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Is There Perfection in All Circumstances?

Is There Perfection in All Circumstances?

We sometimes see or experience events that make us feel “bad” or we perceive these events as being “wrong.” This often leads to questions of “why is this happening?” Sometimes we are led to feel lost or lose hope in experiencing true happiness or true freedom when these experiences present themselves. I personally feel that it can be a challenge to fully detach from judgment of certain experiences. While it might be possible to argue that we have an innate knowing of right and wrong, I feel that instead of looking at it that way, we can look at from a standpoint of seeing where we are and where we want to go based on our feelings. I say feelings because sometimes our minds and beliefs can make us run wild with defining where we want to go, even if that isn’t in our or the whole’s best interest. I feel it’s important to notice the perfection in every action or event that happens in life. Sure, some intense experiences are very tough to look at in this light and I’m not saying they are desirable experiences, I’m merely shining light on the fact that even from these experiences, there is growth. To appreciate this “chaos” we must remember that on earth we experience duality. We experience dark and light. One shows us how appreciate the other. Without duality we would not experience, hate or love for example as it would be difficult to know the difference between the two. We would only experience one or the other, but not understanding the other would make the ONE emotion neutral. It’s important to see the perfection or even the ‘silver lining’ in every experience we have whether it be dark, light, loving, fearful, “wrong” or “bad.” When we have this awareness, and are open to experiencing this way, life can become much clearer and lighter because e are not getting caught in suffering, but instead allowing a quick transition from a challenge to growth moving forward. I myself have had many experiences that were not so desirable since incorporating this new awareness into my life, and from that experience I can truly say that having this awareness brings a lot more peace into my life. If we truly embrace life this way, a lot can change very quickly. This allows me to realize that suffering can be a choice and we, as a whole, have a lot more control over what kind of world we want to create simply by choosing to see things differently and truly moving forward versus judging things all the time. Science is showing us this as we learn more about how our thoughts and consciousness creates reality. How often do we attach to or get caught up in judging and feeling victimized by experiences we have had in our lives? Or judging others for what they have done? Let it go, it will feel much lighter! We gain nothing from holding onto the pain and suffering, we only make it more real. .

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