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Israel, our duty our dilemma

Transcription of this interesting video about Israel history by Ted Pike.

Israel, our duty our dilemma

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Educate yourself while you still can

Every year thousands of pilgrims come to this place, Palestine and discover their spiritual roots. But today is not just the religious, mankind in general is turning its attention toward this land, most of us realize that if world war III erupts it could begin right here in a collision between arab and jew. What are the causes of this conflict between arab and jew which never seems to go away. Before the zionist kingdom was set here around the turn alister as reason was not particularly known for strife at six then it is known little but strife is there something within judaism itself which exonerates on this land. To answer that question we don't need to make another pilgrimage to Palestine, we don't need to visit the store sight or jewish shrines, instead since judaism is very much a religion of its literature, we need to go where the most secret teachings are preserved.

We need to go to a synagogue in particular the library of a synagogue. We find hundreds of books but there are a few which power till the rest in authority is included in facetiousness loped in the oldest of these the jewish anticipation we encounter fascinating no perspective on the inner teachings of judaism perspective which are well known to most religious jews but unknown to christians.

Most christians believe that the judaism of the old testament is very similar to judaism today, yet the jewish encyclopedia and its article on judaism says modern judaism and the judaism of the old testament are very different, it says that after Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judea sixth century b c and led the jews to distant babylon the jews were faced with challenges to their faith they had never before experienced. Ever since the time of Solomon the religion of israel had centered around the magnificent temple in jerusalem where the sacrifices and ritual the question now became how could one be a true jew in a very foreign even hostile environment, the need arose for a certain class of lay priests called scribes or sephirah, to interpret the law in this new setting and make it workable in time these scribes became what the new testament calls the scribes and pharisees the greatest legal authorities of israel for all ages. The pharisees said there were really two inspired revelations to the jews, there was the written law of Moses received a top sinai, but there was also the oral tradition acquired by seventy elders who came to the base of the mountain but were forbidden to proceed farther. The pharisees that the seventy elders or [...] received a much more extensive and profound revelation than Moses a revelation which was never written down yet to present it over the written law when Jesus came on the scene his reaction was to bitterly denounce this counterfeit radiation read the paresis by their tradition had made the law of god of none effect he considered the pharisees the most dangerous leadership israel ever had. in 70 A.D. Jerusalem was detroyed by the Romans, although jewish sect such as the saducees now disappeared, the pharisees emerged with even greater power over the jewish people. The jewish encyclopedia describes the new rule of the pharisees, with the destruction of the temple the saducees disappeared altogether leaving the regulation of all jewish affairs in the hands of the pharisees and forth jewish life was regulated by the pharisees of judaism was reconstructed from the affairs point of view. Pharisaism shape the character of judaism and the life and thought of the jew for all of the future.

In 135 AD all jews were expelled from palestine the pharisees led most palestinian jews in a mass migration back to Babylon. The majority of jews were already in Babylon and had been since the time of Nebuchadnezzar, 600 years earlier, yet around 140 AD, babylon became the acknowledged land of refuge for world jewry for another thousand years judaism flourished in babylon under the leadership of the pharisees. Great academies of the rabbis were established and thousands of new laws formulated, their those same pharisees who killed jesus christ remained the undisputed rulers of judaism.

In Babylon the pharisees could have hide their oral traditions into the babylonian talmud the written form of that oral tradition which Jesus will bitterly rebuked. The talmud revealed how deep was israel's apostasy, in her beginning god gave the hebrews the loftiest and most upright literature and ethics the world has ever known, yet when they turned their backs on him they produced the talmud a work which has aptly been called a monument to human folly. The talmud also helps us to understand basis for Christ unflattering the scriptures of the pharisees. Jesus described the pharisees as hypocrites children of hell blind guides secured men's bones and described the pharisees as children of their father the devil, a murderer from the beginning. The talmud confirms christ's words. In the talmud, in [...] an extensive passage describes the right of the parasite kill any one just as long as he did so indirectly. As one of dozens of examples the talmud tells us that if one bound his neighbor and he died of starvation he is not liable to execution, in such an indirect manner the pharisees also killed Christ. Manipulating the romans to actually wheel the [...] sword, the therapies claimed as their descendants do to day that since the romans were the direct cause of the death of christ, it is the romans not the jews who are guilty. Christ also called the pharisees adulterers and adulterous generation the talmud provides generous loopholes for adultery it says the penalty for adultery does not include sex with a minor, the wife of a minor, or the wife of a hether. Encourages seduction of unweaves girls called designated bandmaster performed [...] with the designated bond made one is guilty only in the case of natural connection, but not in the case of perverse connection. The pharisees reason that rape in a perverted manner is outside the jurisdiction of the law normal rape however was punishable.

In babylon, sexual perversion of every kind had been a way of life for millenniums. The pharisees were deeply influenced by such practices.

In three of the major treatises of the talmud, are found extensive passages which give legal indorsement to seduce and mary three year old baby girls, in fact many of the greatest rabbis of the talmud (including...) had held this privilege, today in israel, thousands of jews go to marion every year to venerate the memory of (...) one ot the most respected rabbis in the history of judaism.

In one of dozens of endorsement of child sex, [...] said under the age of three years and a day is permitted to marry a priest, agreeing with [...] the great rabbi said when a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing for when the girl is less than this three years in a day it is as if one put the finger into the eye, the footnotes to this passage says, as tears come to the eyes again and again so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years, the same section confirms that sexual activity with small boys is in the same category. The intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, in addition to adulteria [...] into adulterated sameness as racial bigot to self righteous to respond to the suffering of one who was not a jew it is true because of the wickedness of the canonists which included sodomy and infant sacrifice, Israel had been commanded by god to be harsh in her treatment of the inhabitants of the land. God made it clear that the canons were not simply to be avoided but destroyed. By the time of the new testament this method of preserving god's kingdom by separation of the sword had become obsolete. God no longer made a racial difference between men.

But the pharisees were unfazed by god's new agenda, the talmud was finally written down, there five centuries after christ it is critical even homicidal attitudes toward gentiles my have been lifted out of the book of joshua, however the quickest way to grasp the talmudic view of gentiles, is not directly from the talmud, but from the jewish encyclopedias. If we quote an isolated opinion from the talmud the rabbi will clickly object saying but that is not the overall opinion of the cowetas not the definitive view what the jewish incited provides us is a definitive or view of perhaps hundreds of reinstatement on any subject giving us accurate summaries of what the talmud generally teaches.

Articles encyclopedia begins to define what makes a juicier ent from a gentile according to the rabbis only israelite or men gentiles they clasped not as men but as barbarians gentiles are not men in the fullest sense so the gentile is not a neighbour of a jew further since gentile laws were too crude to admit of reciprocity meaning to crude to be taken seriously the gentile was for ever beneath the jew. Gentiles were outlawed by god from the beginning and thus had no property rights the almighty offered the toronto the gentile nations also but since they refused to accept it he withdrew his shining legal protection from them and transferred their property rights to Israel who observed his law.

Since the talmud outlawled the child, or issue of a gentile as that of a beast a gentile had as little legal rights in a jewish court as did an animal. The talmud states that if a gentile sue israelite the very is for the defendant the israelite conversely if the israelite is the plaintive he obtains full damages. Because the talmud conspires against gentiles, if a jew was ever caught telling a gentile at the tolerably says such a person deserves death. So vile was the nature of a gentile, that the great (...) said:

The best among the gentiles deserves to be killed, the best of snakes ought to have its head crushed, jews however are exalted beings in the talmud worthy of praise.

Christ described the pharisees who blessed himself saying: i thank the lord that i am not as other men and eminent talmudic rabbi says the same bless me thou who hast not made me a goy or gentile. There is a special antagonism between the talmonides the town attacks in everywhere it can even as mother mary the tomatas was a harrowed with carpenters she who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters it naturally followed that the scribes declared christ to be a bastard and its article on Jesus the jewish encyclopedia says that jewish writings defame christ, it is the tendency of all these sources to be little the person of Jesus by ascribing to him illegitimate birth, magic and a shameful death. Jesus according to this article was considered one of the three worst enemies of judaism, who came to an ignoble end. The talmud says, they subjected him to four deaths, stoning, burning, decapitation and strangling the town with also says he is now in hell punished with boiling hot experiment is christ advice as he speaks to us out of hell the jewish encyclopedia quoted Jesus as telling us of a ball to bless the jews he says further there well being do nothing to their detriment whoever touches them touches even the apple of his eye.

Christians as followers of the false prophet Jesus also deserved death, the jewish encyclopedia again, recaps the towns position a gentile observing the sabbath deserves death. It says the talmud hatred was probably directed against the christian jews these judahites evasively called men minute or mine were considered by the rabbis to be the most dangerous form of heretics of the ancient time, the new testament gospels were writing to which the rabbi is considered more dangerous to the unity of judaism than those of the pagans. A talmudic rabbi said the writings of christians deserve to be burned for paganism as less dangerous than minute or christianity. The jewish encyclopedia in his article of "men" continues to illustrate the talmudic hatred of christianity. Again we must remember "menem" often indicates the judicis ian. It was forbidden to partake of meat bread or wine with the christian, scrolls of the law capelan and massa written by a christian were burned. An animal slaughtered by a christian was forbidden food. A relative of the christian were not permitted to observe the laws of mourning after his death but were required to assume festive garments and rejoice the testimony of a christian was not admitted in evidence in jewish courts and an israelite who found anything belonging to one who was a christian was forbidden to return it to him. The pharisees he parsecution bigotry in isolation but i did worse than that it invited persecution by the eleventh century inhabitation weary of the self righteousness and dishonesty of the jews expelled into the west.

Migrating across north Africa and central Europe the great majority of jews who had lived in babylonians sixteen hundred years now began to find their destinies in the cities of the west, yet in coming to the west, Jews found their christian neighbours extremely intolerant of the antisocial deviation cushat taken for granted in battle in order to survive it was necessary to abandon such babylonian traditions but that was not as easy as it sounds, for a thousand years the pharisees had commanded such deviations. Most jews could not bring themselves to his vithout of the pharisees. one of the giants of judaism of all time the great my monotonous a physician and philosopher knew that no jew who practised babylonian perversions could remain alive and christian lands. He attempted to harmonize greek philosophy with the best points of judaism, he hoped his rationalizations what enables jews to abandon their anti social customs. yet my mines was only partly successful he was excommunicated by the jewish community on the charge of making new laws, nevertheless his moderation and intellect did in fact temper the old judaism of babylon.

Gradually over the centuries jews abandoned immoral practices of the talmud practices are not observed to day, in fact most jews are so ignorant of the talmud itself that they do not even know that such teachings exist within their sacred literature, yet the fact remains that when the jews came to the west in the middle ages and attempted to accommodate the tomato christian society a tremendous conflict was created. In Babylon could be perfectly consistent with the teachings of the paresis because the babylonians were moral as well increases of the west it became necessary to pretend that many of those teachings did not exist even to day religious jews continued to venerate the paresis and their talent as the greatest source of light that judaism will ever know. Yet living in christian lands no due can fully perform what the fairies commanded this conflict in jewish responsibility has created a dilemma over the last thousand years from which jews and the west have not emerged.

Even before mormond twelve century another dilemma was being created in judaism far to the east, this was a dilemma not concerned the doctrines of the jews but over who actually was a jew.

In their articles on caesar's the jewish encyclopedia tells that in the eighth century a jewish missionaries ventured north of babylon to the land of the casars between the caspian and the black seas. Kazaria was a vast grass land on what is now the plains of southern Russia inhabited by a race of merchants, artisans and warriors of hunnish turkish stock. About seven forty eight the king of the kazars are converted to judaism and maybe the state religion incredibly within a few centuries the people of kazaria convinced themselves that they were not gentiles after all but the physical descendants of abraham. Thus by the tenth century A.D. a nation of proselytes thrive in what is now central russia. During the middle ages the fierce mongols from the east and russians from the north drove the caesars west out of their ancient home land most settled in eastern europe especially poland, where they established communities of artisans and traders judaism thus became divided into two basic groups which remained today the askenazi which are the cases of the east and the safari oriental which are jews of spain turkey and lands bordering on the mediterranean to day the askenazi or caesars are the vast majority about eighty per cent of those who call themselves to the two most recent premiers of israel illustrate these two racial types. commoners is a sephardi jew from authentic jewish stock tension began is scones for catangalan these ancestors of most modern jews thrived in fact they actually became more zealous jews than their theological cousins to the west the sephardi case as were fascinated with that mystical aspect of judaism called cabala. Cabala was the jewish form of ancient gnosticism a belief that god is unconscious yet everywhere revealed in different levels of refinement throughout the universe. Of course judy is almost unique among ancient religions and its belief in a single conscious god a god not only capable of creating the world full of punishing evil and rewarding good.

Like eastern religions however the polish cable is believed that god and his purest form is utterly remote, unknowable, without opinions about right and wrong ,instead his being filled her down through many great nations or sephira until it reached israel according to the cabala, was the most rational emanation of god and this world below israel was confusion and darkness represented by demons and the chaotic world of the gentiles.

What excited the caesars was a cabala preached revolution, it said the jews as superior beings were destined to rule the world, in the zohar which is the written text of cabalistic lore we find the arrogance and ambition of ancient pharisees very much alive. In a tipical passage, the zohar teaches, living soul refers to israel who have holy living souls from above and cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth to the other peoples who are not living soul. Only by the overthrow the gentile, the zohar says, can Israel regain its position as god's siciliano szalenta the zohar calls gentiles amalekites [..]

so when god reveals himself be wiped off the earth redemption will not be complete until amalak will be exterminated. But once israel shakes of gentile dominion and christian influence heaven will descend to her as israel, the zohar says israel will fulfill her predestined role ruling the world under the leadership of her messiah.

Since the cabala or zohar freedmen century pretended in the world as adam coelestis the oldest almanach became a cover for plots and intrigues that would begin the erosion of christian civilization at the same time beginning with jewish philosopher moses manderson many jews began to perceive their religion not simply as a means of personal salvation but as a way to reform society at large many jewish activists said that starting with such revolutionaries as moses and the prophets, israel had always had the social objective of writing in justice and taking the part of the town, it was the duty of every jew that he said to come to the aid of the oppressed working massive called the proletarian in their historic struggle against capitalistic bondage, many jews thus came out of the getto and took part in all the great revolutions of the nineteenth century including the revolution of eighteen twenty nine and the revolution of eighteen forty eight.

It is thus not surprising that as the twentieth century done, we find jews turning their attention to the overthrow of one of the last monarchy still opposing jewish advancement to romanones dynasty of Russia. It is well known that the jews had long hoped to overthrow the Zar. It was natural then that jewish philosopher such as moses have and carmarthenshire a philosophy that could make such overthrow possible. international jewish bankers of new york london and hamburg should finance it. ancestors three volume report on the origins of communism in russia published in nineteen thirty one vehicle banks under the leadership of mamore as early as nineteen fourteen to send large payments to Lenin, Trosky and others in their attempts to bring down the Zar. Kacob ship had of the new york jewish banking house of colonised at least twenty million which would be close to one billion dollars today, toward the establishment of bolshevism in russia, in its article on socialism the jewish encyclopedia published in 1905 nineteen o five really admints that jewish from russia we up for revolution had russia it socialism has become a movement of the jewish masses, the later encyclopedia judaites tells us the communist movement and ideology played an important part in jewish life, particularly in the nineteen twenty and nineteen thirty enduring and after world war two. the judiciaries in fact, presented an extensive list of the most powerful jewish leaders of bolshevism which included Trusky, [], [], [] the note common yet living take on a bench and many other theodolites tell us just how many jews filled the communist branch. iIt says antisemitism drove the bulk of russian jewish youth into the ranks of the cultivation. when the white russian patriots heroically attempted to regain their freedom from the jews the judeica says jewish masses were utilized by the mosaic to suppress such counter revolution charles and made a russians were engaged in a death struggle over the destiny of Russia.

Unfortunately the jewish masses won are rare photo shows first people's commissariat left right hardihood turlough and cognovit all jeannette eighteen intelligence services of the western powers were buzzing with reports that communism was a international conspiracy fomented by atheist jews british dutch american and other intelligence reports confirmed that jews filled the bolchevic ranks and that as much as seventy five per cent of all soviet commissars were jewish. In the illustrated sunday herbary eight nineteen twenty sir winston churchill commented on what had almost become public knowledge:

there is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of bolshevism by these international and for the most part atheistical jews, it is certainly a very great one.

In the decade following the revolution the question became how much influence to the jews still exert on the soviet experiment, although many of the jewish king pins in bolshevism perished in stolen as pure in the late thirties none other than crisping view of just how many jews were still in the soviet government, speaking to a delegation of french socialists, Khrushchev precedented in nineteen fifty six the government has found in some of its departments a heavy concentration of jewish people, upwards of fifty percent of the staff. Because communism has historically been top heavy with jews the soviet policy of so called anti semitism much protested by jews in the west ,may in reality be but a plot to distract the world on communism jewish past. Although most jews have indeed been removed from high profile physicians in the soviet hierarchy over the last thirty years, still jews remain highly favored when it comes to immigration to the prosperous west. Since world war two, more than a million jews have been allowed to leave the iron curtain sometimes in ways of up to fifty thousand a year, this contrast with the reality viscountess to the grim reality that if even one gentile attempts to escape he would be lucky to receive only fifteen years in prison.

Jews then have played an enormous roll in the soviet experiment, yet as the jewish encyclopedia in its article on socialism again tells us, the passion of many jews to socialize the world was not confined to russia, as peddlers of socialism it tells us jews must be reckoned among the pioneers of the socialist parties in America as a case in point, a flood of socialist entred the FDR administration and help pioneer the new deal for america. The enciclopedia judeica says Rosevelt endulged him to the Jewish community which shared with him and overriding commitment to the welfare state, it is very significant that in letting left wing jews into his administration FDR set in motion a conspiracy that was soon to have the gravest repercussions.

As part of his policies, FDR hired a german communist Klaus [] a scientific genius who helped mastermind the atomic bomb, yet feels headed aliokhin fluent jews who delivered the entirety of our atomic technology to the soviet union in the early 1950's they included [...] and others, of the ten convicted for espionage no less than 8 were Jewish. Later in nineteen fifty seven it was discovered that the jewish soberer brothers delivered massive defense secrets to the russians they acted upon the orders of the jewish head of the soviet secret police Buria, the most recent example is the psychic jewish jonathan politeness to fashion the right as well as the left. Nor should we forget that many jews have contributed disproportionately to the good of mankind, especially in such areas as medical research, science and the arts, such jews deserve our heartfelt gratitude. Never should we indict jews as a whole for the misdeeds of some. Yet the fact remains that historically most jews had favored the liberal agenda many have gone as far leftist communism for example in the late 1940 intensive investigation by the us justice department revealed a disproportionate number of jews in the american communist party it nineteen forty nine, the eleven members of the american polemarchus party were convicted, six were jews. In nineteen fifty one the second string full ever was indicted at twenty one arrested fourteen were jewish, also in nineteen fifty one fifteen top wet cost communitst were indicted,  six of the fifteen were jewish.

During the Vietnam conflict, while american boys died by thousands, enthusiasts in the leadership and sometimes as in the ranks, it continues, jewish have been involved in most of the radical movements socialist and communist old left and newcastle was active were prominent in the leadership faltered between a third more than half the leadership and members. Jews also dominate the american civil liberties union a left wing front which has tirelessly oppose such fundamental values as parental schools, effective criminal prosecution even the pledge agin the ACLU had been the subject of frequent congressional scrutiny as early as nineteen thirty one of special congressional investigating committee prophetically described a role which has become all too familiar in recent years, it claims to stand for free speech, free press and free assembly, but it is quite a part tyat the main function of the ACLU is to attempt to protect the communists in the advocacy of force and violence to overthrow the government, today the ACLU is lead by jewish national director [...] Ivor Glassic, relation direct and its history.

According to a nineteen seventy seven ACLU twenty seven point three per cent of clear were jewish, 21.4% of members [...]. The feminist movement with its agenda are abortions and lesbian rights also contains a lopsided number of jews and its national leadership, but three most influential feminist Gloria Stinnen, [Bella] and [...], are jewish radicals. Jewish producer Norman Layer also hedge people for the american way, the liberal antagonist to jerry farwell's moral majority. People hold of the american way video tapes every broadcast of national tv evangelist at hopes of ruining their ministries. Why does such jewish lead radicalism prosper? Largely because the tv media promotes it. And who owns the media?

In his article on tv the encyclopedia judeica reveals that the big three television networks are jewish founded and control. David Sarnoff founded MBC in 1926, CBS was founded under the presidency of William Pale, also jewish, ABCS was an outgrowth of the MBC network and another to enter goldenson became its president. Gentiles usually occupied the visible out front positions but each of the three networks remained under jewish influence or control. According to the famous lictor rothman poll, a hundred level media executives published in public opinion magazine jews dominate the lower levels of network broadcasting. although jews constitute less than three per cent of the american population of wapping fifty nine percent of tv executives survey is the encyclopedia judean its article on motion pictures paint a similar picture of jewish control of the movie industry, with the exception of united artists that says all the large hollywood companies were founded and controlled by jews. The largest of all entertainment monopolies MCA called the octopus, because of its domination of the entertainment industry was likewise founded and controlled by jews, such as jewels stainn, [] and []. In its article on publishing the judea cresent lists of dozens of the largest publishers in america owned or controlled by jews. In the lictor rothman poland was found at ninety seven percent of media leader surveyed favoried abortion on demand ,eighty six per cent favored hiring homosexual as teachers fifty seven per cent believed that adultery is not wrong and so on. Clearly the liberal bias of the jewish control kivers indisputable. Jews are also rapidly gaining control in congress nineteen seventy six there were virtually no jewish political action committees. In nineteen eighty six there were more than seventy jewish packs, in nineteen seventy two there were two jewish senators and twelve jewish representatives in congress, in nineteen eighty six there were eight jewish senators and thirty jewish representatives in nineteen eighty six more than fifty per cent of the budget of the democratic party was paid for by jews, with jews paying twenty five per cent of the republican budget.

As a study in synagogue library reveals that does exist a tendency toward jewish domination of our society, where is all this headed.

The right honourable Winston Churchill wrote it may well be that the same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy as malevolent as christianity was benevolent, which if not arrested which shatter irretrievably all that christianity had rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the gospel of christ and the gospel of antichrist were destined to originate among the same people.

Can't it be that such pervasive jewish control which we are saying to day is but the harbinger of even greater jewish control to come? in the book of revelation that great harlot is described ruling the world writing on a horn and headed beast, throughout the old testament Israel was described as a harlot the mother of spiritual horden among the nations, is the harlot of revelation actually Israel lighting upon her false messiah the antichrist.

Today many believe Israel is on the road the fulfilment of the prophecies of Isaiah jewish temple is being planned a priest class called a colonising ready ritual sacrifices are being studied, truly profecy is being fulfilled in an amazing way yet not in the happy way that most of us would like to believe.

In Israel today defective christianity is outlawed, if a christian were to walk through any town in Israel, passing out new testaments he could be sentenced to prison for five years. Israel is not moving toward christ she is moving toward her false messiah the antichrist, in antichrist israel hopes to find all the worldly power and glory which Jesus denied her but she will not find it as the bible teaches the great harlot is really thrown from the back of the beast, the beast an confederate military leaders will go and burn her with fire, this is what the bible calls the great tribulation or time of jacob's trouble a time when israel who thought she could rule the world will experience unpleasant agony and judgment for her sins.

Since the bible tells us that israel is on the road to judgment by god what should be our attitude toward her. saint Paul tells us that jews are indeed enemies of the gospel yet enemies who are below fort of sake of a remnant which shall one day be revealed, israel is like the prodigal son inheritor of a glorious destiny but she is also rebellious like the prodigal son she must be humbled, not by us but by god. Some day out of the great tribulation a remanence of Jews will look upon him whom their fathers pierce and will plead for his forgiveness, the dry bones of jewish unbelief will be resurrected, jewish branches will be grafted back into the line which is christ, israel truth messiah, israel will become as much of a blessing as she was once a curse unto the nations.

But there have always existed those who cannot see the big picture, who cannot wait for god to finish his controversy with israel, thorough history movements have erupted who had attempted to finish the so called jewish problem in the most direct way.

Yet all such antisemitic movements have ended in defeat, defeat becuase they refused god's terms and instead resorted to violence and slunder, elevating themselves to racial superiority and debasing jews as racial degenerates, antisemites have become loadsome to mankind.

In contrast, the bible presents the perfect approach to this problem, all the prophets where heavily burdened, even angry at the transgressions of israel yet one they spoke it was his god led them [...] they never became bigots, their message was on the highest ethical level. They told israel she was sinful not because she was racially degenerate but because she had broken god's law. As would be expected all the prophets were accused of being negative, even antisemitic jewish called the prophet Ellijah an enemy of his regime, jeremiah was acused of being against his own people in favor of the caldeans, Malquia was described as never speaking anything good, but only criticism even christ and the apostles were called enemies of the jews yet they spoke out.

The great figures of the bible provide a pattern of how we should respond to the jews today the prophets and apostles priest the good news to israel at they were very weary very realistic concerning rabbinic deception lord warned us to beware of the leaven of the pharisees considering the phariseic origins of modern judaishm, his words can only mean be weary of revenues. As we saw earlier for venic judaism is inherently ambitious it will for ever attempt to establish itself as the dominant factor in society.

Zionism has been unnaturally encouraged as it has been by the church the last century patients presumptions against wastelands [] The jews will fight back sustained east to day as you and gentile quarrel over the land of promise.

Who owns this land [...]

But until that time, as long as israel continues to force her unbiblical occupation on the arabs this region will only know strike the arab world will continue to try to expel the jews, the jews will strike that back and forth generation after generation the discord will be unending, this land will continue to bleed.

It is the duty of every christian to support the humanitarian needs of jews to preach the gospel to them but it is not our duty to assure them that a land of promise may be occupied without obedience, neither is it our duty to fight a war in the middle east in defence of israel's unbiblical claim.

It is time we returned to god's law a law as old as this land as old as the god who gave it to the jews, if we ignore god's requirement of obedience we only postpone that glorious day when israel will become what she was meant to be, a place of rest and healing to the nations. If America is to continue to possess her land of blessing she also must return to the god of her fathers, it is true the bible prophecies that jewish international control or babylon the great will gradually come to dominate the world, yet the bible also promises that if a nation turns to him in repentance he will postpone a judgment he himself has predicted. God is already showing us how he can slow down the zionist time table in nineteen eighty two is real invaded levinside troy the potrero the north yet in doing so she unleashed a reign of barbarity and destruction on equalled in this decade got only did israel bomb barouches of civilians but she actually encouraged the infamous catinat massacre by providing aerial lighting boortree days slaughter of hundreds of innocent victims.

Despite the bad publicity surrounding such atrocities israel was confident that her massive fire power and support from America with make Lebanon her conquered colony to the north. Yet god judges israel, today israel is a nation in turmoil divided to regain the respect of the world although jewish power continues to increase ominously in the united states the fact remains that god is able to slow it down but only if we as a nation turn again to our creator, we must repent of the national sins which have weakened our moral fiber and allowed the forces of satan to dominate us.

In a moment we'll explain how you may educate others concerning this threat, ineducation in itself is not enough the whole back of the demonically empowered conspiracy we have to have god's power a power which only comes through total consecration to him.

The communist movement demands that every true marxist comment and that every true mark as be willing to give up everything even his own life for the cause if we are to have power against the anarchist we must do as much we must give our lives totally to christ willing to do anything give up anything he might ask only by such a death to energine can we really have power in the spiritual realm only by such sanctification can we know what it is to walk with god as true christian soldiers capable of action but also of hearing the holy spirit's voice of love and restraint a first step toward holding back in expansion is thus national revival a transformation of hearts that begins in each one of us and then spread the cross the broad land but just as importantly the church in America must turn from its unconditional support of israel for recorders of a century the church has a line itself with bloody and arrogant men in the middle east in bidding them god speed it has become a partaker of their injustices tragically policy has alienated the muslim world from the gospel. Because the church has historically ignored the plight of the palestinians and sided with their oppressors the israelis the arab world has closed its ears to the message of Jesus Christ, in fact by giving unconditional approval to israel the church more than any other institution has helped build up the walls of that system which will ultimately become babylon the great.

the church warden is the first stage in statesmanship grandisonian words presided over by Jerusalem will be set up in the near future all continents will become united in a world alliance at whose disposal will be an international police force all armies will be abolished and there will be no more war [...]

In Jerusalem the united nations are truly united nations will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents this will be the seat of the supreme court of mankind to settle all controversies among the federated continents as prophesied by Iseah. Ben Gurion's vision of israel and dominion of the world is identical with the vision of the great harlot, ruling the nations as given in revelation seventeen.

There is a vistion which may be postponed to introspection be turned back at least within our time.

There are many practical things which each of us can do to hold back the zionist time table as director of this program my wife Helen would like to share some of them with you thank you.

I believe the time has passed when we can be aware of these things and remain silent whatever the cost we must inform others and the things that we see in this presentation is includes our pastors and church leaders, it also includes our elected representatives, members of congress in particular are under pressure by the powerful and vindictive zionist lobby. The zionist lobby will ruin any member of congress who consistently opposed it it is vital that we have sure our congressional representatives of our support if they resist unreasonable demands by israel. At the same time we should not give the impression that we dislike jews or that we believe all jews are involved in a conspiracy. Instead, we should make it clear that what we are concerned about is the general trend toward jewish domination of our society and the problems that control creates. Letters to the editor are also an effective way to speak out and inform on issues relating to israel but again in order to be printed such letters must be moderate and well informed. In addition christians must stop depending on the jewish media for entertainment and news of world events, family should search for hope the alternatives for home entertainment which do not center around television. In place of jewish news gathering sources a number of newspapers and news letters are available which bring to light many facts suppressed by the jewish press. To help you in form others the national praetor network has provided some of the most effective tools available today. The first is the video you have just seen, when shown to bible studies churches and civic groups this documentary has an unmatched record for educating your friends and neighbors, in addition, the national prayer network provides three quarter inch video cassettes of the other israel video for air and cable tv stations nationwide, every major city in america contains at least one cable access station which plays video productions the public supplies, you can take them a three quarter inch copy of the other israel, if it is their schedule they will play it before thousands of viewers. Thorougth the newspapers and church bulletins and other means you can publicize your own showing at the other israel also highly effective as ted fascinating book Israel, our duty our dilemma. Condensing fifteen years research in jewish sources the three hundred and forty page volume provides easy to read yet exhausted documentation on every subject covered in his video plus hundreds of pages of related information. This ground breaking book has been ordered by more than eighteen thousand pastors in america, doctor Everett Pelivan defender of liberty and abrasions what thousands have felt this is the one book every christian should read, in a moment we will tell you how you may obtain the video and book.

Thank you Helen. it's undeniable that there exists a great conflict between the forces of good and evil for control of this planet, if there also exists a host of people just like you that are catching on to the zionist agenda, however it's not enough just to know the score on zionist ambitions we have to spread the word to others. Will you join with a linen mease do just that, here's how you can obtain the cool so wake up your church and community.

Israel our duty our dilemma is available for ten ninety five postpaid the other israel video is available for twenty two ninety five postpaid order from national prayer network box two old threetenin seven o four five that's national prayer network fox two old three oregon city oregon nine seven old four five.

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