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Lies, Lies, and More Lies

I was eight years old when John Kennedy was murdered.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

I remember getting the call from my dad, telling me rather flatly, “the president is dead.” We were living in Puerto Rico at the time, my dad being a US Naval officer and was stationed there. Even though I was quite young, I knew the gravity of such an event, and as these sorts of experiences typically do, the moment was etched in my memory—I remember every tiny detail.

Over the years since, I have heard many stories relating to “that moment.” One in particular that stands out is a story my sister tells. While attending a high school assembly that infamous day, the American flag on its stand in the school auditorium fell over with no provocation and rolled off the stage. Everyone attending the assembly that afternoon thought it a very odd event, but had no idea it was correlated to anything happening in the world until it was announced an hour later that Kennedy was dead. The flag fell over precisely at the time he was shot. Many of these events I have heard are similarly paranormal in nature, and often are attributed to the energy generated from the enormity of an assassinated president of a great country.

If such a “comment from God” is the actual reason for these strange anomalies, I would say it was not so much due to the death of a president, but more a comment on the great lie and betrayal leveled against the American people. JFK was murdered by his own government.

The JFK “conspiracy theory” was my first foray into the world of government deceit and treachery. Although at the beginnings of my personal investigation I was not so much invested in the idea the entire government was dishonorable and malfeasant, but maybe only a few individuals were guilty of such. In fact, at the time, I wondered if JFK’s assassination was instigated by some outside faction such as the American Mafia.

Whatever the reason, I became convinced that the Warren Commission was a joke (again, maybe a joke only because it was incompetently put together) and there was far more to the event than what the public was officially told.

I donned the tinfoil hat and at that moment became the proverbial conspiracy theorist.

My infatuation went on for years. Every new book on the JFK assassination that came out, I was one of the first to read. At one point I became obsessed with this intrigue and made the decision to stop digging into it all because it was making me depressed–not just from the horrific way he was killed, but by the now familiar feelings generated from the crumbling of the American illusion of a decent and benevolent government. Obviously by this point in my research, I was beginning to formulate the true story.

Kennedy’s own government murdered him.

I was also a bit tired of being seen by friends and family as a kook. Being “interested” in all this was one thing, but actually believing it was another. The JFK event is probably the granddaddy of conspiracy theories. If you include alien stuff like UFOs, abductions, captured space crafts, etc. maybe it is number two, but regardless, it is up there. No decent person believes such crap.

I think being convinced that the official story on such a massive event simply was not true had a deep impact on how I saw the rest of the world. Although this realization did not sink in as deeply as it should have (Covid allowed the full realization—yes, I must admit, very late in the game) it did indeed plant the seed that compels me to question just about everything that is in the mainstream.

As I said, while delving into the depths of the JFK situation I kept a low profile. I was amazed how everyone else around me was so convinced of the “lie.” Although it took very little, in my opinion, to expose it. People seem to think that “conspiracy theories” are wrought with complicated, evidence-less, and weird, contortions to bring forth their points. In fact, it is actually the other way around. The “lie” itself is what defies common sense and deeper scrutiny. The “conspiracy theories” only require a bit of pulling back the veil in order to clearly see the wizard behind the controls.

It is fascinating how few people are willing to do this. When the believers of the lie are asked to display the evidence for believing the lie as truth, they more often than not cannot present anything other than the official, twisted up, narrative. If asked to debunk the “conspiracy theory” they typically are completely unfamiliar with any of the details.

So, I had been bitten by the truth bug, and nearly anything that went on in the world that seemed fishy, I investigated. Sure enough, there was a “common sense” thread to most of these things that went well beyond the “head scratching” phase. Further investigation would invariably reveal the “more than likely truth” about a situation: the Vietnam War, the moon landing, 9/11 and a plethora of others that probably initially escaped my attention. I can’t say I became a hard core “believer in the agenda” at that time because I was not aware of an “agenda.” I thought most of these lies were fabricated by individuals: black hatters who slipped through the cracks. 9/11 was an eyeopener, and anything after that began to really change my perspective. Covid cracked me wide open.

Back to JFK. Now, 60 years later, most of the cat is out of the bag. Maybe the tail still remains because Biden, our buddy in charge, has refused the release of the last few pages of damning evidence. But at least the business end of the cat is out (tooth and nail), and it is clear that this had been a lie, to most, for 60 years.

So, will it be another 40 years or so before 9/11 is exposed as the sham it was to the public? The moon landing has not been exposed (I still can’t get myself to fully accept that as a hoax—I have a lot of emotion invested in it being true!) How many years will it take before Covid is exposed? Probably not until everyone living today is dead. That basically is what it was for the JFK fiasco, although one prominent documentary just released focuses on interviews with six doctors who treated JFK at Parkland hospital in Dallas when he was brought in with gunshot wounds.

So, is everything a lie? I am afraid to say that probably everything controversial is, or involves big money, or power. The United States, in particular, has taken on this persona of a goody-two-shoes nation that can do no wrong. A nation feeling no guilt regarding global, and domestic, manipulation—no culpability regarding money and power being the prime mover in policies and actions (as opposed to the benefit and well-being of US citizens)—impervious to ethics, morals, and decency. Maybe more so than other nations, the United States simply can do nothing to tarnish it’s “holier than thou” position, so maybe it resorts to lying more than other nations, who clearly care less about the underlying motives to its actions. Most nations couldn’t care less what their citizenry thinks or feels or suffers. Neither does the United States, but they try very hard to pretend otherwise.

The world is a very complicated place. It is time we started realizing this and pull our attention away from the distractions out there and start to be a bit more responsible for what is going on. I know most reading this have already done so. And when I say “responsible” I don’t mean to be saddled with the task of stopping the treachery, or “fixing” the world. But just being aware and conscious and unwilling to believe the lies. This is powerful enough to instigate change. Question everything you hear and take nothing that the puppet masters attempt to feed us for granted. You know the saying, “it isn’t what it seems”? Let’s say instead it is what it seems, but not what they tell us it is. Trust your gut.


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