entire regular infantry brigade go that usually outnumbers the elite?
  • Where were all the reserve battalions that augment the regular army?
  • Where did thousands of soldiers go???

No, something definitely does not add up.

Netanyahu and Wife Sara Decamp to luxury Mansion

I guess we have all done it at some time or another, texted someone at 2 in the morning, or tweeted for all to see, and as soon as we wake up hours later we are embarrassed, or even horrified to see what we have said? Thankfully, we are not all Prime Ministers of Israel and have not thrown our entire security forces under the bus in the middle of a pogrom.

With reports that Netanyahu’s popularity has sunk dramatically already since the invasion of Gaza, the killing of civilians, and the fact that “amid a growing tide of public anger.” towards him and his wife, who was accused of taking luxury gifts – including champagne and jewellery worth tens of thousands of dollars – from their wealthy donor friends,

Unbelievably, Netanyahu and his wife Sara, who have two private residences in Jerusalem and one in the affluent coastal town of Caesarea, have decamped to Jerusalem since Wednesday, to the luxury mansion of a billionaire friend which is equipped with a deep nuclear bunker and have taken their staff and personal chef with them.” according to the Telegraph.

Israel’s Prime Minister has once again shown he cares for no one but himself and the writing should be on the wall for him this time.

Oh and then there is this.

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