It Starts With Becoming Change
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It Starts With Becoming Change

It is undeniable when looking at our world today that something is beginning to happen across the planet.
It Starts With Becoming Change

To put it in one word you could say “change.” Now sure, we can say “Well Joe, things are constantly changing so you are right in that but what’s the big deal?” Well hypothetical responder, I’m not referring to ever changing small details. I’m referring to large scale change where we have the opportunity to see our entire world transform into something different. Whether you look at protests happening in the streets, people writing about it on Facebook or websites, or whether you are seeing documentaries talking about it –it is a popular subject. So what is this all leading towards? What will the planet look like 5 years from now? Or 10? No one can say for sure, but one thing is certain, it won’t look how it looks today. And remember, I’m not talking about length of grass or some new popular way to wear your jeans, I’m talking planetary change of great degree. Many feel it may be impossible to see many of the challenges in our world dissolve. Many feel there is no way we will see things like money be cast aside. Many feel we will be using things like fossil fuels for as long as they last. Many still buy into the ideas that we must own things and accumulate possessions to raise our overall value. Either way you look at it we all have many belief systems that the world must be a certain way simply by default. Whether it be things we think can’t ever change or beliefs surrounding things like “human nature.” But I feel that is all about to change. In this moment I am asking you all to start with believing, feeling and becoming a different future. By that I mean open up to the possibility. Embrace and be excited about the fact that we can actually create something beyond this robotic like reality we currently operate within. If we simply stay in our current state of thinking we are small, weak and powerless in creating change then we may just continue to create a world that way. But by being open, accepting and excited about seeing something different we can begin to put the pieces together. Our minds may say something different, but our souls are all asking for this change. No one truly wants to continue playing with the structures and limitations we play with today. This is clear on the soul level. After all it is why we are seeing such drastic actions being taken in our physical world.

The outside world is simply a projection of our inner world including what we collectively choose to experience. We simply need to begin to embrace that fact and continue to embrace change, possibility of a new, free world.

The choice is ours, its in our hands, our control. Not through voting or old archaic mentalities around this current system, but instead through our consciousness. Choosing to shift vs. remaining stagnant. We all play a role. We can all change. If not now, when? .

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