Let’s Get The Message Out There
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Let’s Get The Message Out There

We wanted open up to the potential opportunities out there in having the message we share shared more frequently and on a larger scale.
Let’s Get The Message Out There

We feel that at this time it is important to have the message we share, which others share as well, get out into the collective as much as possible. Not that there is anything to fear but as time continues to pass and only small shifts are made we begin to see more and more intense experiences happen. We all know deep down as souls that it is “crunch time” and more and more shifts are going to have to be made in each one of us in order to shift our experience here into something new. We have all outgrown this system and this experience and know that this is no longer the way to play the game.

The key is we have to help each other to remember this and kick ourselves out of the robotic sleep state we are currently in where we don’t remember that we created the game and we can change it! That being said, we have created our first documentary ‘The Collective Evolution’ and it has been released for free on YouTube. As we work on our second documentary at this time, we ask for anyone who has any ideas to help get the first one out there in a bigger way please contact us. This message needs to be shared with as many people as possible as it is very important. If you have ideas for screenings, or advertising in some way, getting it in front of people who can share it on a mass scale, please feel free to do so or contact us. Any help in getting it out at this time would be appreciated. Here is the link to watch on YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H70kaRvVeUs Here is the link to purchase a DVD to burn copies – http://collectiveevolution.bigcartel.com/product/the-collective-evolution-dvd Much Love CE Team .

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