This Barber Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless, What It Provides Them Is A Lot More Than A Clean Look

Six days a week, Nasir Sobhani is a hard-working barber who is overcoming his own challenges in life by pushing himself to master his craft.

Rather than electing to take the 7th day off, however, Nasir uses that time to give back to his community in hopes of inspiring a fresh start for those who need it, just as he once did. He calls his off-day outreach work “Clean Cut Clean Start,” offering free haircuts to the homeless. Now known as The Street’s Barber, Nasir not only provides a fresh new hairstyle, but more importantly, a level of heartfelt connection and attention to individuals that, for the most part, are used to being faced with the exact opposite. Nasir knows firsthand how difficult it can be to overcome hardship and addiction, and this has made him a true inspiration in the community. Check out his full story and the work that he does in this awesome video put together by PLGRM: Although this entire video certainly left an impact on me, the part that stood out for me in particular is when one of the homeless described loneliness as the root of his difficulties. This is something that we as a team also discovered during our homeless food handout in October of last year. Thanks to the incredible work of shelters and kitchens, finding a hearty meal is never an issue – at least in the City of Toronto – but heart to heart communication is hard to come by. One individual we connected with even described how rare eye contact has become, something that when you stop to think about is hard to imagine overcoming. Another incredible element to Nasir’s activism is the spiritual-based gatherings he regularly hosts and organizes. I personally love the fact that they are rooted in respect and the sharing of personal quotes or verses that resonate rather than the preaching of a particular methodology or view. We are all unique in this world, and having a platform to share what helps us as an individual to get through the trials and tribulations of daily life can be truly powerful. It’s great to see Nasir offer this to his community, and it’s something that I too am grateful to be able to do through Collective Evolution. ——————————- What are some outreach projects that you are either already a part of or would like to get going? Let us know via the comment section below! .

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