It’s Time to Start Asking Why We Operate The Way We Do
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It’s Time to Start Asking Why We Operate The Way We Do

Let me tell you a story I was told by others about a woman, a roast and her grandmother.
It’s Time to Start Asking Why We Operate The Way We Do

A woman was teaching her daughter to make a roast one day when her daughter asked, “Mom why do you cut the ends off the roast?” The mother wasn’t quite sure how to respond but thought back to what her mother used to do which is where she learned in the first place. Not knowing the real reason why her mother would cut off the ends of the roast she decided to call her mother, which was the daughters grandma of course. “Hey mom, remember when you used to make the roasts when I was a kid and you always cut the ends off? Why did you cut the ends off?” The woman’s mother responded, “I’m not sure, that is just how my mother always used to do it.” This is where the story turns a little bit magical because luckily the grandmother’s mother was still alive and she was able to call her to find out the question the 3 of them had wanted to get answered. When grandmas mother answered the phone grandma asked “mom why did you cut the ends off the roasts when you used to make it?” “Well because the ovens were smaller back then and so were the pans, if we didn’t cut them off, it wouldn’t fit.” So what do we take away from this story? 3 generations of people were learning to cut the ends off the roast because that’s how it was done in the past and none of them ever questioned why that was done. Even though the reason for cutting had become obsolete, the same method was still being perpetuated simply because they thought “that is how it’s done.” You see, much like how we do things now, in the past it served a purpose to cut the ends off, but after that those methods became wasteful. Truly examine what we do in this world, how we make decisions and how things seem like they are on autopilot all the time. You may quickly notice that everything we do is based on repeating things we have done in the past without questioning whether or not it can be done differently. Based on what I have found, not only could we be living in a world where we operate in a completely harmonious way with our planet, but we can also end all suffering within ourselves if we only looked past the beliefs of how things need to be. You would likely be shocked to find out how many mainstream common beliefs are completely false when you look into them. Things we learn in school about science, evolution, technology, our environment, health etc. We simply perpetuate beliefs and theories that we are afraid to update. .

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