Is This Proof of An Afterlife?
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Is This Proof of An Afterlife?

Is This Proof of An Afterlife?

What happens after death? What happens between life and death? Is there an afterlife? How can we ever know, but still live to tell about it? Throughout this article we will dive into the amazing phenomena of Near Death Experiences (NDE) and have a look at first hand accounts of amazing glimpses into the after life.

There is something that I consider extremely profound about NDE’s; when these experiences are occurring the pineal gland actually releases a compound called dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT. You may know of DMT as a powerful hallucinogen or psychedelic that is pretty popular among South American tribes. Most often it is used as medicine, or is mixed with another plant to produce the longer lasting version called ayahuasca. DMT is produced in the pineal gland at night and small amounts are secreted as you dream. When you die, whether you come back to life or not a large amount of DMT is secreted from the pineal gland. Many state that this is the direct cause for these NDE’s thus labeling them merely as hallucinations and nothing more. One has to wonder, why is this DMT produced, and why is that specific amount produced at the time of death? Is this substance acting as a bridge between our physical existence and other dimensions of the spiritual world? Another thing that I find most fascinating about NDE’s is that many of the recorded accounts are very similar.

The same events are occurring to people of different religious backgrounds, culture and beliefs from all over the world. Some of the similarities include: If people are just having a hallucinatory experience, why are the experiences so similar? If it is constructed from their minds, then how come they are so much alike? From research I have done about DMT being used as a ‘drug,’ and the research I have come across studying NDE’s, there are many similarities. Here are some first hand testimonials from various people who have had a Near Death Experience. “Words can’t really describe the magnitude of the all-consuming love experienced when being in the light. And not only love but perfection, peace, serenity, calmness and beauty. I felt that I was safely home. I was over-awed with the experience. “ –Ken Mullans “Just before I regained consciousness, I remember this great light all around me. It was extremely bright and thought it should be hurting my eyes, but it didn’t. All I felt was this great sense of being at ease and love.” – “Then suddenly I was pulled into complete darkness. I must have been there for a minute before I saw a small, white ball coming towards me in the dark. As the ball came closer it took a form of a being. I thought instantly its Jesus! With all the religious training I had received as a child I thought that was a logical conclusion. As this being got closer I began to feel more and more of an indescribable peace, A pure joy that can’t be put into words! A love so deep that words couldn’t describe. It wasn’t Jesus, but a close friend of mine that I had known in High school who had committed suicide the year before. Approaching me I could recognize him. He was radiant. His robes flowing softly.

They were like looking at pure light. He took my hands and his hands felt like flesh. All I could feel was peace, joy, and love. I told him I wanted to join him. I wanted to come with him. I knew I was dead. He told me, “No.” I had to go return to the living. To the people who cared about me. My life had meaning and purpose. I had to go back and fulfill my life’s purpose. Which I didn’t know what it was but he told me I’d know in time. So, I returned only to wake up in the hospital.” – Gamma “As I turned to face the direction to which I was being pulled, the moment I turned around...there was a bright blinding light, as I expected to see the moon. But at that precise moment as I faced towards the direction I was floating or being pulled towards. It felt like an instantaneous ‘vacuum’, as if I was being sucked in incredible speed towards that light. It felt like a tunnel with a light at the end of it...I felt as if I was in outer space being sucked like a vacuum racing towards the light at the end as I could make out the dots like stars around me while rushing towards that light.

The only way to describe the feeling was almost like riding a motorcycle at breakneck speeds without your helmet on...or sky diving with the wind blowing hard against you...that feeling of tremendous speed where you’re helpless to do anything about it as you have no control. But as I grew closer to the light and felt it’s shine, a sudden cool and calmness came over me. For the light made me feel peaceful all the sudden as I grew closer. It was a kind of peace and calm which I’ve never felt in my entire lifetime, even until this very day. From afar, as I grew closer to the light... I could see almost like figures in the light, like heads, people all dressed in white, as if it were some sort of congregation or a crowd...the more I came closer, the more I felt like ‘staying’ and my sadness and fears disappeared. It felt like that comfort feeling of ‘home.’ – Wan I To read more testimonials please visit After reading these testimonials it definitely gives me a feeling of familiarity I feel as though I understand what is meant by ‘home.’ There is something that is just so beautiful and honest about these experiences, I am intrigued to learn more. I think it would be wonderful for anyone to read about this amazing phenomenon as it can provide much comfort and wisdom and it can definitely bring peace to departing souls. To learn more about this please check out the documentary called ‘Afterlife.’ I have absolutely no fear of death. From my near-death research and my personal experiences, death is, in my judgment, simply a transition into another kind of reality. -Dr. Raymond Moody Sources Used: Much Love .

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