Johnny Depp Surprises Sick Kids By Showing Up At A Hospital In Character As Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and beloved non-animated Disney characters to ever grace the big screen.

Played ever so perfectly by the very talented Johnny Depp, Captain Jack is certainly more than just a popular face. Earlier this week, thanks to Juiced TV, Johnny Depp surprised a number of sick children at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in full costume as Captain Jack Sparrow. What made the appearance even more memorable was that Johnny also made the appearance in full character, giving the patients the true experience of meeting Captain Jack. In true social media fashion the visit quickly went viral, including several pictures posted by the patients themselves (viewable below). Here is a video covering his epic visit: While some may dislike the power and praise that so many of us in this world throw towards celebrity figures, and understandably so, it’s heartwarming gestures like this that show how the praise can be used in powerful ways. Each of the children in that hospital are going through a very challenging stage in their life, and the fact that a visit from a beloved character can take their mind off of it and brighten their day is an awesome thing.

The power of the celebrity is still very apparent in this world, and in my opinion it is great to see so many of them as of late standing up for causes they wish to support, and doing kind things like Johnny decided to do. SOURCE .

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