“It Was Incredible: “100 + Balloons Lift Canadian Man Into The Sky – Arrested Upon Landing

People of Calgary in Alberta, Canada couldn’t believe their eyes last Sunday when they saw a man soaring through the sky on a lawn chair attached to large helium filled balloons.

In this real life “Up” scenario Daniel Boria, 26, was lifted into the sky. Reportedly, it took 110 large helium filled balloons, each about 2 meters in diameter, to lift Boria up and off the ground. Boria claims that this stunt took months to plan, and that the purpose was to create some press for his cleaning company.

The whole project apparently cost over $20,000, but that price includes the cost of hiring an airplane to carry a banner advertising his business.

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) reported Boria as saying: “It was incredible. It was the most surreal experience you can ever imagine. I was just by myself on a $20 lawn chair up in the clouds.” Luckily, no one got hurt. This stunt could have cost Boria his life and also posed a danger to air traffic. “At one point, I was looking up at the balloons, they were popping, the chair was shaking and I was looking at my feet dangling through the clouds at a 747 flight taking off and a few landing.” Boria said. He had a parachute on and had planned to use it to descend on the Stampede Park Grounds. Boria was arrested upon landing, but released the next morning. He was charged with one count of “mischief causing danger to life.” Boria could get charged with more under the federal Aeronautics Act at a later time. “I knew I would get arrested, but I didn’t think they would pursue it as heavily as they did,” he said “I’ve never done anything wrong before, this was with good intentions.” Upon landing, a few kilometers away from his planned landing area, police officers were ready and waiting, arresting Boria and confiscating both his parachute and the video he had recorded while in the air. “You can spend the same marketing dollars on a billboard or a commercial or you can fly a balloon up in the air and jump out. It just seems like more fun, right?” said Boria. Much Love .

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